Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 27


Episode 27
Abhi ends the song and Pragya and he was seated there as they were talking on some random things just then Milind came and said
Milind: Abhi what are you doing here I said that you will not meet Pragya for some days still you are here.
Abhi: But Bhaiyaa that plan is completed now why are you stopping me now
Milind: Because it is your punishment and Pragya hope you will support me rather than him
Pragya: Of course Bhaiyaa I will support you only as I always support right!
Abhi: Really! Then what wrong I have done tell me
Pragya and Milind : Everything
Saying this they both turned to leave and smiled as they were teasing him but Abhi ran and stopped them saying and blocking their way
Abhi: Wait what everything I have done wrong tell me without it I can’t get relieve
Milind: Okay Ok I am leaving you this time as Pragya is going tomorrow
Abhi felt shocked : What Pragya is going but you didn’t told me that you are going by the way where you are going
Pragya: Yes I have decided to move and so I am shifting to US I am going to Papa I will live there with him.

Abhi with extremely sad voice: again….
Pragya: What did you said just now
Abhi: Nothing I will meet you later Pragya
Saying this he left and Pragya felt something weird in his behaviour but ignored and Milind left from there as he understood that why Abhi left like that. Abhi went directly to that room where his and Pragya’s memories were stored and he sat there for some time and started talking to himself
Abhi: Again you are leaving me Pragya why are you doing this you know right! That I can’t think about separating from you till I have to think so because you are forcing me why Pragya
He just was started to blurt out his thoughts but that chain was broken by the phone call he went to attend that call and forgot to close the door of that room and then Pragya came there searching him and when she saw the room opened she reminded that how Abhi use to close the door whenever she comes there and he is inside so finding the opportunity in her favour she went in the room and as she entered the room she saw it completely dark so she putted on the lights and as she looked around after that she was able to see her every moment with her weather it was at the time of fighting or sharing food every moment were there with some quotes and when she looked at them she started feeling something strange as she was lost in those moments an unknown smile formed on her face and at some memories she was laughing like a mad person and suddenly one picture came after looking which she became extremely sad as it was their last picture when Abhi met her for the last time and without meeting her he left and never tried to contact her. And she closed the lights immediately she went out from the room just after that Abhi came there and found no interest in looking at those photos which were giving him pain so he also closed the room and left from there. After leaving the room he went to meet Rohit and company and as he reached there he saw that all were having casual chit chat about one situation

Abhi: hey what’s going on
Rohit: Nothing yr Roy’s girlfriend again betrayed him
Abhi: why what she done this time
Soham: This time she lend about twenty thousand from him saying baby I need the money as my father is admitted in hospital and so an so excuse and she conned him
Abhi: conned him!
Sumit: Of course she did because when we inquired about her she was neither having father nor he was admitted in hospital she was only having a mother and she was also fit and fine
Rohit: and when he questioned about this she just said two words
Abhi; What were they?
Rohit: Break up
All laughed and Abhi just gave a fake smile
Abhi: So what next
Roy: What next what I will say her to give me back all my gifts which I have given to her
Abhi: And from where you will begin
Roy: From the mobile recharge which I have done for her you know what she use to do in mid night bhai she use to call me and says Janu my balance is going to end please recharge my mobile and every time I did it you know bhai I have done this much recharge sometimes I feel like I am the mobile recharge owner (bhai recharge se start karoonga tujhe pata hai bhai aadhi aadhi raat ko uthati thi ki janu mera mobile recharge khatam ho gaya hai recharge kar do itna recharge kiya maine uska agar itna socha hota na aj khud ki dukan khol leta mobile recharge ki habdan jhalli)
Rohit: arey leave him you say why your face is looking so dull
Abhi: Nothing yr just..
Sumit; I know Pragya is going tomorrow that’s why
Rohit: What Pragya is leaving where is going
Abhi: US she is going to US to her dad
Rohit keeping his hand on Abhi’s shoulder: this time we will not say that go and stop her because we really feel that she needs time to recover all that
Soham: so it will be better she stay away from here
Abhi: I can understand yr that’s why didn’t said anything to her she is leaving tomorrow evening so..
All felt bad for him that Pragya was here still she was not with him and the screen shifts to Pragya she was lost in thoughts all the incidents were reminding in her mind that why this all happened why at the time of her marriage also she was feeling bad as he was not there why she always feels secure with him why she easily shares every secret with him which she is scared with sharing to her elders that secret also she use to share with him why she feels like all happiness is near her when he is near him why she likes when he teases her why she likes when he shows his concern to her why she likes when she come to know about her likes and dislikes very well did she took a wrong decision at that time these all thoughts were striking her mind and again said to herself “Am I doing any mistake taking the decision to leave India” with these thoughts in her mind she drifted to sleep.

Next day
All was set Pragya was packing her stuffs as she was having flight at evening she was all ready to leave but her heart was not ready she was not feeling good whenever she was feeling like she have to go and then Abhi entered with some snacks and having them he sat on the bed
Abhi: so all set
Pragya: Yup just can’t wait to meet papa now
Abhi: God please save uncle from now onwards as the national problem of India is coming there
Pragya smiled: say whatever you want to say as it is my last day here
Abhi: so you are in full mood to leave
Pragya: Why! Will you miss me? (expecting the answer in yes)
Abhi: NO not at all who will miss a mental mare like you
Pragya felt sad but pretending not affected: what did you said AB
Abhi: the only which you heard PG.
She hold a vase in her hand
Abhi: Oye pagal hai kya mar jaunga mai (have you gone mad it will hurt more) I was joking yr come it’s time to leave now
Pragya nodded in yes and they went down everyone bids her bye and elders gave her blessings and they started heading towards airport Abhi was going to leave Pragya as she said that no need to get troubled because of her so no one was there beside Abhi and there was a complete silence between them an unknown silence both were lost in their own thoughts about each other and a song plays in background Joganiya
Paari Paari Honthon Pe Na Jaane Kaise (On these round lips, no one knows how)
Dhaani Dhaani Muskurahaton Ke Phool (Soft light green coloured flower-like smile)
Khilne Lage, Mann Hi Mann… (Has started blossoming, in my own imagination
(No one knows how on the round lips, a soft smile is emerging, in my own imagination))
Khaari Khaari, Hatheliyon Pe Jaane Kaise (On these salty palms, no one knows how)
Pyari Pyari, Rangreliyon Ki Dhoop (A sweet sunlight of delight/joy)
Sajne Lagi, Tan Badan…(Has started getting decorated, on my body)

Hui Main Teri Joganiyan, Joganiyan (I’ve become Your devotee)
Tu Jogi Teri Joganiyan, Main Joganiyan (You’re a saint and I’m Your devotee)
Ab Chaahe Mohe Rang Laga (Apply colour on me if You feel like)
Piya Ji Mohe Ang Laga (Touch me if You feel like)
Hui Main Teri Joganiyan, Joganiyan (I’ve become Your devotee)
Tu Jogi Teri Joganiyan, Main Joganiyan (You’re a saint and I’m Your devotee)
She remembers Abhi’s expression when he teases her and unknowingly smiles

Jab Se Mili Baahein Teri (Since I’ve found an embrace in Your arms)
Mujh Se Mili Raahein Meri (I’ve found my destination)
Chhat Pe Teri Jaag Ke (Remaining awake on Your rooftop)
Mujh Se Mili Subahein Meri (I’ve met mornings)
Ab Chaahe Tu Raatein Jala (Burn the nights if You feel like)
Ab Chaahe Tu Raatein Bujha (Extinguish them if You feel like)

Hui Main Teri Joganiyan, Joganiyan (I’ve become Your devotee)
Tu Jogi Teri Joganiyan, Main Joganiyan (You’re a saint and I’m Your devotee)

She remembers that how much she is habitual of his teasings her happiness is there in fighting with him in laughing with him

Neeme Neeme Nainon Mein Na Jaane Kaise (In these dry eyes of mine, no one knows how)
Meethe Meethe Chaahaton Ke Chhinte (Sweet drops of love
Aaj Padne Lage, Mann Hi Mann… (Have started falling, in my own imagination)
Teele Teele Khwahishon Ke Jaale Kaise (These webs of dreams, no one knows how)
Neeli Neeli Baarishon Ki Boondein (On these blue coloured raindrops )
Aaj Tarne Lage, Tan Badan (Have started floating, on my body)

Hui Main Teri Joganiyan, Joganiyan (I’ve become Your devotee)
Tu Jogi Teri Joganiyan, Main Joganiyan (You’re a saint and I’m Your devotee)

And with a sudden break of car both came out of their thoughts and looked out it was the airport they started moving towards there and Abhi with heavy heart said her bye and asked her to move and Pragya noticed the layer of tears in his eyes she was feeling extremely painful looking those tears and thought “Am I doing any mistake thinking about leave India” and as Abhi was going far she felt like she is losing something precious again and as she saw that he was stood out the airport gesturing her to go she turned and started to move and she felt like something precious is left behind she is doing wrong she remembers her every day every moment when she was with him she never felt like she is sad and now she was expecting that he will come and say to her that Pragya please don’t go a BG music starts playing and she was remembering him at her every step
Na sajna na bhej mujhe mai
Na Sajna Na, Bhej Mujhe, Main Nai Jaana Pardes (Don’t send me, my beloved, I don’t want to go to a foreign land)
Lejaaye Jis Angna Sajna, Maan Loon Apna Des Ve
Whichever courtyard You’ll take me, I’ll consider it my homeland)
Main Nai Jaana Khedeyan De Naal (I don’t want to go with anyone)
She thinks Abhishek just once call me back I will back for you please atleast once try to stop me

Sar Se Chunar Ko, Kheench Ke Tune, Kar Diya Ambar Sara(You’ve pulled the veil covering my head, the whole Sky looks down upon me now)
Chhod Ke Kaise, Saaya Sajna, Ab Jaoon Main Tera (How should I go after leaving You, my beloved)
Na Bhejna Sajna Mujhko (Don’t send me, my beloved)
Main Nai Jaana Nai Jaana(I don’t want to go)
Nai Jaana Main Nai Jaana (I don’t want to go)
Main Nai Jaana… (I don’t want to go)
Main Nai Jaana Khedeyan De Naal
(I don’t want to go with any one)
Just try to stop me once Abhishek I don’t want to go my friend but If you will not stop me then there is no reason for me to stop

Kaandhe Tere, Chhat Ab Meri, Baahein Teri Meri Chhaaon (Your shoulders are my shelter, Your arms are my shade
(My home is in Your embrace))
Ib Na Koi, Hor Thikana, Dil Hai Tera Mera Gaon (I don’t belong anyplace else, Your heart is the village I belong to)
Na Bhejna Sajna Mujhko (Don’t send me, my beloved)
Main Nai Jaana Nai Jaana (I don’t want to go)
And finally she turned around and when she saw Abhi was not there so she just left the place and rushed to see him she came running out from the exit door and saw that Abhi was about to enter his car she shouted his name and he turned to see and got shocked to see her first he thought that it is his illusion so he rubbed his eyes and again looked but exactly she was there so he got out of his car
Pragya: Abhisehk….
Abhi: Pra.. Pragya what happened did you forgot anything?
Pragya : look you said that you need a wife who will do your all the work she will wake you up in the morning and present a coffee before you open your eyes she should press your legs before you go to sleep she should know making good food she should know all the house hold work she should know only how to serve services to all the members in house and.. just this you want from her right!
Abhi: I said that was a joke why are you thinking so.
Pragya: just tell me you said or not
Abhi: Okay I said so
Pragya: I will do all that I will do all your all the work I will wake you up in the morning and present a coffee before you open your eye I will press your legs before you go to sleep I will do all your work I will make food also will YOU MARRY ME look I know it is weird but please (dekh mai wo sab karoongi mai tera sara kaam karoongi subah tujhe utha bhi doongi coffee bhi laungi teri aankh khulne se pehle aur tere pair bhi daba doongi tere liye khana bhi bana doongi to kyat u mujhse shadi karega dekh mujhe pata hai ki ye sab ajeeb lag raha hai par mai wakai pooch rahi hun)
Abhi was shocked with this sudden proposal he was thinking is he watching a dream or what he was numb and she just shook him
Pragya: Please don’t say no otherwise I will punch you for sure (Abhi still looking in shock) ok it was a joke I will not punch you I know that it seems odd but I will do whatever you say but please marry me because I don’t know about you but I can say that I feel complete when I am with you and now I don’t want to stay alone and I have full believe that if I will be with you I am damn sure you will bring me out from that darkness for sure please answer at least (dekh naa mat bolna agar tune na bola na to mai mai tujhme tika doongi ek achha theek hai wo mazak me bola maine par mai wakai pooch rahi hoon dekh mujhe pata hai tujhe wakai bohot ajeeb lag raha hai par mai sab karoongi jo tu kahega par please mujhe shadi kar le kyuki mujhe tera pata nahi par haan jab mai tere sath hoti hoon na to bohot complete feel karti hun aur dekh mujhe pata hai ki mujhe is andhere se tu hi bahar nikal sakta hai to please answer de de)
A wide smile came on Abhi’s face and he just hugged her without wasting a minute and said
Abhi: Of course idiot I will and I promise that I will never leave you alone
Pragya was having tears in her eyes he broke the hug and wiping her tears said
Abhi: Idiot I will marry you but don’t cry now because this doesn’t suits you. You are best for me when you are a mental mare (pagal ghodi).
She hugged him tightly and screen freezed on their happy faces.
No message for today just enjoy the episode i know it is short but i wasnt having time thats why uploaded this short episode only but promise next one will be long

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