Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 24

Episode 24
Everything was going on smoothly everyone was ready to execute the plan Rohit has completed his part he called Rajveer and paid him rupees five lacks in advance and next was the turn of Milind according to plan he have to call and execute his part just after two days of Rohit and then the part of Soham, Roy and Abhi and as usual Sumit and Somya were keeping an strict eye on Rajveer and among these days something unusual was happen it’s just two days were spent that Richa asked Pragya to try to remind and she was trying hard to do so but was unable but now she used to talk Abhi firmly and whenever it happened he was being teased by other friends and today all went to their work after a long time Milind was as usual in his work and Kritika went to meet her friends after school Roy was as usual busy with his projects in office as he went there after a long time he took leave for one month to work on plan and as now the time was of execution so it was not much work for him so he continued and Soham was busy in arranging best location for the exhibition cum auction Rohit was busy in his company as he got a new assignment and Sagar was busy in his work as he was an private engineer at MNC Richa’s whole business empire and well as other work was in US and Dehradoon so she was free in Delhi and living at home with Pragya they all were living at Abhi’s home as it was Kamakshi’s wish that they should live here with her and Neeraj was again back to Canada for his business dealings so the trio were alone at home along with Abhi here he was remembering some of the old days with Pragya in that room which was full of their memories first it was his room then after that incident when Pragya was fainted he closed that room and shifted to another now he use to go there when he sees no body is around and after spending hours there he again locks the room and no one question for that as everyone know what is there and here Pragya now she use to spend time alone from past two days as she is having strong feelings that she know who is Abhi and trying to remember everything and here Prachi was busy with Richa showing her marriage photographs of her and Milind and laughing a lot as some poses were funny according to Richa and she was totally enjoying the company of hers then suddenly she got a call and she attends it taking an excuse from Prachi and here Prachi was continuing what she was doing and as Richa was taking much time so she decided to complete some other work till then and leaving that album there itself she went and here Pragya was feeling bored so she decided to go to Richa and when she was unable to find her he called Abhi and he came out locking the door from outside and answered that last time he saw her in Prachi Bhabhi’s room so she went to Prachi’s room and there when she didn’t find her she was about to leave then she saw that album which was left carelessly on the bed and felt curious at first she hesitated to watch it but then washing off all the thoughts from her brain and opened that album and she felt happy that it was its marriage album and she was able to see those moments which takes place in a girl’s life once and she continued she also laughed at that as some funny pictures were there as in them Abhi was doing some mischievous antics in front of cameras in some pictures he was hiding behind Milind and tickling him and in some of the Pictures he was leaning on Milind’s shoulder so that he was getting irritated and all the while he wasn’t leaving a single chance to make their proper marriage couple photo and finally at last he was out of those photos and perfect marriage photos were taken finally and she was smiling on those pictures unknowingly and then after those there were some photos In which Prachi and Milind were taking seven rounds of marriage and some were there in which they both were on stage and some kind of performances were going on and she was looking them again and again and started getting false images and she was turning those photos again and again and at one point the flow of tears came down from her eyes and then screen shifts to Richa here she was continuously talking on Phone and then she ended the call and she was about to leave but again got a call and this time it was Sagar and he was talking to her about something and she was smiling and laughing when she heard a sudden scream she rushed to that side and in a mid way she met Abhi and he asked

Abhi: What happened didi why you screamed?
Richa: I didn’t screamed Abhi even I am also going to watch out who screamed like this?
When they again heard the screaming sound and then Abhi and Richa rushed as the sound was coming from the room of Prachi and before they could get in they saw Prachi standing out of door in fully shattered manner and looking her like that Richa and Abhi got panicked and asked to her
Richa : what happen Prachi why you screamed like this?
Abhi: Yes Bhabhi what happened?
Prachi: w…wo.. Pra… Pragya..
Abhi: Pragya! What happened to her?

And saying this he rushed inside the room and looked that Pragya was on the floor being unconscious and her nostrils were bleeding (when mind got much strained then nostrils starts bleeding) and he got panicked and taking her head in his lap tried to wake her up and asked to Prachi
Prachi: I don’t know Abhi when I..(stammering) I was In kitchen when I came back to room I saw her like this and tried hard to wake her up but no effect and when I got scared I called you people..
Abhi again looking Pragya : wake up Pragya
He tried hard to stop the blood and finally he was succeeded with placing her head on a pillow’s upper edge and then he asked them to call the ambulance as she wasn’t gain consciousness till now and they all rushed towards the hospital meanwhile Abhi informed all of the gang and they were also now with them in hospital and Prachi informed Milind and sometimes later he was also there and now all were waiting out for doctor and after about half an hour doctor came out and Abhi was the first who went towards doctor and asked
Abhi: How is she what happened to her ?
Rohit: Why she fainted suddenly what happened to her doctor?
Soham: Why you are not speaking please tell us what happened?
Roy: oho idiots let doctor speak then only he will speak if you will blabber like this then how will he speak (Abbey nalayakon bolne to do unhe tab to bolenge doctor sahab tum hi bakwaas karey chae ja rahe ho badbadaye chale ja rahe ho to kaisey bolenge who bewakoof kahike)
Trio in chorus: Shut up idiot
Rohit: here we are dying in tension that what happened to her and you are talking like this (hum yahan marey jaa rahey hain tension me ki achanak usey hua kya hai aur tu apni bakwaas ke sath fir shuru ho gaya)

Milind: Arey what wrong is he saying ? he is saying extremely right if you give the doctor chance to speak then only he will speak right!
Trio stands leaning their head down and then Doctor said
Doctor: Mr. Mehra come with me
Abhi went with the doctor and asked
Abhi: what happened doctor why you called me like this
Mean while Richa also came there and said “I am her sister I have right to know about her” and doctor asked her also to sit then he continued
Doctor: Mr. Mehra and Mrs. Khrabanda according to you people you find her fainted right!
Abhi: Of course it is
Doctor: Yes she was fainted but not because of any kind of problem
Richa: Then why her condition was like that? That bleeding of nostrils and when we tried to wake her up she didn’t responded also.
Doctor: because of strain on brain! Mrs. Kharbanda this all happened because she gave much strain to her brain that’s why and I seems that she is perfectly fine now to inform this to you I called you in my cabin that’s it.
Abhi thanked to him and Abhi and Richa went out of his cabin being confused that what doctor meant that she is perfectly fine now and soon they reached near her room and there they told everything to rest of them and they all were remain in thoughts then after sometimes a nurse came out and she said “Patient has gain conscious you can meet her” and hearing that all sigh a big relief and went inside the room there Pragya was sitting remaining in tears and as Richa entered first and sat beside her Pragya hugged her emotionally and then breaking the hug Richa said
Richa: You won’t change right! Still use to shock you didi like this you know how much I was scared..
Pragya remained silent then she noticed rest of them and spoke
Pragya: Rohit, Roy, Soham what you people are doing here? And why this idiot is here ask him not show his face to me
Abhi being shocked: Now what have I did? (Ab maine kya kiya?)
Pragya: Rohit say to him leave from here like that he left after college without informing anyone of us (Rohit keh dey is sey ki yaha se chala jaye jaise college k baad bina bataye chhor ke chala gaya tha)

Abhi remained in tears: You..You remember me (Tujhe yaad hai mai kaun hoon?)
Pragya: are you think yourself any kind of history date that I will forget you (tu kya koi history ki date hai jo mai tujhe bhool jaungi)
Abhi was confused that how to react whether to feel sad that what he will answer that why he left like that or to get happy that she remembers all the things then suddenly Soham asked
Soham: But tell me one thing that what you done to yourself why you fainted like that you know how much we were scared?
Pragya: I don’t remember anything but what I remember is I was watching some kind of marriage photos and before that and after that whatever I happened I didn’t remember
Roy: I said you earlier that show her marriage photos to her that Is her worst memory but you people didn’t listened to me afterall she regained her memory after looking out marriage photos only na (maine kaha tha ki isey iski shadi ki photo dikhao ek dum theek ho jayegi par tum logon ne suna nahi akhirkaar iski yaad dasht aayi wapis shadi ki photo dekhne se hi na)
Soham: point hai bhai baat me!
Rohit: Roy, Soham did you ever had a punch on your face (Roy, Soham kabhi muh par mukka khaya hai tum logon ne)
Both in chorus : No
Rohit: then come we will taste it ok but not here because everything will be mess up na (to aao chalo taste kar ke aatey hain par yahan nahi yahan sab ganda ho jayega na)
Rohit: Excuse us please Pragya I will meet you later..
All laughed on them and then Prachi and Milind left from there as they thought to give some privacy to Richa and Pragya then Richa said
Richa: Gungun I will be back ok I have to tell Sagar that everything is fine he went to pay out the bills
Pragya nodded in yes and now Abhi was alone with her and she was ignoring an eye contact with him because she knows that if she will do so he will get for sure that what is bothering her and what is trying to hide but in vein Abhi came and sat near her and she looked towards him and there was a complete silence among them Abhi offered her a chocolate and she accepted and the silence was broke by her she said in a calm voice
Pragya: from when you started keeping chocolates in your pocket ?
Abhi looking down : from when you started acting like a kid and made me cry every moment
Pragya couldn’t bear that and gave him a bone crushing hug and Abhi too did the same in back and she was sobbing he was caring her head gently and said
Abhi: You know how much I was scared but let it be and tell me one thing you was happy with your marriage right then how suddenly this all happen how you was in this state how you reached that rehab centre and how that asylum
Pragya breaking the hug: I don’t know about asylum because I didn’t remember any moment there but………….

Precap:- revealation time (Pragya’s)
hey yo i know after reading today’s episode you will be little bit confused that if Pragya was remembering her past days then in alone how she remember her past so my advise is wait for the next update as many cards will be shown but what the exact twist is you will come to know about it soon till then stay tuned and please dont scratch your head in confusion lolz jokes apart it will be clear in next episode and yup
Krishnani: i have read your every episode till now from episode one to the latest one episode seventeen seriously i am saying that it is fantabulous i am seriously enjoying the culture of south which you are showing thank you so much for that yr
Saranya : superb damn superb
Adhya : concept is wonderful dear seriously enjoying it alot
Arshifan: you are always expert in maintaining suspense yr but its ok as i like suspense alot
and i am sorry that i am not commenting on your ffs but believe me i am reading every episode of yours so dont ever think that i am not reading your updates rock it guys

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