Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 26


hey yo i know i am late and i will not say that particular word which i should say because no need of that as because as a penality i have uploaded a looonnnnggg episode so with anymore chak chak lets go into the story

Episode 26
Tears were flowing from Abhi’s eyes and he just hugged her tightly to comfort her and vows “RAJVEER I PROMISE YOU THAT NOW YOU AND THAT PERSON FOR WHOM YOU WORK YOU BOTH WILL PAY FOR THIS FOR SURE” saying this he broke the hug and wiping Pragya’s tears said
Abhi: Look what was happened it’s your past right! Then why don’t you try to forget it believe me nothing is there to remind your black days just wash them off from your mind Pragya and think about live your life again why to remember all that again.
Pragya was looking down she was not ready to listen him he cupped her face to make her look into his eyes but she was resisting like a stubborn kid so Abhi said
Abhi: Okay you are not ready to do so right then what to want you will live rest of your life remembering that only tell me about that what will do because you are not ready to forget that and you are not ready to move on also then what do you want? REVENGE!
Hearing the word REVENGE Pragya looked at him and Abhi realised what he said
Pragya: I didn’t asked about that Abhishek what are you going to do? You are planning something right!
Abhi (stammered) : w…wo.. I..i just blabbered nothing else I am not planning something what will I plan no nothing. I just thought that you might be thinking of revenge on him that’s why you are not ready to hear me.(slapping himself metally)
Pragya yells: don’t try to lie upon me I know very well that you have said that so you are up to something tell me what are you planning.
Abhi : I am not planning anything Pragya seriously
Pragya: Just shut up and say the truth because I know that now you are trying to cover up what you said and you are up to something for sure tell me otherwise I have many ways to make you blurt out the truth you know It very well.
Abhi: No Pragya nothing like that I am saying you are doubting me without any reason. Okay see Rohit is calling me I think so I am leaving…(trying to excuse himself)
Saying this he tried to leave but Pragya came forward hurriedly and blocked his way saying
Pragya: don’t try to be over smart Abhishek just tell me why you said that otherwise I will not let you go out understood?
Abhi : What the hell Pragya I already said that I am not going to do anything you are doubting me unnecessarily.
Pragya: so you are not going to tell me the truth right!
Abhi: nothing is there to tell Pragya
Pragya: Then I will not move from here you are closed inside my room.
Abhi with a naughty smile : Oh really! I am closed inside this room and that too with a girl
Pragya: Of course

Abhi moving towards her : Think once again Pragya I am a boy alone here I can do anything with you.
Pragya : Really try to do then I will tell you what will happen with you..
Abhi moves towards her and she cleverly removes her chappal which Abhi didn’t noticed and she hide it behind her back Abhi came closer to her and she took her chappal and showed to him
Abhi: now why are you showing this chappal to me Oh I got it you are asking that weather it is looking good or not so let me tell you dear this is cool.
Pragya: Really then it is good after touching your face it will become coolest.
Abhi: Of course (realising what he said) wait what?
Pragya: idiot I have already told you not to mess up with me now bear this
Saying this she starts chasing him wearing her chappal and holding a pillow in her hand and he got the way to door so while chasing he ran from there and went down and Pragya thrown the pillow with full force towards him but he hided behind Milind who was busy in talking and that Pillow hit him as it was with full force and everyone was shocked like what happen suddenly and he was looking like a statue whose eyes were widened by hitting of pillow Pragya shouted “I will kill you AB for sure” from upstairs and without looking that whom the pillow has hit she went inside and here Abhi shouted “first you have to catch me for that PG” and then Milind said
Milind: You did it intentionally right!
Abhi: what Bhaiya I didn’t know that how this pillow hit you.
Milind picked the pillow and thrown upon him: like this
Rohit: Why was she angry what have you done?
Soham: He has done something for sure tell me what have you done?
Abhi narrated the whole incident and then all patted their head Roy said
Roy; I was right 100 multiplied by 1000 donkeys would have been died then only you have took birth on earth for sure (mai sahi tha 100 guna 1000 gadhey marey honge tab ye ek gadha paida hua hai dharti par)

Rohit: Bhai if you don’t have control over your tongue then you should stay keep quiet na
Soham: Now how will you rectify your mistake (ab jo ye rayta failaya hai usey kaise sametega tu)
Richa: Now I got to know Milind why your brother always get beaten by them.
Milind: I know that and he deserves so because always being stupid and dumbo this is not done now see what have he done I had strictly said to you Abhi that she shouldn’t get even a hint that what we are upto till we trap him but no from now onwards you will not meet her until we get success over our plan understand and no arguments its my final decision.
Abhi : Bhaiyaa that’s not fare I mean I will not do it again but atleast don’t ask me to do so
Milind: I have already said it no arguments further
Saying this he left and Abhi was looking at him sadly and surprisingly then Rohit said
Rohit: Look how the parrot is desperate to meet his Mynah. (dekho to tota myna se milne ke liye kaise tadap raha hai)
Roy: but let me tell you one thing bhai that story of Parrot and Mynah has became old (par bhai ek baat bataun tota maina ki kahani to purani ho gayi)
Soham: hey it was a song right which Pragya use to sing whenever we broke up with any girl what was that
Rohit: I remember that but didi will you accompany us and Sagar bhai you too..
Richa: Of course
Sagar: it is old song right!
Rohit: yeah

And then he winks at them to tease Abhi by singing this song in such a manner so they all rounded him and formed a circle now he was in mid and they started singing
Rohit: tota maina ki kahani to Purani Purani ho gayi
Roy: Ab hai sabke labon par ye taza khabar
Soham: ek ladki deewani ho gayi
Richa: Ussey milke zindganni haye kitni suhani ho gayi (messing up his hairs)
Abhi got irked and making an angry face like a kid left from there and all remained laughing there.
Screen shifts to Pragya’s room there she was thinking “I know you are hiding something from me because I know that when you said like this you are upto something for sure” and she remembers something
After the fight of Aniket and Pragya when she was feeling extremely sad and he made her smile and taught her a new way of getting rid of anger and frustration Pragya left from there and she didn’t saw Aniket for two days and after two days he came infront of her suddenly and asked sorry from her for badmouthing her and he was looking like someone has beaten him till blue and black and he has just recovered from that when she asked that what happened suddenly he changed his tone then he said that he will not badmouth for anyone not for even his to be wife and all were laughing at him for that and she was confused that who did this then she heard Abhi talking to him he was saying “good that you have asked sorry now whenever you badmouth about any girl just remember this treatment” and when Pragya met him he came to her smilingly as would nothing has happened.
Flashback ends
Pragya: I know Abhishek you are thinking something for sure and as you have said the word REVENGE I am sure that you are thinking for that.
All was set it was the day for executing the final step and today the main role was assigned to Abhi and Soham was also ready to his part they all did their work smoothly Rajveer was almost trapped now only the final step was left they were far from success only at inch and they were excited too.

At the venue
All the auctioneer participants were reached on time and Rajveer was also their Abhi was late but he came there before the auction cum exhibition starts and after the final entry it got started first it was the turn of a vase which was really antique and the starting price of it kept was fifty thousand rupees and then people started raising their price for it and final price spoke was one lakh fifty thousand and it was by Rajveer no one was speaking after it then suddenly Abhi raised the price and It went to one lakh seventy five thousand Rajveer was not ready to accept defeat so he suddenly raised the price to two lakh and then Abhi and Richa looked at each other and smiled gesturing first step to final step success Rajveer was finding something fishy in that auction he was totally confused that how suddenly this opportunity he got just a week before he got and emergency order and then after three days when he was extremely tensed that how will he arrange the stuffs for which he had been paid then suddenly he got a advertisement that was too tagged to him on one of the social website and then suddenly he got an advertisement pamphlet in newspaper and that was too only in his colony members newspaper not in any other newspaper he was getting more suspicious and the thing which was increasing his doubt was presence of Abhi he was thinking that he has seen him somewhere but don’t know where he was lost in thoughts when he heard that next item was about to get fixed on the price given by Abhi as he was lost in thoughts so he didn’t heard all the prices which were fixed and as he doesn’t wanted to lose such customers he raised the price and registered it on his name like this all the items were belonged to Rajveer and he was at cloud nine and after making the payment all were greeting him when his eyes fell on Richa she was smiling hiding behind the curtain and Rajveer didn’t even spent a minute to recognise her and as he saw her he tried to escape from their till now he understood that what was happening with him so he tried to escape from their but in vein he was trapped now when he tried to do so he was surrounded by the whole gang and without wasting a minute they all dragged him to their home thinking Pragya was sleeping dragged him to one room which was in the back of the house but Pragya saw them taking something into backyard and she followed them here all them made him sit forcefully on a chair (aah I know little bit filmy but its needed here) and tied him with a rope and actually it was not a room it was their garage car garage now coming to the point they tied him and he started speaking
Rajveer: you people have dragged me here unnecessarily I am shouting this from past half an hour but you are not ready to listen I am giving you final warning that leave otherwise
Rohit cutting him off: Otherwise what Rajveer what will you do tell us we want to know
Rajveer: I will file a case against you for kidnapping me and for attempt to murder too.
Soham: Gosh we scared a lot see
Roy: woah we are getting goose bumps right now Rajveer don’t scare us like this yr after all you are our jija ji right
Rajveer: I am not joking let me out from here then see what I will do.
Richa: And what if we file a case against you for Harassment for Marital Rape for violence and for a murder (with anger in her eyes)
Rajveer : What rubbish you all are talking I haven’t done anything like this.
Abhi: Then what is the proof that we have kidnapped you tell me.
Rajveer: Okay if you will file a case against me for these charges then how will you prove it and with whom I have done so tell me because then one according you with whom I have done so have died till now.

Abhi’s anger raised to the peak hearing that and grinning his teeth he said “and what if I tell you she is alive then”
Rajveer: Impossible I had given her that much addiction it is impossible that she is alive now she would have died till now.
Abhi: So wait for a while I will give you surprise
And saying this he turned to leave and as he opened the door he got shocked as well as all of them got shocked because it was Pragya there who was stood out of door then she asked
Pragya: with whom you are talking like this Abhishek and didi you are also here who is here this much important person tell me.
Saying this she went inside and all started to moving aside as they were stood covering him and he was shocked too looking her fit and fine and she got extremely shocked to look him there and feared too still now she was feared of him and he smirked looking that a victorious smile came on his face and she asked to Richa
Pragya: what is he doing here please send him away otherwise he will destroy me again he will spoil everything please send him away from here Rohit bhai atleast you listen to me please send him somewhere else from here I don’t want to go with him again he will spoil my life again for sure please.
She was pleading from everyone when Sumit said
Sumit: He is unable to do anything Pragya we are here we will punish him now
Pragya: No he is very dangerous don’t mess with him he will destroy you also please let him go..
Roy: have you gone mad Pragya what are you talking about to leave him
Soham: yes you know it that what he have done with you still you are asking to do so
Somya: we are sorry but we are not going to do so understood
Abhi was getting extremely angry looking Pragya pleading like a helpless person because till now he never seen her pleading infront of anyone or begging for leaving her also she has always fought for her by herself never reacted like this and finally he spoke
Abhi: Enough guys when you are looking that she is unable to look her love in this condition then why are you troubling her she still have feelings for him she still loves him that’s why she has forgiven him so easily right Pragya what he did with you was common right it happens with every girl almost 50% girls that’s why forgave him so easily these marks of burns these scars on your hands of injections (holding her hand and showing it to her) these are so common we get them in our everyday life and what if you lost your child because of him almost everyone face this in their life right! Leave him guys leave him I said because what we thought was wrong we were expecting our gangster Pragya for him that she will come and punish him but I don’t know who is she because our Gangster was not like that as I know because at my first meeting itself I got my treatment but she has fear she can’t be our Pragya so need to punish him just leave him and come out give the couple some privacy please come.

Saying this he jerked her hands in anger and walked out from there and everyone was following him because this time he was at extreme anger which was needed to be controlled so they went to stop them and Rohit stayed there itself to look at Rajveer and he was looking that Pragya was standing like a statue after Abhi left her and she wasn’t responding every word spoken by Abhi was echoing in her ears when Rohit came and jerked her she came into senses but without answering even a single word she started walking towards Rajveer and he was smiling like he got victory over the world and Rohit was loosing his temper he banged his fist over the wall as Pragya started to untied him and he said giving a smile to her “I knew it my love you cant see me in pain” and finally she freed him and as he was about to go out she said with a stern voice
Pragya: Rohit close the door
Rohit being clueless: What!
Pragya: cant you hear properly close the door he shouldn’t get out so easily
Screen shifts to Abhi he stopped in garden and Richa asked
Richa: Why you left him like this
Roy: Yes how can you decide to leave him like this on your own
Soham: Have you lost your mind what if Pragya forgave him we shouldn’t leave him like that
Sumit: now he is free and he will destroy any other girls life
Somya: Why you are so much short temper Abhishek whenever it comes the matter of Pragya you loose your temper so easily
Abhi: Hold on hold on take a breath and wait for some time you will get your answers for sure
All were looking at him confusingly and the screen shifts to Pragya here she tied her dupatta to her waist and took one rod which was kept nearby she said
Pragya: yes it is true I cant see you in pain until the pain is given by me Mr Rajveer Khurana or should I call you Rajeev Khurana
Rajveer was shocked : What are you blabbering you idiot girl do you even know who am I ?
Pragya: From the day one I know everything about you understood your profession is to destroy every girls life like me only and that too for money now wait I will tell you that what happen when you start beating someone without giving any notice.
She remembers the tortures on her and start beating him with full anger and forgot everything near or surround her she was beating him continuously with that rod and now he was started bleeding his hands and legs were bleeding and now Rohit tried hard to stop her but she wasn’t ready it seems she is blurting her pain out like this Rohit opened the door and rushed out to call everyone for help and now everyone got that Abhi motivated Pragya through his anger and those words and they rushed to see her she was about to hit on Rajveer’s head and if he would have done so then Rajveer must have probably died and she would be punished for murder so Abhi rushed and tried to snatch that rod from her but she was not ready to do so it seems she has gone mad over him so Abhi slapped her hard and everyone was shocked because he slapped her for the first time and as he slapped she left the rod and screamed in a painful cry then he hugged her as she was crying her pain out Rohit and all took Rajveer to their room and called doctor for treatment as Pragya has made his condition worst all left from there and Abhi was seated as it is with Pragya after sometime she felt relaxed and broke the hug they both looked at each other and Abhi said “Come we have to ask many questions from him” and she nodded her head in yes they both went in there Rajveer was on the bed Pragya said that she don’t want to see that face anymore so she left from there and here Abhi and all were waiting for him to gain conscious and when he came in his senses Rohit asked
Rohit: What happen Mr Rajeev aka Rajveer how are you feeling
Roy sat beside him: if you are not feeling well tell us we will entertain you
Soham: yeah we can do so

Rajveer: NO no need of that I am okay absolutely fine
Sumit: Then tell us the reason why you did this with her and what was the rival that you was having with her
Somya: exactly and why you killed her child too..
Abhi: He haven’t done anything so just tell us that who told you to do so?
Every one was shocked hearing that he haven’t done this so Richa asked
Richa: do you have any sense Abhishek what are you saying you are saying that he haven’t done anything how can you say that.
Abhi: I can say that because Pragya told me that he hadn’t don’t this he was being paid for all this he was just a mediator nothing else
He narrated the whole incident and all remained shocked then he again said
Abhi: he haven’t done anything intentionally so what he has destroyed one life killed two infants he is guilty for sure so now Mr Rajveer better tell us who was paying for that before the police arrives otherwise if we told them about that then they will get their answer in their own way so better you tell us that.
Rajveer: I don’t know who was he because he always called never met with me and the transaction was going on through the bank he use to transfer the money through the bank only we never met every time he use to call me and after one call the number which he use to call gets changed.
Richa: if you never met him then how you got this work and how you decided to do so
Rajveer: On call only everything happened he offered me a good amount for that and without any hesitation I agreed upon that
Soham: And how she reached Mental asylum and who made her condition like that
Rajveer: I don’t know about that because she was escaped from me and then where she went I don’t know and from that moment my payment was also stopped
Abhi: great now give rest of the answers to police because what you have done it is punishable.
Rajveer: I agree that I have made a sin and I am ready to bear the punishment too because what I have given to her I can’t return it.
Police came and arrested Rajveer when they asked about his condition all of them said that he met an accident that’s why they were able to catch them and they all escaped here the screen shifts to Pragya she was lost in thoughts as all the incidents were reminding in her mind not regarding Rajveer but about someone else yes it was Abhi she was remembering that how he convinced her talking opposite to situation and made her agree upon punishing him and she thinks “Why he is doing so and that too for a friend no one will do this for anyone and that too for a girl he fought with everyone for me everytime this time too he fought with Rajveer after hearing me he was crying when I was in pain his smile at every situation what is all this and why I am getting suspicious on him after this much time first I never suspected him for doing so but now I am why is it so this is too much that anger which reach his eyes when someone confronts me that care which he always have for me he never thought me as like his sister also like Sumit Rohit and all called me then what bond he is sharing with me I have seen this concern in Sumit’s eyes regarding Somya so is it possible that he is also…” No Pragya this cant happen don’t think such scrap he is just a friend for you nothing else.” And vanishing such thoughts from her mind she went out and found him sitting on the back door with his guitar in many days till she has been perfectly fine she has seen him with his guitar after a long time and unknowingly a smile formed on her face she went ahead and sat beside him and said
Pragya: Thanks

Abhi: Excuse me do you saying something from me I am not able to hear
Pragya gives a light punch on his shoulder : I said thank you
Abhi: it doesn’t suits you madam
Pragya: Okay
Abhi: yeah
Pragya: Abhishek should I ask you something?
Abhi: is it a question you are my bestiee yr you have full rights ask whatever you want to ask
Pragya: You didn’t married yet why don’t you find any girl?
Abhi smiled : No not found yet
Pragya: then tell me which type of girl do you want we will find for you as if you became over age then you have to marry an old age women
This statement of Pragya to Abhi he felt like someone has stabbed him but holding his emotions he said
Abhi: I want a girl who will do my all the work she will wake me up in the morning and present a coffee before I open my eyes she should press my legs before I go to sleep she should know making good food she should know all the house hold work she should know only how to serve services to all the members in house and.. just this I want from her.
Pragya making a weird face: hearing you it seems you want a servant rather than wife Abhishek are you sure you want rather than a wife who loves you.
Abhi laughed : Just joking yr Pragya actually I don’t want such wife and if I will get marry na then also I wont be able to give her love because my love is someone else.
Pragya: really who is she and why you didn’t told about her to me
Abhi: I met her 10 years before but she got married
Pragya: then also you didn’t told about her to me why did you proposed her ? did she betrayed you?
Abhi: NO I didn’t proposed her and she didn’t betrayed me also she just thought of everyone’s happiness
Pragya excitingly : really then tell me about her atleast how was she was she beautiful or not how was her attitude and all
Abhi : sure

He pulling his strings of guitar started describing about girl looking at Pragya (guys you know who was the girl)
Abhi looking at Pragya
Ek Ladki Ki Tumhein Kya Sunaaun Daastaan (How can I tell you the tale of this one girl)
Woh Pagli Hai Sab Se Juda (She’s is a crazy, different from everyone else)
Har Pal Nayi Uski Ada(Every moment she has a new shade (in her style))
Phool Barsein Log Tarsen (Flowers start showering, people go desperate)
Jaaye Woh Ladki Jahaan (Wherever this girl goes)

He remembers how he found Pragya was different from other girls something was special in her which was attracting him towards her she was a trouble for others but for him it was like flower rain whenever she was near him

Hai Khafa To Khafa (Sometimes even if she’s angry)
Phir Khud Hi Woh Maan Bhi Jaati Hai (Then she coaxes herself, and gets fine by herself)
Laati Hai Honthon Pe Muskaan Who (She brings the smile to her lips)
Chup Hai To Chup Hai Who (Sometimes even if she’s silent)
Phir Khud Hi Woh Gun Gunaati Hai (Then she herself starts humming)
Gaati Hai Meethi Meethi Taanen Woh (She sings sweet melodies)
Kaise Kahoon Kaisi Hai Woh (How do I tell You how she is)
Bas Apne Hi Jaisi Hai Who (She is just herself)
Phool Barsein Log Tarsen (Flowers start showering, people go desperate)
Jaaye Woh Ladki Jahaan (Wherever this girl goes)

Ek Ladki Ki Tumhein Kya Sunaaun Daastaan (How can I tell you the tale of this one girl)

Remembering that how whenever she use to get angry from anyone and after sometime she herself comes to speak also and she always likes to stay alone and whenever she is alone she use to humming songs some old songs and those were sweet too and Pragya was getting suspicious about the description till now he had given to her she was thinking that she is familiar with the girl

Aaj Kal Har Woh Pal(Nowadays, every moment)
Beeta Jo Tha Uske Saath Mein (That I spent with her)
Kya Kahoon Khwaabon Mein Aata Hai Kyon (It comes into my dreams, I don’t know why)

Yaad Jo Aaye To Usse Bichhadne Ki Woh Ghadi (Whenever I remember the moment of her parting)
Kya Kahoon Dil Dukh Sa Jaata Hai Kyon (How should I say, my heart starts paining)
Ab Main Kahin Woh Hai Kahin (Now I am somewhere, and she is someplace else)
Par Hai Dua Aye Hum Nasheen (But still I have a prayer, My partner)
Trying to say that now a days he is remembering every moment spend with her because she is with him and he is remembering that moment when he left her for her happiness which results into his mistake and still he wants that if she can return so he want her in his life for ever

Phool Barsein Log Tarsen (Flowers start showering, people go desperate)
Jaaye Woh Ladki Jahaan (Wherever this girl goes)
Ek Ladki Ki Tumhein Kya Sunaaun Daastaan (How can I tell you the tale of this one girl)
wo ladki hai sabse judaa (She’s is a crazy, different from everyone else)
Har Pal Nayi Uski Ada (Every moment she has a new shade (in her style))
Phool Barsein Log Tarsen (Flowers start showering, people go thirsty)
Jaaye Woh Ladki Jahaan(Wherever this girl goes)
Ek Ladki Ki Tumhein Kya Sunaaun Daastaan (How can I tell you the tale of this one girl)

Precap : Pragya” i have decided to leave i am going to US i will live there with papa”
dont get panic that Pragya will leave my advise is just wait for next update and yes the song i have one request today from you all i am giving a link please after reading the episode must watch that vedio please and then tell me weather the situation was right or not here it is the link
if telly updates will not upload this link then i am telling this song is from movie MERE YAAR KI SHADI HAI song is EK LADKI KI TUMHE i will say just go through it once lolz if you want to ignore you can because i will not force you and yup meet you soon.

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