Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 2


Episode 2
The episode starts with Archna Abhi and Sagar reached home and getting down of car and getting inside the house which is looking like a mansion and Abhi asked “Didi you people were rich enough then why you hide yourself in Dehradoon and why Aryan bhaiya and Aunty is living in Delhi?” Archana replies “It’s a long story Abhishek you will come to know it on right time but this time is not right” Hearing her words Abhi got shocked as she never used to talk in that tone with anyone then he got in with them and there he looked some photos on the wall of Richa and Pragya in one pic Pragya was holding chocolate and Richa was chasing her it seems that she was running taking her chocolate and looking at that Abhi again went into flashback A big corridor is shown which is full empty and Abhi was playing guitar there trying to play some tone of song of movie Ashiqui
Pragya came there and again as per her habit said “AB you again started with your boring guitar (Ab tu phir shuru ho gaya is guitar ke sath) she sat infront of him and Abhi said “what is your problem yr I read books then you have problem I use to hear radio show then you have problem and now I am playing guitar then also you are having problem (teri problem kya hai yr mai books padhta hoon to tujhe problem hoti hai mai radio suntan hoon to tujhe problem hoti hai ab guitar baja raha hoon to tujhe problem hai) Pragya said “AB you know you yourself is a big problem how can you be so boar (tu apne me hi ek badi problem hai tu itna boaring kaise ho sakta hai ) Abhi said “ oho ok tell me what you want and by the way why you are here why you are not with your best friend SOMU aka Somya (“kya chahiye tujhe seedha bata aur waisey tu yaha kya kar rahi hai kaha hai teri wo best friend Somu”) Pragya said “ What to tell yr I told na these silly girls always use to snap selfie she is with other classmates snapping some boaring selfies (maine kya kaha that in bewkoof ladkiyon ke paas kaam nahi hai bas har time selfie wahi kar rahi hai wo doosre classmates ke sath)” Abhi said “ Then why you are not there why you are not accompanying them” (fir tu yaha kya kar rahi hai tu kyu nahi unhe company de rahi hai)” Pragya said “Oye AB don’t give me lectures haah I am not there because that Miss padaku is there and you know how much I hate her don’t know what problem she have with me always keep on pointing me and complaint that Pragya you have lost my book my pen etc I mean now she is only left in this collage that I will lost only her things (oye ab lecture mat de mujhe tujhe pata hai mai wha kyu nahi hoon kyuki meri us miss padaku se nahi banti tu b janta hai ye baat pata nahi use mujhse problem kya hai humesha mere hi upar nazar rehti hai uske humesha kehti rehti hai Pragya tumne meri book kho di Pragya tumne mera pen kho diya arey yr koi bataye mujhe ab kya wahi bachi hai poore college me jo mai usi ki chhezen khou specially)” Abhi said “Oho relax lady bheem relax now tell me why you was here (Oye shant lady bheem shant ab bata yahan kyu aai thi tu)”

Pragya said “ wo I need 100 rupees (wo mujhe 100 rupay chahiye)” Abhi said “What 100 rupees not 10 not 20 direct 100 and why you want that (kya 100 rupay 10 nahi 20 nahi direct 100 rupay aur waisy tujhe chahiye kyu)” Pragya answered making an innocent face “wo I want to eat chocolate (wo mujhe chocolate khani hai)” Abhi with a shocked expression said “What chocolate of rupees 100 are you mad I mean why you need chocolate of rupees 100 you can eat of rupees 5 or 10 or 20 also then why 100 and by the way is this the time of eating chocolate (Kya 100 rupay ki chocolate khaegi pagal hai kya chocolate khani hai to 5,10 ya 20 ki bhi kha sakti hai 100 rupay ki chocolate khaegi waisey tujhe is time chocolate khani kyu hai)” Pragya answered “ look dude that padaku again messed with me and now my mood is worst condition I need to refresh it and for that I need 100 rupees and don’t worry I will return you by tomorrow ok and I always eat those small chocolates only but I am asking 100 rupees as I will purchase more today (dekh yr meri fir ladai ho gayi hai us miss padaku se aur ab mera mood bohot kharaab hai jise theek karne ke liye mujhe chocolate chahiye ar chinta mat kar mai tujhe kal wapis de doongi paise aur han main na wo chhoti chhoti chocolates hi khati hoon bas aj mood bohot khraab hai to thodi jyada khaungi)”Abhi said “You are mad PG this much chocolate you eat one day you will become fat and burst out like a water balloon and by the way you are much rich then why you don’t bring money from your home always being borrowing from me(Tu na pagal hai PG humesha chocolate khati hai mujhe to dar hai kahi tu pani ke gubbare ki tarah fat na jaye ek din ar waisey tere paas itna paisa hai tu fir mere se kyu udhar maangti hai)”

Pragya answered “Look AB you know very well that my pocket money gets end by second day only but somehow by buttering Dada I manage to take money but mummy never gives me one rupee more than pocket money and I am saying that I will return tomorrow because didi is coming tonight and I know she will not refuse to give me money and I know she will bring my full stock of chocolates with her so that’s why I am asking you and if you want to give then give otherwise don’t dare to give me lectures otherwise I will blurt out my anger on you (dekh tujhe to pata hai meri pocket money doosrey din hi khatam ho jati hai par mai kisi tarah bhaiya ko maska laga ke paise leti hoon warna mummy to mujhe pocket money se ek rupya upar na de aur mai keh rahi hoon ki mai kal paise de doongi kyuki aj raat ko didi aa rahi hai aur wo mujhe paisey zaroor degi aur to aur mera maheena bhar ka chocolate ka stock bhi le aayegi chocolates ka to agar tujhe paise dene hai to de par lecture mat de warna kahi us padaku ka gussa tere upar na utaar doon mai samhja) Abhi said “ ok miss drama queen I don’t have money as I forgot my wallet at home but yes I have some chocolates you can take them (areh theek hai drama queen mere pas abhi paise to hai nahi kyuki mai wallet ghar bhool aaya hoon par mere paas kuch chocolates pade hai tu wo lele)” Pragya takes his bag and took chocolates and while eating hugged him and said “you are best AB that’s why you are my best friend (Tu best hai AB tabhi to tu mera best friend hai)” Flashback ends

Someone was calling Abhishek Abhisehk and it was none other then Richa she was calling Abhi and Abhi came out of flashback and said “yes didi what happened” Richa said “where were you lost?” Abhi said “nothing didi just becoming desperate to meet her” and he left saying that and Richa thought “Abhishek don’t be much desperate because you will breakdown if you will see her in that condition and you will blame yourself only for that after all you was the one who let it be happened”
Screen freezes there


Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. oh dii u r making me so restless if i dont know the secret means my head will brst out but apart frm that it was awesome i also eat only big chocolates no small chocolates or else i dont eat chocolates today also u rocked awesome dii…

  2. Nice one. What happened to pragya? Reveal it soon na. May b her family s responsible for her condition I think so. Need abhigya scenes yaar.

  3. yes dear plz reveal fast I am too much desperate to know what as happened plz as soon as reveal it plzz but anyways awesome as usual

  4. Na rokna mujhe yeh episode padhnay say doobara, warna mera mun phool jayega jaisay hai phholta gubbara ???????? lol i made it at the spot, acha nhi hai anwaee usay chod dekh abhi desperate ho na ho m zaroor desperate ho gayee hun Past or future k liyea! I m sad k m yeh story nhi padh paoongy, lekin wapis aa kar poora time isee per spend karoongy, Aaj ka episode badiya thaaa… Update soon ???

  5. its awesome dr….

  6. Hiiii diii pls reveal the suspense soon bcoz I cant bear any suspenses plzzzz do as soon as it is possible

  7. Its Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome……. I loved it……….The way of writing is Superbbbbbbbb………….. & AMRUTHA……….. USKI ZINDAGI KI KAHAANI THO BAHUTHY LAMBI HEI……

    Do not spam and write properly and all your comments will get approved.

  8. Awesome… Eagerly waiting to know that what happened to pragya and what happens in abhigya’s past…. But plzzzzzz u have to unite abhigya we can’t see them apart

  9. Nice yaar… Really interesting n amazing

  10. Super!

  11. Very intriguing and eagerly waiting for the nxt episode and i am also thinking what will happen next. The suspense is very very very like a suspense!!! Haha ???

  12. Awesome

  13. superb..yar..plzzzzzzzzzzzz update the nexr episode ssssoooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn…………..
    Vry intestng and a nice suspence thriller……………….

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