Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 25


Episode 25
Pragya: from when you started keeping chocolates in your pocket ?
Abhi looking down: from the moment when you started acting like a kid and made me cry every moment
Pragya couldn’t bear that and gave him a bone crushing hug and Abhi too did the same in back and she was sobbing he was caring her head gently and said
Abhi: You know how much I was scared but let it be and tell me one thing you was happy with your marriage right then how suddenly this all happen how you was in this state how you reached that rehab centre and how that asylum
Pragya breaking the hug: I don’t know about asylum because I didn’t remember any moment there but….
She was about to say something but she stopped as Richa was on the door and Abhi understood that she doesn’t want to share anything with anyone else so he didn’t forced and as Richa gets in and looks both of their faces and said
Richa: Did I disturb you? It seems you were talking something personal.
Pragya: Personal with this idiot no way even I don’t want to talk to him also but it was the question of these chocolates so I accepted only that.
Abhi: OH HO HO saying like I am dying for talking with you hurrr (oh ho ho keh to aise rahi hai jaise mai mara jaa raha hoon baat karne ke liye hurr..)
Pragya: Furrr…
Richa: Drama over? Or something else is there to do (folding her arms) because Gungun you are still very bad to lie on me okay I can catch you in a second understood girl so better try some other trick to hide the matter from me okay and Abhishek you still have to learn how to accompany your friend ok because you are also too bad In telling a lie and supporting a lie to.
Pragya and Abhi both were listening doing their heads down and then Richa said.
Richa: What you are hiding from me Gungun that you only want to share with him it’s just being few hours are spend that you have became perfectly fine and you are showing your friendship forgot about sister?

Pragya: Nothing like that I am just scared of sharing all the stuffs with you as what if you go and mess up with maa and then she will scold me for this
Richa got somewhat angry on hearing the word maa : its nothing like that you can share with me whatever you want I will not tell it to anybody and nobody will come and scold you girl understood.
Pragya nodded in yes and Richa leaves from there and Abhi follows her then Rohit enters with Roy and Soham. Screen shifts to outside Pragya’s room where Richa was fuming in anger and Abhi came and said
Abhi: I know you are angry upon that Pragya said maa and I know you remembered that but what’s her fault in that she don’t know about what was happened with her right!
Richa: You are right and I am not angry at all but tensed
Abhi: tensed?
Richa: Yup tensed because now she remember everything and now it will be difficult to keep her separate from Aryan she will definitely ask about him and then I am thinking that what will I answer to her that her beloved veerji left her in her tough times you know Abhishek I am the elder one in the home elder from Gungun and Guddu (Aryan) as well as from all of my cousins also I have to take care of all of them but see what destiny played a game with me Papa took me with him to US and Gungun remained here with Guddu and Maa when I was here I took care that they should live in unity my thoughts were always that whatever the situation should be nothing should come in mid of brothers and sisters but I was wrong and don’t know when this society factor took place in mid of them and the whole world which was full of happiness is now destroyed Abhishek that’s why I am tensed that what will I answer her that her veer ji left her because he was afraid of that society and reputation in society.
And saying this a lone tear escaped from her eyes and then Abhi asked to her
Abhi: may I ask you something?
Richa wiping her tear to escape: yes ask what happen?
Abhi: Why Uncle never use to come India Pragya was in that state he was helping you in every means but from US why he never use to come India? I know this is your personal matter but….
Richa: It’s Ok Abhishek no need to be sorry Papa haven’t returned from past 20 years and why he haven’t returned I will tell you later as this time your beloved friend are fighting inside on some matter again I wonder you people are friends or enemy because on every small issue you use to make prank on everyone and on serious situation also and look all are beating Soham now and wait a minute this Gungun also started wait I will tell her

Abhi and Richa rushed inside and Richa saved Soham and Abhi was trying to Stop Pragya and said “SHANT LADY BHEEM SHANT” when she got anger and Richa shouted “STOP IT GUYS EVERYTIME FIGHTING ATLEAST SEE THE LOCATION BEFORE STARTING ALWAYS BEING BEHAVE LIKE ANIMALS IDIOTS WHY YOU WERE BEATING HIM CAN YOU TELL ME AND GUNGUN YOU HOW DARE YOU JUST NOW YOU HAVE RECOVERED AND STARTED FROM THIS MOMENT IT SELF I AM SAYING YOU WILL GET PUNISHMENT ALSO IF YOU DID IT AGAIN” and they all were listening to her like students being scolded by a teacher and then she asked
Richa: Now will anyone try to tell me what he did?
Soham: Nothing didi I just said that what’s the need of paying this much billing amount just go and ask the doctor that you will wash all the dirty dishes of patients and they will discharge you and they started beating me (kuchh nahi didi maine bas itna kaha ki itna sara bill pay karne ki kya zaroorat hai doctor se bol ki tu patients ke gandey bartan dho degi aur wo tujhe badle me discharge paper de denge bas waisey hi jaise hotels me hota hai same deal)
Richa nodded head in disbelief and patted her forehead said “Satyanash” and then looking at Rohit said
Richa: Continue ….
Abhi : did you heard that continue bhai continue….
And they again started but this time Soham ran from there and all laughed on him then Rohit said
Rohit: Jis speed se gaya hai na usi speed se wapis aayega dekhna
Days were passed and now Pragya was at home and fit and fine also as per the doctors statement it was being two days spent Abhi was searching the way to talk to her about that matter which was being left in hospital because Richa interrupted that time but all the time she was surrounded by either Rohit and all or Milind and Sagar as they both use to treat her as their cute sister everyone was giving her attention so it was turning difficult to talk with her and both Abhi and Richa were in thoughts that what was the matter that Pragya wanted to share here the half of the plan was executed Rohit and Milind completed their part as well as Roy now Soham’s work was left and for this also one day only was left to reach at final step and everyone was full of hope and totally prepared for what was going to be happen.
Pragya was seated in her room and everyone was busy in their casual chit chat and that time Abhi found to be relevant to talk with her so he went to her room taking an excuse from everyone but Milind smiled and shook his head in disbelief and said “Again his hide n seek with her is started idiot he is really an idiot an high grade idiot” Sagar said
Sagar: Exactly bhai he loves her but fears to tell her (Pyar karta hai par kehne se darta hai)
All laughed and screen shifts to Pragya’s room there she was looking at something and as she sensed the door is open she hidden that thing hurriedly and asked
Pragya: who is this?

Abhi puts on the light : its me Abhishek Pragya what happened ?
Pragya: Oh its you! You know you scared me I thought who is there in my room at this time (tu hai pata hai tune mujhe dara hi diya mai bhi sochun ki kaun aa gaya mere room me is time)
She stands from the bed and taking that thing kept it in the cupboard and Abhi asked
Abhi: from when you started scaring Pragya you was never scared of anything then how can you say this (tu kab se darne lagi Pragya tu to kabhi kisi cheez se nahi darti thi tu aisa bol bhi kaise sakti hai) (in a mild and strange voice)
Pragya: time teaches everything (time sab sikha deta hai)
Abhi in little bit anger tone: so time taught you to get scared of these small things oh just shut-up Pragya (to time ne tujhe in chhoti chhoti cheezon se darna sikha diya hai bakwaas band kar apni)
Pragya : what problem do you have with that it is my life weather I get scared of small things or I get die because of that fear of small things it doesn’t matter because now nothing is left in my life I have seen every face which a girl shouldn’t see did you understood now weather I die or I live it doesn’t matter for anyone especially for me did you got it (holding his collar and yelling at him having tears in eyes) (tujhe kya problem hai ye meri life hai mai in chhoti chhoti baton se dar jaun ya dar kar mar jaun tujhe kya ab mujhe in baton se fark nahi padta kyuki meri life me ab dekhne ko kuchh nahi bacha hai har bure se bura phase dekh liya hai samjha ab mai maroon ya jiyun kisi ko issey koi farq nahi padta khaskar mujhe samajh aaya)
Abhi releasing her hands : Ya right why will I bother weather you die or live because I am not the person who have right to ask you such questions right I don’t have right to ask that Pragya why are you pretending to be happy in front of everyone and why are you crying in alone sitting in dark holding some of the stuffs in your hands I don’t have rights as I am not the person with whom you use to share your every secret right! (haan sahi baat hai mujhe kya farq padta hai ki tu jiye ya mare kyuki shayad mujhe ab ye sab poochhne ka haq nahi shayad ye bhi poochhne ka haq nahi ki Pragya aisi kya baat hai ki jot u sabke samne khush honey ka drama kar ke andar hi andar ghut rahi hai kisi cheez ko hath me chhipa ke ro rahi hai haan mujhe shayad ek bhi right nahi hai kyuki mai shyad to person hi nahi jissey tu apne sare secrets share karti thi hai na)
Pragya turning her face aside: that time was different (wo time doosra tha)
Abhi : Oh I see time matters right! Till now I was feeling guilt that I should have met you at last time but I am thankful that I didn’t did so because if I have done so and then you have said this I would have felt like someone has killed me but let me tell you one thing Pragya you life matters to me (holding her from her shoulders turning her towards him) because you are the first person whom I said that you are my best friend and believe me I am not the one who changes with time (Oh to aisa hai! Achhi baat hai pata hai abhi tak mujhe har pal ye afsos tha ki kash mai tujhse last time mil leta par aj teri batein sun kar aisa lag raha hai ki maine achha kiya kyuki agar mai us din tujhse milta aur phir ye batein suni hoti to mujhe lagta hai shayad mujse zyada toota hua insaan koi nahi hota par ek baat bataun Pragya teri life matter karti hai mere liye kyuki tu wo pehli hai jisey maine life me pehli baar best friend ka tag diya aur wishwaas kar mera mai waqt ke saath nahi badalta mai tere liye aj bhi wahi khada hoon jahan tu aur mai alag hue they samjhi)
Saying this he was about to leave but Pragya held his wrist and he turned around and as he did Pragya gave a tight Hug to him with tears in her eyes and said SORRY he broke the hug and made her relax by making her sit on the bed and then asked (they both were having tears in their eyes)
Abhi: What have you turned Pragya you wasn’t like this what was happened please tell me
Pragya started crying bitterly and Abhi again hugged her and said
Abhi: Please tell me believe me It will make your heart feel light
Pragya wiping her as well as his tears : that marriage Abhishek it was worst it turned out to be worst my whole life spoiled my two kids th…they didn’t saw the world and died…. Abhishek full life is destroyed now I am just a statue I don’t have courage to lose anything now it was worst period of time for me.
Abhi holding her hand : what was happened tell me.
Pragya: It’s a long disaster

Abhi smiles: My all time is for you so tell me
Pragya : Ok so it was the day of our marriage and I was extremely happy as he proposed me on the valentine’s day for marriage I know that he was the one whom Veer ji and maa selected for me but I wasn’t ready for this marriage and I neglected also but don’t know how I started getting some letters and those were filled of love every word every sentence what to say and my heart started melting towards him I was totally changed the things which I hated most like wandering here and there hands in hands and singing songs that romantic songs I started loving them and then suddenly one day I saw him he was near my locker with a paper in his hand when I insisted he just handed over it to me and I thought that he was the one who was writing those letters and when he proposed me that day I couldn’t resisted myself for saying no and finally that marriage took place and after marriage everything was fare till one to two months but after that my bad time started I remember one day I was feeling head ache a high head ache and I asked him to do something and he injected something In my arm saying that doctor has given him that injection so that whenever he have a head ache he have to inject that and he did so and after he did that I don’t know what happen as I felt dizzy and after few hours when I woke up I saw myself in our bed room I was laying like a lifeless body there I wasn’t able to remember anything my head was still heavy and then he again gave me something can you imagine two injections back to back I was fallen asleep and this continued for few days one day in morning I woke up and again I feeling restless and decided that what is happening with me I want to know that because I was on bed from past few days I wasn’t able to open my eyes also and whenever I want to wake up that Rajveer use to inject something in my arm and now my hands were getting some scars that was the main reason which increased my curiosity so I decided that whatever will be happen I will look that and remembered that how in childhood to make me awake during exams maa use to give me coffee so I drunk strong coffee that day and when he injected me I saw him my eyes were not ready to close and that injection was getting heavy on me now I was suffering from the battle which my eyes were facing with the system and as a result I got to know that he was giving me drugs as when he thought I am fallen unconscious I heard him talking to someone that his dose is end for making my condition worst they need more dose and heavy dose and then I came to know that what was happening with me but what to do that effect won over me and I dozed off it was continued for someday then suddenly he stopped giving those doses but till that time I wasn’t able to live without having a single dose I was feeling like mad Abhishek don’t know what was happening to me and I was getting aggressive day by day when suddenly one day he said to me that I am pregnant and for that reason only he stopped giving those doses but don’t know why this he did with me when I was having 3 months pregnancy he started those doses again and this time it continued and as a result my first child died I gave him birth but not a alive one the dead one I gave birth to a dead body and doctor advised me to stay away from any kind of medicines but I think Rajveer wasn’t ready for that (grinning her teeth) he did that again now I was thinking that my body doesn’t contain blood all it contains what is drug only drug was running in my veins I was now a pale lifeless body who was living in this world but what was happening with me I don’t know about that and then I again got pregnant again that creep person was using me he was taking advantage of my situation and I got pregnant again and you know this time the child didn’t survived even for a month he killed it with that addiction he made me addicted and then one person came in my life as a hope..
Abhi: Who was he?
Pragya: Aniket

Abhi : Aiket! The same person who fought with you in college.
Pragya : yes the same Aniket he was the one who helped me one day Rajveer was talking to someone that if he didn’t got enough money then he will leave me and report about this in police station then all your fame will get its point and peak I don’t whom he was talking but then I came to know that he is just a medium a medium which is being hired for this he was hired for making me addicted and then when I become like I can’t stay even a second without having a drug he have to kill me and thank god I was not in the effect of toxication but I decided that I have to save my self I wasn’t able to bear all that anymore and when I came to know that he just played with my life I was cursing myself to feel that crap named love for him. He went out from house to meet that person and I reacted like as If I am not in my senses and then when he left the home I stood up with much difficulties handling myself and gathering my all courage and slowly went out of the home but to my destiny it was bad effect I drifted in mid way itself and then he came by coincidence he was passing from that way and looked at me and he took me to his home there after sometime I gain full conscious I was feeling like after so many years I have got life and he asked me about my situation I narrated him the whole and he asked me to escape at him place his mother was so kind she helped me and I was awake now but one thing which was not leaving me was that addiction I was eating unnecessary medicines drinking cough syrups without any reason I was started smelling nail polishes and this was observed by Aniket one day and he decided to get me rid out of this and then he admitted me to the rehab centre and I was recovering too but don’t know what happen suddenly one day I dozed off and after that what happened I don’t remember anything even a single moment I can’t remember but one thing I know that I am spoiled now I don’t know why I am living but I am living with a hope that one day I will forget all this for sure.
Tears were flowing from Abhi’s eyes and he just hugged her tightly to comfort her and vows “RAJVEER I PROMISE YOU THAT NOW YOU AND THAT PERSON FOR WHOM YOU WORK YOU BOTH WILL PAY FOR THIS FOR SURE”

Screen freezes on his angry face
Ok so half of the revelation took place today itself i thought why to make you wait so enjoy both the episodes today itself sof as well as GOD have a nice day guys and Aytac Reshma aur Somu bhaiyya kyu chane ke jhaad par chdhate ho bhai agar gir gayi na to bohot chot lagegi yr 😉 😛 samjh gaye to baksh do yr mera kehne ka matlab tha itna praise karte ho kahi kisi din ghatiya episode upload kiya to bohot bura lagega aisa mat kiya karo yaron bohot dar lagta hai bura laga to muafi huzur e wala haha mai pagal ho gayi hoon let me go and enjoy this

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