Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 19

Episode 19

Recap : Abhi remember his days with Pragya in college times and shares some of his memories with Sagar and Sagar told him that he is married to a girl named Archana and Abhi comes to know that the girl is Richa is Pragya’s elder sister she has changed her name later he asks about Pragya and Richa hides from him about her condition but he reaches her without informing to Richa she gets mad over Sagar for this and Abhi reaches the address which was given by Richa and he found that Somya is there who is present but not Pragya everyone tries a lot to hide Pragya from him but gets failed and Abhi comes to know that now Pragya is not that Pragya he asks about how that happened and Richa told about him in detail what she know Abhi decides to take Pragya to Delhi and there after meeting doctor he comes to know that she is being made like this and gets hell shocked and decides to found her husband first as she wasn’t with him when she was found and here Richa again and again tries to control her anger towards her own family as they didn’t helped their daughter when she needed them and Abhi reminds some of his moments with Pragya and decided to inform Rohit, Sumit, Roy and Soham and he did so and when Rohit and all comes to know about Pragya’s condition they gets mad over Abhi and later on they yell at Somya as she didn’t told them about her condition and Richa oaths that she won’t leave Rajveer all are memorising their memories with Pragya.

Note :- we are still in flashback
Abhi was in his music class noting down what his master was teaching to him as he was teaching them first the classical music so everyone was noting it down seriously as he was getting interest in his teachings but at one point he got curious and asked him
Abhi : sir if we have to compose a song what we have to keep in mind and what we should do to make a soulful music ?
Master smiled on his question and said
Master : it seems you are in hurry to compose music boy
Abhi smiled: sir I was just asking as I am curious about that

Master smiled: ok so listen A composition becomes or qualifies to belong to the category of musical composition when it rests on the following concerns first SWARA or sound second TAAL / LAYA or beat/tune and third is RAAG or you can say melody to it these three are the fundamental constituents of music I have told you all already how it works I will tell you now so listen Swara is that sound which has some meaning and which possesses a distinct identity. Sound becomes music only when it holds a specific connotation among other sound along with rhythm. Music be it Indian or western, is based on swara in Indian music is called Shadaj. It is also known as the basic swara. Since the literal meaning of the word Shadaj is six, it can be easily understood that this basic swara is always related to six other swaras.
Master was telling when Abhi interrupted
Abhi: But sir swaras are seven then how you are saying that they are six
Master smiled at him and said
Master: I know Abhishek but hold on beta I am telling you just learn to keep patience because it is necessary for the person who is learning music
Abhi nodded yes and then Master again started speaking

Master: The spectrum of swaras in Indian music is thus composed of seven bands also known as saptak. In Indian music the swaras are not related with a fixed pitch unlike the western music. It is the musician here who defines the pitch of shadaj and accordingly other six swaras get located on the musical spectrum. Western music, however, has the concept of an “absolute pitch”. This means specific pitch for specific swaras. Likewise the musical instruments are created according to fixed pitches. The second important element in Indian music is the beat or taal. Traditionally taal is considered as integral feature of Indian music. It is a process through which rhythm gets depicted in musical compositions. The taal is further measured in terms of the numerical content of the pulise in each composition and mostly in classical dances this kind of music is used only.
As the master said in classical dances Abhi started it hearing with more interest as he reminded that Pragya is also learning the same form of dance so his interest got increased and Master continued

Master: Thus when the pulse is slow, the composition is called Vilambit. A medium pulse count makes it madhyam; the faster count are called as drut pulse. Innumerable combinations of these pulse counts provide such a tremendous variety in Indian music. The taals are generally played through percussion instruments such as jhanjh, manjira(metallic instruments) etc. and mridang, pakhvaj, table. The music exponents who play taal instruments also practice a vocabulary of their own during the performances. Some of these words are theka, bol, gat, tutra, tihal, palta. The two main percussion instruments, table and mirdang, used in North Indian and South Indian music systems respectively, use the same words. And the third and the main constituent and chief element is melody that means raag which is alos the characteristic feature of the Indian music. Whereas western music is known for its harmony, the Indian music is famous for its melody. Interestingly melody is not confined to India, but is the main element of the musical tradition in such countries as Iran, Arabia, Afghanistan, China like countries….
He was telling when he noticed that all the other students in class were started feeling sleepy so he said

Master : Ok so enough for today I know telling about raag is left but its ok we will continue tomorrow
Abhi: But sir I want to know please tell me
Master: Abhishek you are interested but what about others they are feeling sleepy and by the way you can’t learn music and about it just in one day so leave it for tomorrow ok
Abhi agreed with him and nodded ok then the master went out and screen shifts to Pragya here she was learning few steps but was tiered little bit as she was practicing it from past two hours so all were resting and their ustaad was talking about something when Pragya asked from him
Pragya: sir there are various dance forms and almost in all the forms I think we present a dramatic view of music right then what is the need of giving them specific names with different category?
Teacher : Pragya madam (in joking manner) it is not like that every dance have its specific value
Pragya: how?

Teacher: look as for instance we are learning kathak am I right?
Pragya: what’s the need of right sir we are of course learning
Teacher stared at her and she said sorry then he said
Teacher: so as for instance we are learning kathak so kathak is one of the most popular dance forms of North India. It is also called the Natwari dance. The genesis of this dance commonly traced from the word Kathak figuring in ancient Sanskrit lexicons. It indicated the existence of a community of story-tellers through enacting the various parts of the story. The jain religious literature also mentions a specific category of people- the entertainers – through a word kahag. In its present form Kathak was developed and given patronage in structure of Kathak during its growth in Awadh is the preponderance of sensuous elements. Musical forms such as tappa and thumri now provided the rhythmic base for the dance and the two percussion instruments that have come to be used heavily in Kathak performances are tabla and pakawaj.

Pragya: Oh now I got it every dance have its history and different from each other right!
Teacher : yes miss curious queen
Pragya: interesting
Teacher : ok ok now get up enough of rest common we have to practice and Pragya you are going to perform on a big stage for the first time no mistake should be happen so please practice girls you know na you have to perform at Red fort for a donation camp generated by our Prime Minister and there is a dance competition the one who will win will get a chance to get awarded by great dancer Pundit Birju Maharaj.
Pragya: yes sir we know but sir..
Teacher: ok ok enough for today but tomorrow extra practice ok as only one week is left and we have to practice a lot we have to perform best.
All nodded yes and left from there as for both Abhi and Pragya it was
a tired day as they learnt a lot today.
Next day

In college Abhi was seated on the bench in garden of the college studying some books when Pragya came from back and patting his head seated next to him and as she patted Abhi turned to see but till she was seated and then she said..
Pragya: Oye idiot what are you looking here and there (Oye bewkoof kya dekh raha hai idhar udhar)
Abhi : Its you how many times I have to say you that don’t do this kind of antics but you won’t listen right you are lucky that you escaped if there was a boy beside you I must have punched him understood (to ye tu hai kitni baar kaha hai aisi harkaten mat kiya kar par tu nahi sunne wali pata haii tu bach gayi hai abhi warna teri jagah agar koi ladka hota to pit chukka hota ab tak samjhi)
Pragya: Ok ok relax I was here for asking what are you doing which book is this and why are you reading it and why you always use to read books cant you make some fun like others why are you like this (theek hai theek hai par ye bata tu yahan kya kar raha hai aur kaun si book padh raha hai padh raha hai to kyu padh raha hai tu kabhi padhna chhor nahi sakta kya masti nahi kar sakta kya doosron ki tarah tu aisa kyu hai..?)
Abhi looking at her: done with your blabbering (ho gaya tera)
Pragya : yes now you speak (haan ab tu bol)

Abhi: I am studying for my fun ok got it and by the way don’t you have shame (mai apni khushi k liye padh raha hoon aur waisey tujhme koi sharam hai ya nahi)
Pragya: No . I don’t have shame because once who felt shame his/her luck looses fame and by the why you asked such question (nahi bilkul nahi koi sharam nahi hai mujhme kyuki jisne kii sharam uske foote karam waisey ye kyu poochha tune?)
Abhi patting her head: because you are eating this cone of ice cream in front of me alone and don’t even asking from me to share with me how mean you are did you understood madam (kyuki tu ye ice cream cone akele kha rahi hai aur mujhse pooch bhi nahi rahi tu bohot nalayak hai by god)
Pragya : I know this tell me something new (ye mujhe pata hai kuchh naya bata)
Abhi getting irked: Mental horse (Pagal Ghoda)

Pragya giving a stern look: what do you called me mental horse then let me tell you that horse is used for males ok(kya kaha tune horse wo bhi pagal won a ladko ko kehte hain samjha)
She was saying and Abhi cuts her off and said
Abhi: o madam I will not call you horse if you will behave like a girl always being behave like a boy and saying that horse is called only for males and yes you are girl from up only if someone will tear the packet he will get 10 bouncers inside you for sure (o madam mai tujhe ghoda nahi bulaunga agar tu na ladkiyo ki tarah behave karegi sara din to don bani firti hai beta tu na sirf kehne ko ladki hai warna banda pakage fad k dekhe na 10 hatte katte bande niklenge andar se samjhi)

Pragya giving a stern look: if I am pagal ghodi then you are akdu bandar (mai agar pagal ghodi hoon na to tu akdu Bandar hai jo humesha apni akad me rehta haii)
Abhi: you said me akdu Bandar(tune mujhe akdu Bandar kaha)
Pragya: why? Did I said it in farsi that you didn’t got it so see now I am again and again saying akdu Bandar akdu Bandar akdu Bandar (kyu tune sunaya nahi kya maine kya farsi me bola tha chal le fir se bol diya tu akdu Bandar hai akdu Bandar hai akdu Bandar)
Abhi: Pagal ghodi
Pragya: akdu Bandar
They were arguing when Rohit and Roy came there and said
Rohit: Bhai Abhishek come (bhai abhisehk chal)
Roy: Pragya you also come (Pragya tu bhi chal)
Abhi: but what happened suddenly and why are you in hurry (par kya hua bhai tu itna jaldi me kyu hai )
Pragya: what happened roy why are you trying to become Abhijit of CID (kya hai roy ab tu CID ka abhijeet kyu ban raha hai)
Abhi: wait what CID from which angle is looking like Abhijeet (ek minute ye kaha se aur kaun se angle se tujhe CID ka abhijeet lag raha hai)
Pragya: don’t you watch CID in that Abhijeet always use to say Daya common hurry up we have to go (tu CID nahi dekhta kya usi me to abhijeet humesha kehta hai daya jaldi karo hume waha pohochna hoga)
Rohit: Arey yr continue your argument after coming with us otherwise they all will go (arey yr apni augument baad me continue kar lena abhi chalo warna wo sab chale jayenge)
Abhi: who?
Rohit and Roy in chorus: Girls
Pragya jumping on bench: freshers (fresher wali)
Rohit: yes
Pragya turning to abhi: oye come lets see new blunders of college new fashion blunder come yr I am going (oye chal college ka naya blunder dekhte hai chal dekhe ab fashion me kaun sa blunder aaya hai)
Saying this she run towards the gate as the welcome of fresher was going on and Abhi smiled at her a little then he also left with Rohit and Roy they four reached the gate and looked that Sumit Somya and Soham was already there seated on bench and Soham was looking girls with flirty eyes and Sumit his concentration was somewhere else which was noticed by Abhi when Pragya disturbed them and said
Pragya: Oye Soham got a girl for you or not (oye soham teri wali mili ya nahi)
Soham: no yr still searching for her but look at them na yr every girl is damn hot and I wonder where were they when we were came to this college in our class also there is not such an hot girl (abbey yr kahin nahi mili par dekh to inko sabko ek se ek hai mai to soch raha hoon pata nahi ye sab tab kahan thi jab hum padne aaye they yahan humari to class me bhi koi insi nahi hai yr)
Rohit: you are extremely right soham
Somya said: Excuse me you are wrong there is someone who is hot in our class (indicating herself) (excuse me shayad tum bhool rahe ho ki humari class me bhi ek hot ladki hai)
Sumit: Somya I have said you thousands of times that atleast scare from god little bit you have to face him after death why you are living in wrong thoughts now I am damn sure when god was distributing brain you were selling chhole (Somya hazaar baar kaha hai bhagwaan se thoda dar tune jaan deni hai unko kyu tu humesha galat faimi me rehti hai yr ab mujhe pakka vishwas hai ki jab bhagwaan akal baant rahe they tab tu chhole bech rahi thi)
Somya got irked: yes I was and you know what you was purchasing them from me that’s why you also didn’t got brain (haan bilkul sahi kaha tune aur pata hai kya mai beach rahi thi aur tu khareed k kha raha tha tabhi tujhe bhi akal nahi mili)
Sumit: yes I know because I still remember that I didn’t paid you for that and that’s why you came following me everywhere (haan mujhe pata hai mujhe yaad hai maine tujhe paise nahi diye they un chholon ke tabhi tu jar jagah mera peechha karte karte yahan aa jati hai hai na.)
All laughed on that and shared high five and Somya glared at Sumit and Sumit said
Sumit : OMG Chudail alert (bhago chudail alert)
And he ran from there and Somya followed him and Roy said
Roy: I cant understand that if he scared from her this much then why he always use to irritate her (mujhe samajh nahi aata ki agar ye itna darta hai issey to phir chidhata hi kyu hai)
Abhi: exactly I also have the same question
Pragya: you people won’t understand (tum log nahi samjhoge)
They all started looking towards gate and suddenly a group of five girls passed from there at which eyes of all the boys of college stopped including Abhi Rohit Roy and Soham and they four said in chorus “TOTA” (tota means beautiful in delhi)
Rohit: Bhai fully TOTA
Roy: queen of dreams (sapno ki rani)
Soham: brothers your Bhabhi had come and Pragya your also (bhaiyon tumhari Bhabhi aa gayi Pragya teri bhi)
Abhi: gorgeous
Pragya was laughing on them and suddenly went near Abhi and closing his mouth said “muh to band kar lo uncle”
And abhi came back to senses and smiled as the image of beauty which was created in his eyes after looking those girls got vanished off and beauty of his mind again got back and it was the same his bestiiee Pragya he was admiring her when she was laughing hidingly on the antics of Rohit SOham and Roy and she gestured him to look at them then he turned and looked at them they were looking those girls without blinking their eyes and both started laughing on them and then left from there then Pragya said
Pragya : AB listen
Abhi: what is this AB
Pragya: Abhisehk seems long na so I took initials from your name that is AB
Abhi : Oh now I got it well I also have decided that Pragya is also little bit long so I will also give you a unique name that is PG letters from your name
Pragya: good (thinks: you will never get to know that AB is short form of akdu Bandar)
Abhi: great then (thinks: you will never get to know that PG is short form of Pagal ghodi)
They both smiles thinking themselves clever then Pragya says
Pragya: AB look there is my competition next week so I will give you passes for that will you come to attend it.
Abhi: of course yr why not (thinks: I love the moment when I see you dancing how can I miss this chance)
Pragya: great but don’t tell others as I don’t want to disclose to them that I am learning dancing please
Abhi: ok I will not
Pragya smiles and suddenly they bumped with someone yes this was Rohit who was still lost in those girls thoughts and then Abhi and Pragya shouted on him then he came to senses and said “ I am caught in love now I am above this world” Abhi winks at Pragya and she brings his guitar and he starts playing it and sings and all the group of Pragya gathered there and enjoyed
Abhi playing guitar and looking at Rohit who was mad for one of those girl from that girls group
Bin chhede hi baje jhan jhana jhan dil me sau guitar (without playing when 100 of guitar starts palying in your heart)
Ude ude hosh khoya khoya dil aur dikhte ek k char (your heart gets lost somewhere and you start looking four things in one)
Jab pee ke coffe nasha chadhe aur popcorn mare kick (when you feels dizzy drinking coffee and seems popcorn is kicking)
Tab stupid si in baton me baba dil dhoondhe logic (then in stupid stuffs heart starts searching logic)
Isi umar me isi umar me (in this stage only)
Then he looks at Soham who was trying to search one of those girls on social media and he shook his head in disbelief and sung looking at him
Internet pe ho tick tock tick tock roz subah sham (tick tock tick on internet day and night you start doing)
Facebook twitter orkut shorkut lage zaroori kaam (when facebook twitter orkut and all becomes necessary for you)
Chalte firte aa jay eek roz kisi ka mail (when you get someones mail while wandering here and there from your loved ones)
Tab seedhi simple si life ye ban jaye fairy tale (then this straight forward life becomes fairy tale for you)
Isi umar me isi umar me (in this stage only)
He looks at Roy who was lost in dreams of them and then he sung looking at him
Crazy sapno se ho aankhe full on up to date (eyes are updated with crazy dreams)
Plot moon par lena hai zara pata lagana rate (have to purchase plot on moon please inquire about the rate)
Koi samjhe ya na samjhe apni dhun me hi dooben (anyone understand or not we are busy in ourself)
Dil me ek baar jo aa jaye kar jayen ajoobe (if we thought once we can do any kind of magic also)
Isi umar me isi umar me (in this stage)
Song ends and Pragya and Abhi were laughing hard on their four of them
To be continued…………….

Precap : intro of girls group, Abhi fell madly for Pragya after her dance competiton and she cries alot, Abhi’s first meeting with Richa, Entry of Rajveer, Pragya gets some letter and feels suspicious about them, Abhi meets Sumit and he tells him something by which Abhi gets emotional and hugs him

so how are you all i got some break before next exam so thought to upload the episode i am extremely sorry if you felt boared reading the episode i am extremely sorry for that as i know i have added some unncessary things in it but i have added them to give some realistic view thats it and now i will come when i will get time and yes about precap i want to tell you this is sequence of upcoming episodes not the precap for one episode it is sequence and please tell me if you all are boared of this flashback sequence i will try to end it soon so till then bye bye and leave your comment please dont be silent 😉

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