Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 23

Episode 23
Abhi rushed to Richa and told her that Rajveer is coming to Delhi rather than going to Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai just now Somya called and told me about this and Richa’s face got more determinant and she said
Richa: Let him do whatever he want to do Abhishek because the soon he will come to us then soon we will treat him for sure he destroyed her life I will not leave this so easily let him come we will do as what we have planned.
Sagar: Richa at least think before you speak you know what you are saying if he came here and we stick to our plan then he will flew away from our hands for sure as he will get proper time we have to change it.
Richa: I know Sagar but when I said that stick to the same plan (winked at him with an attitude smile)
Abhi: Then? Didi what are you up to? (Being confused)
Richa: Call everyone here I will explain.
She said but suddenly she stopped as she saw Pragya outside she came in and said
Pragya: Didi what are you doing here and why this monkey is with you I said that I don’t want him in front of my eye and you didn’t fire him yet it’s too irritating to see a monkey like him.
Abhi left from there and Richa asked

Richa: Gungun is this a way you will talk with anyone what the hell you are trying to prove you are hurting someone with your words Bache that is not good.
Sagar: I will come in a while
Richa nods ok to him as Sagar felt they need some privacy then Richa asked to her
Richa: Gungun what is your problem why you don’t like him haah! Is there any personal rival of yours with him?
Pragya sat on a chair: Its nothing like that didi
Richa: Then what is the matter
Pragya took a deep breath: Look didi here you are only one with whom I can share this don’t know why but whenever I see him words like Monkey idiot suddenly come out of my mouth I don’t have control over that and I want to ignore him also because whenever he comes near me I start getting some false images as like I know who is he and feel like he is very close to my heart don’t know why this happens and then suddenly my head starts getting strain and then I feel like my head will burst out.

Richa: If you feel so then it is quite possible that he must be someone close to your heart
Pragya: what are you saying didi?
Richa caressed her head and said: just try to think about it.
And then suddenly Abhi enters and said
Abhi: Didi Sagar is calling you.
Richa understood that all are gathered so she nodded yes and both were about to leave when Pragya called Abhi and Richa said to him “Take your time I will tell you the whole stuff later” Abhi smiles and Richa leaves
Pragya: Listen Mr.
Abhi: Abhishek…
Pragya: Ya ya whatever I just want to say something to you
Abhi: What?
Pragya: SORRY…
Abhi: Excuse me! What have you said just now I think I didn’t heard it properly
Pragya: SORRY I said sorry…
Abhi: god why I am feeling like someone is saying sorry I think I am having some hearing problem I have to go to doctor for check up (hey bhgwaan mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai ki koi mujhe sorry bol raha hai bhagwaan bachao mujhe lagta hai mere kaan me kuchh kharabi hai mujhe doctor k paas jaana padega check up ke liye)
Pragya: Excuse me!
Abhi smiles: Nothing. Sorry didn’t suits you

Saying this he leaves from their and Pragya remains in thoughts that how calmly he said that while how she was rude with him and he was still calm with him and unknowingly a sweet smile formed on her face. And the screen shifts to Richa she was with Rohit Roy and Soham and as he entered Soham said
Soham: Completed meeting? (Kyu ho gayi meeting)
Roy: Bhai we are not getting even plain rice and you are eating biriyani and that also two time (Kya baat hai bhai yahan humey saade chawal bhi naseeb nahi aur tu biriyani pe biriyani khaye jaa raha hai wo bhi do baar)
Abhi: What do you mean? (Kya matlab tera?)
Rohit: Oh bhai so much innocent haah by the way they want to say that we are not getting a perfect girl for even one time and you are enjoying with the same girl and that also same time waah! (oh bhai bada masoom ban rya hai k baat waisey ye kehna chahte hain ki hume ek bhi nahi mil rahi aur tu bhai tu ek k sath do baar set ho gaya)
Roy: this is what happen in love bhai Rohit everyone becomes a fool and that also not normal fool a high grade fool (bhai Rohit yahi hota hai pyar me padne ke baad bade se bada insaan gadha ban jata hai our wo bhi chhota mota gadha nahi uchh koti ka gadha highfi gadha vip gadha)

All the three shares high five and laughed and Abhi was feeling shy then Richa said
Richa : Guys if your fun is over so let’s concentrate on work now
Rohit: Ok ok lets back to work.
Richa: Ok so listen that Rajveer is coming to Delhi directly he is not going MP so we have to skip one step
Rohit: what are you saying didi you know changing the plan like this all will be spoil nobody is ready for their part and you are saying that he is coming here directly and that also within a week how we will finalise the things no its too risky
Richa: Rohit I am not saying that I have changed the plan please try to understand for god sake I have said that we are going to skip a step first we were going to trap him by calling in advance as he was going to MP but now he is not going and coming directly to Delhi
Roy: So what do you want to say
Richa: we were going to sign him in advance right !
Soham: right
Richa: so now we will contact him directly and we will not give any time to him to understand what is going on we have to trap him directly
Abhi: Oh..
Richa: Yes now listen what we have to do Soham will organise one exhibition cum auction in coming week and Roy will post its advertisement through the social media and make sure that advertisement reach to him then when he become tensed about the dead line and Rohit and Milind will order their consignment first and they will pay for it in advance which and then after he will reach to Delhi Milind and Rohit will again contact him and they will say that the company which was coming for meeting and for them they were changing their interior the company is coming this week then they will demand their order in urgency and say to him that if he is unable to deliver the order on time then he have to refund the money which will be impossible for him because till then he have spent all the money on his expenses there in one week for sure because on getting this much money in advance he will think of enjoying for sure and then Roy will release an advertisement for that exhibition which will be intentionally send to him and then Rajveer will come to Soham for sure as he can’t leave his customer from whom he is getting good money and as a result MR. Rajveer will be Trapped. (saying this she passed a wicked smile)
Roy : Plan is good but I have one doubt
Soham: me too..
Richa : and what is that doubt?
Roy: it will be difficult to make believe him on the advertisement online as there are many cases of fraud also if he understood then?
Richa smiles: NO he will not because we will not give him any single chance to think as Abhi will do that work that’s why till now he has not been allotted any kind of work
Soham : OH but tell me one thing how I will arrange this much things on my own tell me
Richa: Who said you have to arrange these things all are prepared we are not going to show him any new item

Soham: Then?
Richa: there is one mansion which belongs to our ancestors and that is in Dehradoon I will ask papa to use those stuffs as there are many old stuffs which will be of our use
Soham: That’s great
Rohit: still one question is there
Richa: and what is that?
Rohit: How much money we have to give him in advance
Richa smiles: Give him as much as you can and in return we will get double the amount remember this is auction right! And we can’t stop at exact amount which is being low they have to give higher amount to win it
Abhi: But that will be conning this is not right we can’t con anyone it is crime
Roy: OOOOOh…. Sixth son of king Harishchandra this is not conning he has conned us remember Pragya was given some Property as gift by her brother and mother on her marriage we are just getting it back and you are saying if so that you haven’t conned anyone ever forgot how you conned me you made me fool that there is fund for which we have to give 500 rupees and you cheated me you thief (OOOOhh…. Raja harishchandra ki chhathi aulaad ye loot nahi samjha bhool gaya Pragya ki shadi me uskey bhai ne usey property gift kit hi jisey ye Rajveer Dakar ke baitha hai hum bas wo wapis le rahe hai aur tu to aisey keh raha jaisey tune kabhi conning ki hi nahi bhool gaya kaisey college me fund ke naam par ek din 500 rupay loote they tune mujhse saley chor)

Soham: Abhishek you use to con people very bad
Abhi: Arey Its nothing like that Roy I returned it also na that time
Rohit: Na na na this is not done.
And the trio starts singing in chorus like a song
Rohit: Gali gali me shor hai
Roy: Abhishek chor hai..
Soham: Gali Gali me Shor hai
Rohit and Roy: Abhishek chor hai
And Abhi got irked and started beating them but it result all got beaten by each other then Richa shouts ENOUGH GUYs and all gets relaxed then looking at each other laughed hard and shared a group hug then Rohit said to Richa
Rohit: by the way didi tell me one thing you are this much smart was you in RAW agency first
Richa laughed and said no
Roy: Then CBI?
Richa: no
Soham: FBI?
Richa laughed hard : No baba
Abhi: then?
Richa: Actually I watched Drishyam 15 times after release back to back as I love that movies and some thriller and suspense movies and then with the help of CID and Crime Petrol that’s it.
Rohit and all patted their head and Richa looked in shock and asked what happened then Rohit said
Rohit: you use to watch shows like Crime Petrol and Savdhaan India
Richa; yes I love watching them
Roy: then we have to stay alert
Richa: Why?
Soham: because if we slept two hours more than normal sleep then definitely you will think we are dead and send us for post-mortem
Richa: idiots why would I do so
Abhi : Because we know Bhabhi also started watching the same and she got habited of that and then one day I was sleeping and as I was tired so I was sleeping in deep sleep that I wasn’t able to hear anything and she must have tried to awake me but I didn’t woke up and you know what she did she declared me dead and Bhaiya was totally scared then he came back home and I was awake with totally messed up hairs and went down and looking me like that she shouted that I am bhoot then only bhaiya came to know that she misunderstood all that and from that moment he stopped her from watching all these programs (arey kyuki hume pata hai ek din mai so raha tha gehri neend me thakaan ki wajah se shayad aur Bhabhi aayi hongi mujhe uthane par maine shayad jab respond nahi kiya to unhone bhaiyya ko phone kar ke bola ki mai tapak gaya aur jab bhaiya aaye to mai utha hua tha aur neeche gya to wo bhoot bhoot chillane lagin mujhe dekh kar tab bhaiya ko samjh aaya ki ye sab wo crime shows ka effect hai tab band karwa diya unhone ye sab)

Richa laughed hard : don’t worry I wont do so I only use to watch them for intelligency level because you can see a different aspect of every situation that’s it nothing else.
Roy: whatever it is but I have to say didi you rock totally rock
Rohit: afterall whose sister is she (aakhir behen kiski hai)
Soham: Pragya ki
Rohit: you will always talk useless right never use your brain (tu humesha aise hi baat karega na kabhi nahi sudhrega tu)
Richa : not only Pragya but all of you (sirf Pragya ki nahi tum sab ki)
Rohit: Exactly….
And all hugged her and screen freezes on their happy faces.

i am sorry if you found any wrong language used by me but i was just in a flow of thought and wrote it as boys in delhi not boys even girls also their conversation remains incomplete without using such language exremely sorry for that guys and yup now coming to the story what do you think will their plan succeed or like real kkb they are going to see faliure dont know further updates will decide but let me tell you one thing there is major twist in the story lets see what is it so leave your feed back in comments see ya till then and yup stay tuned for further updates 🙂

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    Abhi’s cheating…. Short and sweet chor song……2 hrs extra sleep leads to post mortem….. Everything was Hilariously Hilarious!!!! Enjoyed each and every line Surbhi Di!!!! Waiting for the plan to be executed and for it’s result…
    And there’s nothing wrong in the words that u used di…That’s just becox u wanted we readers to enjoy it to the fullest!!! And I am pretty sure that each and every one would enjoy and love it to the core!! No sorry here after!! Love u Di!!! Keep Rocking!!! Surbhi Di Rocking As Always ‘!!!!!

  2. Krishnani

    Nice one Surbhi

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