Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 21

Episode 21

Rohit and Sumit looked each other and grabbed their neck by rounding their arms around their neck and said in chorus “WE AGREE THAT GOD DIDN’T GAVE YOU BRAIN BUT ATLEAST YOU CAN TRY TO PRETEND THAT YOU BOTH HAVE BRAIN (hum maante hain ki bhagwaan ne tumhe bheja to bheja par tum dono ke bheje me bheja nahi bheja par tumhare paas dimag hai pretend to kar sakte ho na)”
And Abhi was laughing hard as Roy and Soham was still confused that wrong they have said then leaving them Rohit said
Rohit: she is in problem and you are making fun of that idiots if people will have friends like you I am damn sure that there is no need of enemies or rival (wo taqleef me hai aur tum log uska mazak bana rahe ho tum jaise dost ho na to dushmano ki zaroorat hi nahi hai)
Roy : oh great when you all make fun of us that is fine and when we are doing the same then you are saying that we are enemies forgot how you people use to tease me whenever I use to say that I am dying from hunger (yeh sahi hai beta tum karo to kuchh nahi hume kare to dushman wah bhai wah bhool gaya wo din jab mai kehta tha ki mai bhook se mar raha hoon aur tum mazak banane lagte they)
Rohit: Oh bete emotional blackmail! that was a different thing yr

Then a small flashback is shown
Whole group was seated in canteen and that day nothing was available there of their taste all were getting bored also and Roy was unable to control his hunger
Roy: what a boring day yr nothing is interesting today and this canteen is also a dumb canteen nothing of my taste and I am hungry also
Soham : you are saying extremely right Roy
Roy : I am feeling I will die because of this hunger (mujhe lagta hai mai bhook ke mare mar jaunga yr)
Rohit murmured :drama started (shuru ho gaya nautanki kahika)
Soham : when you will die please do it soon (kab mar raha hai jaldi mar yaar please)
Roy widening his eyes : why?
Soham: because I have planned that whenever you will die I will come in black Mercedes on your funeral and then I will sprinkle Champaign over there (kyuki maine socha hai ki jab tu marega na mai teri mayyat par aaunga Mercedes lekar aur waha champaign chhidkoonga)
Roy’ s eyes got widened and Pragya said
Pragya : whenever you want to die or wish to die tell me I will make some arrangements (jab bhi tera marne ka man kare bata diyo mai sara intezaam kar doongi)
Somya : I will search lady ghost for you type so that you can make her girlfriend and never ever feel boar (mai tere liye kuchh bhootniyon se contact karoongi jinse teri setting karai ja sake tu kabhi bhi boar nahi hoga)
Abhi : I think telephone facility won’t be available there otherwise I would have thought to bring their number but don’t worry I will arrange some candles so that you can contact them after all the bhootni always use to walk with candle na (waha telephone facility to available hogi nhi warna mai unka number laa deta par koi baat nahi mai candle laa doonga akhir bhootniyan candle le kar hi to chalti hain)
Rohit: Of course yr and on your thirteenth day of death when your family member call priests to make them eat bhoj then please ask them before you death to make Matar paneer Stuffed karela and shahi paneer and many more sweet dishes (aur jab tera terwan hoga na to marne se pehle apne ghar walon se bolna ki zara achha achha khana banwaye jaise matar paneer shahi paneer aur bharwan karele aur bohot kuchh)
Sumit: Exactly yr many days spent we haven’t ate food in any kind of party or wedding so at least we will do so on that day (haan yr kafi din ho gaye hume shadi party ka khana nahi khaya isi bahane achha khana khane ko to milega)
Roy stood up and shouted “they way you have said na now I think I wont feel hungry ever idiots you are my friend or what you are praying me to die just because you will get good food (jis tarah tum log bol rahe ho na mujhe lagta hai mujhe kabhi bhook lagne hi nahi wali nalayakon tum mere dost ho ya kya ho mere marne ki dua maang rahe ho wo bhi isiliye taki achha khana mile)
All laughs on him as he went like a girl becomes angry and leaves
Flash back ends

All were laughing when Abhi noticed that Sumit wasn’t there he left somewhere and when he followed him he found him on terrace and there he was standing looking at Somya who was looking extremely sad and was trying to hide her pain by playing with Pragya when Abhi came and kept hand on his shoulder and Sumit turned around
Abhi : still have same feelings for her?
Sumit smiled : did you changed your feelings for your love?
Abhi nodded no putting his hands in his pockets of jacket
Sumit folding his arms: So how can you expect this from me?
Flash back
Sumit was irked from those girls as they were following him everywhere so he was sitting in library to hide himself as they don’t like to go to library when Abhi came in and asked him
Abhi: Sumit what is your problem dude why are you hiding yourself like this?
Sumit: I don’t like those lady apes
Abhi : ok ok I understood I was here to say that Somya is calling you
Sumit without uttering a word rushed in excitement towards her but when he goes there she again started fighting with him and then he came back after making her extremely irked then said to Abhi
Sumit: Why you lied to me that Somya has called me?
Abhi: If I hadn’t lied then how would I be able to clear my doubt.
Sumit trying to ignore him : what kind of doubt ?
Abhi: That you like Somya
Sumit : it is nothing like that
Abhi: OH shut up Sumit stop lying I know you like her most that’s why you are ignoring other girls otherwise why would you do so and I have noticed every time that you are trying to stay with her with any kind of talks
Sumit : you are misunderstanding it is nothing like that
Abhi: how much you lie Sumit I have seen many times that day when all were looking at fresher you were just admiring her that time I ignored then again when we were talking about those girls the only thing you were doing was staring at Somya’s every expression and don’t say now that this is also a lie
Sumit: Ok I accept it but one thing you are saying wrong I don’t like her but yes I love her
Abhi :really then I will tell it to Pragya now that I was thinking right
Sumit: she knows it
Abhi surprisingly : What ?
Sumit: don’t ask me now what ever you want to know I will tell you after the college meet me at my place
Abhi nodded ok and thought what is going on here everyone knows beside me did they didn’t accepted me as their friend yet then after end of college Abhi made an excuse to escape from Pragya and went to Sumit’s place and he directly took him to his room and Abhi said
Abhi: Now tell me how she knows and if she knows then why we are not aware of it
Sumit : because she keeps it with herself not even mine she knows secrets of everyone of us because we use to share them with her and she never let know anyone’s secret to any other like you people didn’t know my I don’t know about Rohit and he didn’t know about Soham and Roy like this only so you didn’t came to know
Abhi: Oh now I got it why she was always saying that I will not understand I will see her but one thing is sure I am extremely happy yr that you love her your choice is best you must confess her why you didn’t confessed it yet
Sumit: no need of that as I don’t feel to do so
Abhi: Ok then you are not feeling then I will tell her that you love her
Sumit ; no you wont do so
Abhi : I will
And he starts to leave Sumit tries hard to stop him but he didn’t listened when he was about to leave the room Sumit shouted
Sumit: If you said anything to her then I will tell Pragya that you love her
Abhi got shocked hearing that and turned around to look at Sumit and with a shock asked
Abhi: How you..
Sumit: yes I know It because what you always use to do to make her smile just a friend will not do ever and what you do is same what I do understood you just make her smile to stay with her and I just make her irk and fight with her to stay with her
Abhi: so you know it right! Then tell me now that why you didn’t confessed if you ask me then I will say that I don’t want to lose her because what she have told me is she do not believe in love but Somya believes right!
Sumit: yes she believes but I don’t want to loose her friendship because love the feeling of love is not forced Abhishek it just happens and what if I am having one sided love as well as crush but I am with her enjoying her company so why should I spoil that also
Flashback ends

Abhi: still waiting for her or just..
Sumit: dreaming of her dreaming that I will get her someday she will get to know about me without my confession
Abhi : why don’t you tell her yr
Sumit: same reason Abhishek just like you wanted her happiness and sacrificed your love I also want her happiness and so I am waiting for the day
Abhi: And what if she loves someone else
Sumit: I will accept that also
Saying this Sumit left from there and Abhi looked again at Somya and thought “this shouldn’t be happen why is he doing like this and I know if he will say Somya will accept him because he is the only one after Pragya who understands her well” then he thought something and went in his room and took his guitar and reminded something a smiled and started playing closing his eyes and as soon as he started singing all the boys gathered there as family members know that Abhi use to play it casually so they didn’t bothered but when Abhi use to play guitar and sing it was the most favourite quality of him which they likes the most then he stopped and Rohit said
Rohit: why you stopped please play we were missing your voice and this guitar
He smiled and started again till then Somya also was there and Sumit was also there

He sung
Abhi gesturing to Sumit that he thinks so about Somya
Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi (Someday I shall meet You)
Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi (Someday I shall meet You)
Meri Jaan Us Din Mere Saath Hogi (From that day on, My love shall be with me)
Magar Kab Na Jaane Ye Barsaat Hogi (But I don’t know when, this rain of love shall come)
Mera Dil Hai Pyaasa (My heart is thirsty)
Mera Dil Akela (My heart us alone)

Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa (Just come out of the picture (imagination))
Meri Mehbooba (My Soulmate)
Meri Taqdeer Hai Tu Machalke Saamne Aa (You are my destiny, Dance and come in front of me)
Meri Mehbooba(My Soulmate)
He gestures all of them to accompany him is singing so they all started in chorus and Abhi was all the time looking at Sumit and he understood that he is trying to make him confess so

All in chorus:
O Bla Dee Dee Dee
O Bla Da Da Da
O Bla Do Do Do
What To Do
O Bla Dee Dee Dee
O Bla Da Da Da
O Bla Do Do Do
We Love You
Then Abhi suddenly went in thoughts of Pragya as this was his first song which he was singing one day and Pragya accompanied him just because it is her favourite singer’s song that was Kumar sanu and he was singing it as in Riyaz their teacher asked them to sing a song which can describe what you feel and she suddenly came in when his teacher left the class for few minutes and remembering all that a lone tear escaped from his eyes

Abhi remembering Pragya:
Nahin Yaad Kabse Magar Main Hoon Jabse (I don’t even know since when, I guess since I exist)
Mere Dil Mein Teri Mohabbat Hai Tabse (My heart is filled with Your love, since then)
Main Shaayar Hoon Tera Tu Meri Ghazal Hai (I am a poet, You are my poetry)
Badi Bekaraari Mujhe Aaj Kal Hai (I am feeling very restless nowadays)
Somya sensed that he is feeling bad and no one is sensing that what he is feeling so she accompanied him to just make him smile and later all joined her

O Bla Dee Dee Dee
O Bla Da Da Da
O Bla Do Do Do
We Love You

Somya to Abhi in teasing manner:
Bhala Kaun Hai Vo Humein Bhi Bataao (Who is that person, tell us also)
Ye Tasveer Uski Humein Bhi Dikhaao (Show us also the picture of her)
Ye Kisse Sabhi Ko Sunaate Nahin Hain (This story shouldn’t be shared with everyone)
Magar Doston Se Chhupaate Nahin Hai (But it should be hidden from friends also)
Chhupaate Nahin Hai (Shouldn’t be hidden)
Tere Darde Dil Ki Dava Hum Karenge (We will find the medicine for the pain in Your heart)
Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge (If we are not able to do anything, we shall pray)

All in chorus:

Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge (If we are not able to do anything, we shall pray)
Dua Hum Karenge (We shall pray)

Somya to Abhi in assuring manner that everything will be fine soon :

Tadap Kar Aayegi Vo (She will come struggling)
Tujhe Mil Jaayegi Vo (You will get her)
Teri Mehbooba (Your Soulmate)

And looking at Abhi’s effort then Sumit sung the same by which Somya feels something fishy and just looked at him how he was trying to ignore eye contact from her when she was looking at him while singing


Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi(Someday I shall meet You)
Meri Jaan Us Din Mere Saath Hogi (From that day on, My love shall be with me)
Magar Kab Na Jaane Ye Barsaat Hogi (But I don’t know when, this rain of love shall come)
Mera Dil Hai Pyaasa (My heart is thirsty)
Mera Dil Akela (My heart us alone)

Zara Tasveer Se Tu Nikalke Saamne Aa (Just come out of the picture)
Meri Mehbooba (My Soulmate)

Screen freezes on their happy faces and Somya’s confuse face

to be honest i wasnt feeling good while writing this track dont know weather you will like it or not and yup i have replied to each of your comment in episode 20 hope you like the episode and if it is then please mention the best part as this episode is not upto my satisfaction but i uploaded it as i have taken gap of many days now i dont want to do so 🙂 see ya guys

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    Why are you everywhere there nowadays,
    Why are you everywhere there nowadays..
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    Neither could I be mine! Nor anyone else’s…
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