Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 18


hey ya KBians i was missing you alot so thought taking a break and upload an episode so here we go my chak chak will be at end so lets go to episode first
Episode 18
Few days more were passed now Pragya was Abhi’s best friend he use to share all his secrets with her and she knows everything about him beside one thing about which she was unaware and Abhi didn’t let her know that also But there was one difference that was Abhi agreed that Pragya is his best friend but Pragya didn’t accepted him as her best friend yet although she respected his feelings and behave like that with him but she didn’t accepted him but it also happened one day Pragya was searching Abhi in the college as she wanted to talk about some projects with him she was asking everyone did they saw Abhishek anywhere she went to check that backyard area also where she and he use to spend hours by talking while others get busy into gossiping Pragya use to hear songs there and he use to practice his guitar and complete assignments given by his music guru she checked everywhere but didn’t found him and now Rohit, Sumit, Soham and Roy with Somya were searching him also then suddenly Rohit said
Rohit : see he also got same habit as gangster of escaping in such place where everyone is unable to find him phone is also switched off (leh isey bhi aadat lag gayi gangster ki tarah chhipne ki aisi jagah jahan koi isey dhoondh nap aye phone b switch off karke baitha hai nalayak)
Somya : totally agreed yr RT don’t know in which corner he is escaped (sahi keh raha hai yr RT pata nahi kis kone me ghus k baitha hai)
Sumit to Somya in teasing manner : This Somya will always remain dumb character don’t you know our college have no corners and how can a person hide in corner (ye somya na bewkoof ki bewkoof hi rahegi tujhe pata nahi kya humare college me corner nahi hai aur koi banda corner me kaise chip sakta hai yr)
Somya being irked : RT ask this idiot to be quiet otherwise I will not spare him this time always he use to tease me look Sumit I am already fed up searching Abhishek now I don’t want to mess with you ok (RT isey bol chup ho jaye warna mai isey chhorungi nahi is baar humesha mai hi milti hoon isey popat banane k liye dekh Sumit mai alredy fed up hoon is Abhishek ko dhoondh dhoondh kar ab mjse pange mat le samjha)
Sumit : Ohoo ho ho madam is fed up of searching him arey scare from god you have to face him after death you have just spent few minutes searching him ask us we are searching him since morning like dogs and you are saying that you are fed up of searching him haah (Abey jaa somya tu keh rahi hai tu fed up hai usey dhoondh kar abbey sharam kar bhagwaan ko jaan deni tune uska to khauf kha bhai kuchh der pehle aayi hai aur keh rahi hai thak gayi humse pooch hum subah se kutton ki tarah dhoondh rahe hai usey aur ye keh rahi hai ye thak gayi)
Somya : You…

Sumit : Oh teri girl in the scary look run (Oh teri ladki bhadak gayi bhaag Sumit bhaag)
Saying this he ran and Somya started chasing him and Rohit said
Rohit : these two will never stay normal cant stay without taunting each other (ye dono kabhi normal reh hi nahi bina lade inka din nahi katega)
And they all continued to search him again and meanwhile while searching him Pragya bumped into someone she said sorry but the person started to yell at her “are you blind can’t you see if not then please prefer eye specialist he will give you relevant number for your eyes understood”
Pragya’s anger raised : What did you said say it again then I will tell you who need specs mr.
Person : Aniket is my name and what will you tell me haah I know these type of girls first bump in someone and then say sorry and then try to flirt with the person (Aniket mera naam Aniket hai aur kya bataogi tum mujhe tum jaisi ladkiyon ko mai achhi tarah se jaanta hoon pehle kisi se takraengi fir sorry bolengi fir flirt karengi)
Pragya :arey I am saying sorry and you are crossing your limit listen Mr Aniket to hell with your thoughts understand I am going for important work otherwise I would have tell you that what I use to do (Oye mai sorry bol rahi hoon aur tu apni bhed raha hai sun Mr Aniket bhad me gaya tu aur teri soch mai important kaam se jaa rahi hoon warna mai tujhe batati ki mai kya kar sakti hoon)
Aniket : yes I know what you will do you will do some kind of cheap antics and call some of your goons to beat me up right (mje pata hai tum kya karogi koi aisi waisi harkat karogi aur apne gundon ko bulwa logi hai na)

Pragya : arey I am talking in relaxed tone and you are still crossing your limit now I have to tell what I can do (arey mai aaraam se baat kar rahi hoon aur tu chadta hi jaa raha hai ruk ab mai tujhe batati hoon mai kya kar sakti hoon)
And she started fighting with him they both were arguing and about to slapping each other and whole college was gathered there and Rohit along with Sumit and Roy they looked at them and tried to stop them but it was not worth of till them Sumit was also there and Somya also came following him they both told them that Abhi was seated in the library itself behind the Literature section and reading books Rohit said
Rohit : Sumit go and call him bhai because this gangster again messed with someone and getting out of control this time she is not listening to us yr and if any teacher came na then this girl will again get suspension.(sumit bhai ja aur bula usey kyuki ye gangster fir kisi se bhid gayi hai aur control se bahar ho rahi hai aur sun bhi nahi rahi agar koi teacher aa gaya na to fir ye dobara suspension par jayegi dekh liyo)
Sumit rushed to library and as he was coming in speed so he was huffing
Sumit : Abh.. Abhishek bhai c.. come fast (bhai chal)
Abhishek : ok I will but why are you in hurry relax (chal raha hoon par tu itni jaldi me kyu hai shant ho ja bhai)
Sumit : no I can’t because Pragya messed up again with someone and getting out of control (nahi bhai kyuki Pragya out of control ho rahi hai kisi se phir se bhid gayi who)
Abhi patted his head and said : OMG again but where is she tell me otherwise it will be a dead day for the person (Oh teri ! fir se magar kahan hai wo kyuki agar roka nahi to bande ka terwan nikal jayega)
Sumit : in the college lawn (college lawn me)
They both rushed towards the lawn and Abhi went near her to control her but she was not ready to listen Abhi tried hard but she didn’t listened so he now got extremely angry and in that anger he was about to slap her but controlled himself and shouted “enough stop it” and everyone was shock their as this was the first time Pragya was being treated like this by someone she was still in shock and feeling painful because she didn’t expected this and she was little bit angry also because some of the girls were taunting her that “this was the good thing happened with her she use to slap everyone now she is slapped by him good at least some one is here to handle her tantrums but why he stopped he must have slapped her ” hearing this she left from their without uttering a word and there Abhi felt that he did wrong and when he inquired about the matter so he came to know that it was Aniket whose mistake was so he left from their and Sumit was about to follow but Rohit stopped him and said

Rohit : don’t go Sumit let him handle (rehne de Sumit chhor de usey)
Sumit : I will not how dare he slapped her I won’t leave him now Rohit how dare he raised hand on her (nahi Sumit uski himmat kaise hui us par haath uthane ki mai usey nahi chhorunga bulkul nahi)
Rohit : relax at least it is possible that now she will be able to change her behaviour because she left without uttering a word (relax yr kyuki ho sakta hai ab wo shant ho jaye thoda kyuki wo bina kuchh bole chali gayi hai)
Sumit stamped his feet grinned his teeth and left from there and there Abhi went to Pragya where she was seated alone after that incident she was crying and trying to escape her tears again and again those words were echoing in her ears which were spoken by some girls there then Abhi came there and sat near her she wiped her tears and said
Pragya : why you came here now what is left for saying (yaha kyu aaya hai tu ab kya bacha hai kehne ke liye)
Abhi looking at her : you were crying ?(tu ro rahi hai ?)
Pragya : why would I cry I didn’t had a tight slap from that person who pretends that I am his best friend (mai kyu roungi maine thapad thodi na khaya hai us bande se jo khud ko mera best friend pretend karta hai)
Abhi : you are angry upon me right (tu gussa hai mujhse hai na)
Pragya : who am I to get angry (mai kaun hoti hoon gussa karne wali)
Abhi holding his ears : look I was just angry yr now I can’t say sorry also so I have brought this (mujhe bas gussa aa gaya tha yr ab mai sorry to bol nahi sakta to ye laya hoon)
He gives her chocolate and she accepts it then he asks
Abhi : why you are having this much anger Pragya and why you started fighting with him (tujhme itna gussa kyu hai Pragya aur tu kyu ussey ladne lagi thi)
Pragya narrated the whole incident and he said
Abhi : oh so he said that ok leave it you are extremely angry upon him right (oh usne aisa kaha tu usey chhor aur ye bata tje bohot gussa aa raha hoga na us par)
Pragya eating chocolate : yes wanna kill him (jee to kar raha hai duniya se utha doon usey)
Abhi : hmm so I have an idea (haan so mere paas ek idea hai)
Pragya : what ?

Abhi gets up and took one stick from ground and wrote Aniket on the ground in mud and asked Pragya
Abhi : now how much anger you have just remove on it jump on it stamp on it or mash this name (ab jitna gussa hai na is par nikal de jump kar is par masal de iske naam ko mita de khoob gussa kar sara gussa utaar de is par)
Pragya : what a silly thing you are saying have you gone mad (kya bewakoofon jaisi baten kar raha hai pagla gaya hai kya ?)
Abhi : arey baba just try it (arey kar ke to dekh)
Pragya does so and after few minutes she felt relax and said
Pragya : this worked now I am feeling relaxed you are best Abhishek you are my best friend now I will use to do so whenever I will get angry upon anyone for sure you are best
Abhi : I said na it will work see
Pragya : yes and from now you are my best friend because you have given me such a great trick to calm myself down but I am still not happy because of those girls see how they spoke about me did I have done anything with them so how they got right to speak about me
Abhi : let them speak people will speak something it is their work to say about the matter they doesn’t know about (chhor unhe kuchh to log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna badabadne de un paglon ko)
Pragya laughed hard on that filmy dialogue and hugged him tightly and by that Abhi was feeling like he is flying on clouds and she left and Abhi was still there in shock by that sudden hug and Best friend tag by her a music started playing in his back ground and he was stood like that when Rohit and all came and shook him and he smiled running his hand over his head from back Rohit and all came and asked “What happened” Abhi replied “nothing” and smiled and Somya said “ Yr what a boaring day it is” Roy said “yes but one person can make it happy day” Rohit asked “who can do so?” Soham said “who else ? this Abhishek will do so he is learning guitar na so he will play and sing a song for us today and see the weather is also so sweet today” All insisted and so Abhi also agreed and and coincidently it was rainy weather and started raining also so he started singing chalte chalte yun hi
He went to Rohit and rests his elbow on his shoulder and head on his own hand and sung
Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main (While walking, suddenly I stop)
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main (While sitting, suddenly I stand up)
Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main (While talking, suddenly I go silent)
Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai (Is this what love is)
While this part he imagines about all the funny moments of his with Pragya and he thinks how silly am I and imagines that Pragya is infront of him in her dance class dress that sweet simple Pragya and she is singing
Pragya imaginary :
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai (Yes this is love)
Then all the four boys also accompany him

Rohit :
Chalte Chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main (While walking, suddenly I stop)

Sumit :
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main (While sitting, suddenly I stand up)
Roy :
Kahte Kahte hi chup ho jaata hoon main (While talking, suddenly I go silent)
Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai (Is this what love is)

Again abhi imagines Pragya coming and smiling at him and singing
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai (Yes this is love)
Then Abhi moved towards his home as the college was end but he was still continue with his song and suddenly while driving the bike he remembers the day when he got accident and Pragya helped him and from that day he was in love with her so he sings

Tumpe marte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante(Why do I adore You immensely, I don’t know)
Aisa karte hain kyon, hum nahin jaante (Why do I feel so, I don’t know)
Band galiyon se chup chup ke, hum guzarne lage (In closed streets, furtively, I started passing)
Saari duniya se rah rah kar, hum to darne lage (Living in this world, I have started to fear)
He was behaving like crazy as the traffic light was red so he was stopped then he came in senses and looked that everyone there was laughing on him so he patted his head indicating that he is doing such silly antics and said

Hai ye kya karne lage (Oh! What have I started doing)
Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai (Is this what love is)

This time he imagines that Pragya is seated on his back seat and looking at him from rear view mirror and saying :
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai (Yes this is love)


He stops his bike to look whether it is his imagination or reality but ofcourse it was his imagination then he reached home and directly to his room there he took out one paper and wrote Pragya’s name on it and started thinking about the way she talks the way she laughs and the way she makes innocent faces on mistakes and sings

Teri baaton mein ye, ek shararat si hai(In Your talks of these, there is one mischief )
Mere honton pe ye, ek shikayat si hai (On my lips there is, this one complaint)
Teri aankhon ko aankhon se, choomne hum lage(My eyes have started kissing Your eyes by gaze )
Tujhko baahon mein le lekar, jhoomne hum lage (Embracing You in my arms, I have started dancing )
While this part he imagines that he is hugging Pragya and taking her in his arms twirling her and he is kissing her eyes and they are having an eye lock but again when he realised that it is just an imagination he again shook his head remembering that he is going crazy for her and sung

Hai ye kya karne lage (Oh! What have I started doing)
Kya yahi pyar hai, kya yahi pyar hai (Is this what love is)

Imagining Pragya infront of him answering his questions and winking on him and he smiles she sung :
Haan yahi pyar hai, haan yahi pyar hai (Yes this is love)

oho see this Abhi i think he is totally crazy now he is imagining Pragya everywhere so here was our first musical episode what is your response please leave the comment and yes i have took a break actually not a break i have written it in small small parts regularly taking half an hour break beside watching Tv and today when it became little bit longer i am uploading it actually i use to write it as diary entry so it was possible for me and now i will ask how are you all my sweet sisters Vaishali Pavi and all and my dear friends Abhigya Reshma Durga and all how are you all i was missing your comments badly your such long long comments which make me smile like i have got my fav stuff anyways i am here today so thought to tell you one thing that i will upload after 11 june now and that is not confirmed on which date because my exams are till 21 june and when i will get time after my three exams i will upload for sure because i cant stay without reading your comments yr see how much i am blabbering and yup as i am here i am bringing one surprise for you ok i wont tell you will get to know soon so now enjoy this episode leave your comments and yup see you soon guys dont forget to leave respose till then stay tuned and bye bye 🙂

Credit to: Surbhi

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