Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 17


Episode 17

Abhi gained consciousness and all went to see him but his eyes were searching for that person because of whom he was alive and he was unable to find her near him….so he asked Soham about Pragya and he answered “she has went to police station to file a complaint against this road rage accident” all were showing their concern to him and soon he dozed off as he has just survived that accident and the screen shifts to Pragya who was returning to hospital after filing complaint and was about to start her scooty but her phone ringed and it was Aryan who called her “hello veer ji what happened?” Aryan replied “Gungun I just received a notice that I have to pay fine as my car broke traffic rules and then I thought that I haven’t came today with car and I asked ma also but she said she is at home so I thought I should contact you and see you are out of house at this much night and may I ask why are you out and why you did this” Pragya patted her head and said “Oho veer ji always saying like this round and round thing say it directly na that you got a notice about your car so I am telling yes I am out of the house and broke traffic signal also as one of my friend got accident so I did this to save him as he was sinking and the traffic was high” Aryan said “Oh then it is no problem you take care ok and how is he now?” Pragya replied “Yes I will and he is out of danger now I am just returning to hospital after filing a complaint against that road rage talk to you later ok” Aryan replied “ok take care” and phone got disconnected then Pragya returned to hospital and their Abhi was still unconscious the full gang spent whole night there and they were taking care of him chance by chance if Rohit feels sleepy so Sumit sat beside him and when Sumit get sleepy then Roy was near him and when roy feels sleepy Soham sat near him and when Soham feels sleepy Somya sits near him and like this all were sitting near him as if he needs anything he should tell them Pragya sent Milind and Prachi along with Kamakshi and Neeraj to take rest assuring them that they are there for him and then the whole night spent like this by that time his family was with him and all the five were slept out on the benches and Pragya was the one who was awake full night she didn’t took rest for a minute also and looking that Milind went to her and said “you didn’t went home yet you should go and take rest whole night you was here” Pragya looked at him and said “yes I will go but let that idiot gain conscious and let me ask that why the hell he was driving the bike like that he what was he trying to show that he is stunt man didn’t thought about you people once (haan jaaungi naa pehle us bewkoof ko uthne do mai puchhun to zara ki aakhir kyu wo itni speed me bike chala raha tha kya karna kya chahta tha wo arey karne ki chhoro dikhana kya chahta tha ek baar bhi nahi socha ki ap logon par kya guzregi idiot kahika)” Milind laughed on her silly reason for being anger and then said “anyways thank you, you have saved my brother you have done a lot I can’t repay that because you saved my life my brother is my life but I can do one thing will you accept me as your brother?”Pragya felt somehow emotional when Milind said that will and said “I have done nothing bhaiya just saved my friend and don’t say that please will you accept because you are like my elder brother it doesn’t suits you that you will say thank you to me like this (aisa mat boliye bhaiya maine to bas apne dost ki jaan bachai hai ar please aisa mat kahiye ki mai apko apna bhai manu kyuki aap mere bade bhai jaise hi ho ar mai aap se chhoti hoon aap aisa mat boliye please)” Milind smiled and kept his hand on her head then said “whenever you need anything from me just say it ok it is my promise that I will fulfil your all demands understand” Pragya smiled and then folding her hands said in fake anger “but this doesn’t means that I will spare him for that I will not understand and you also have to scold him” Milind laughed and said “Ok madam now go and get fresh n up and it is my order you elder brothers order go now” Pragya said “Arey now you are talking like my veer ji that’s not fare at least one brother should be on my side na that’s not fare” Milind said “stop complaining now go I will be always at your side but now you have to go” saying this he left and Pragya also left but before that she peeked into Abhi’s room and she looked he was awake so she went and sat near him and started scolding him “you what do you think about yourself haah are you a stunt man or a bat man or superman that you was doing stunts on bike on that road idiot I was right you are idiot even I should say that god of idiots senseless person and etc etc..(tu tu samjhta kya hai khud ko haah tu kahi ka stunt man hai batman hai ya superman hai jo bikes par stunt kar raha tha wo bhi road par dimag se paidal aadmi mai sahi thi tu wakai bawkoof hai bewkoofo ka bhagwaan hai abbey tu aadmi hai ya paijama itni raat ko aisi bewkoofi karne nikal gaya hain)” then Milind also came from back and said “scold him more as he never use to listen me at least he should listen to you (aur danto meri to sunta nahi hai ho sakta hai tumahari hi sun le)” Abhi was smiling at her as he was happy looking her concern towards him although it was a concern of friend but it was making him feel special and finally when she stopped speaking he hold her hand as she was seated near him and with a polite voice said “Thank you for saving me” and Pragya getting up from their said “oh idiot listen I have saved you and you have to promise one thing that you would never drive a bike like this” Abhi smiled and said “promise” then she said “yes and bhaiya I am saying that if he done this again na then this time he got hit by bike but next time I myself will tie him with a big stone and throw him Yamuna for sure then don’t say to me that I have killed your brother (haan bhaiya dekhiye ma bata de rahi hoon agar isne aisa fir se kiya na to is baar to ye car se thuka hai next time mai khud iske pet par patthar bandh kar Yamuna ji me phek doongi phir mat kahiyega ki apke bhai ko maar diya maine)” saying this she left and Abhi thought “even that also I will accept (mujhe wo bhi manzoor hoga)” About six months were spent and Abhi was recovering from his accident but not fully as still his hand was covered with bandages although he can walk now but still he was weak to continue his daily schedule among these days all the six went to meet him regularly without wasting or missing a day and there he was feeling extremely protective as he didn’t got any friend like them he was having many friends but none of them were like them they were some different kind of people having different kind of friendship and Abhi was enjoying but the most happiest thing which made him smile everyday was her presence yes he was enjoying her presence although most of the time she use to scold him but he was not feeling bad of it now her scolding manner was also the way of her friendship her concern but for him it was becoming something special he didn’t know what was that but yes it was confirmed that without seeing her smiling or angry face it was difficult for him to spend the time yes he know that she never use to include in their talks whenever they all were having chit chats she use to stand at some distance and always busy with her phone or i-pod yes that I pod which were having about 600+ songs and that also were having old the songs which were known to be as songs of golden era and due to her they all were able to enjoy those songs sometimes she made them listen that much hilarious songs from that era which none of them had heard yet she was there standing there seems not much interested in their family talks whenever there were any talks about movies like doing mimicry of comedy actors or doing act of any comedy serial or there were some talks related to any song giving reviews on any song sometimes she use to make fun of songs also then the worst thing in that was her anger which was at the time but when you meet her next day that long anger was gone vanished off somewhere and this was all because of her dance whenever she use to tie those ghoongroos in her feet and match her feet with those table beats her anger goes vanish in those beats these things were noticed by Abhi she was still in a circle of friends it seems that she doesn’t have any feeling like what is love all that was crap for her whenever she use to see couples in college she makes weird faces and her thoughts were always that love story is only a fantasy which happens with lucky ones because this was not the love which use to spend time with each other for some days and then break up according to her if there was a thing like love exist then it should be unconditional and just happens and this break up factor will not be included in it and that’s why she was still like a kid in these days his family also got much attached to her as she had saved their son and Milind was always treating her like his sister because the way she use to talk him like he was her own brother he likes that all that time when all use to talk with Abhi about other boaring gossips matter she use to talk with Milind some time looking that Abhi got jealous as he was his elder brother but then his jealousy got vanished whenever he looks that she is talking so calmly like this he was recovered with the support of family and friends..

That day Abhi was not feeling good at home he was getting extremely boared so he decided that he will join college so he went college after almost 6 months although it wasn’t a big deal as already a leave letter was submitted by Rohit and Pragya in college along with medical so no one asked for his absence for a long time he went in and directly to Pragya and all and looking him like there she said “oye idiot what are you doing here you must take rest doctor have told you and you are here with this broken hand what if something happen if you got infection and that wound got renew this idiot never listens anyone (Oye tu yaha kya kar raha hai tujhe bola tha na ki rest karni hai doctor ne bhi bola ki tujhe bed rest karni hai fir bhi tu yaha aa gya apne toote hanth ke sath kya hoga agar isme infection ho gaya to aur sare ghav fir se dukh gaye to kaun sambhalega ye bewkoof na kisi ki nahi sun sakta)” Abhi said to Rohit rolling off his eyes “yr she again started scolding me Rohit make her understand yr I was getting boared yr and nothing will happen to me yr I can take care of myself and she is scolding me like if she is not my friend but she is my mother (arey yr Rohit ye fir shuru ho gayi ab tu hi samjha issey yr banda bor ho raha hai ghar par so aa gaya yaha aur waisey bhi main na apna dhyan khud rakh sakta hoon ar ye to mje aise dant ti hai jaise meri friend nahi maa hai meri)” Pragya said “fine I won’t say anything but if anything happened to you then don’t complaint that I haven’t warned you ok (theek hai mai kuchh nahi bolungi magar agar tujhe kuchh hua to phir na kahiyo maine warning na di)” Abhi said “yes I won’t” then they all started talking normally but as Pragya warned him so something unusual happened Pragya and all were going towards to canteen to bring some eatable items and Abhi said “my leg is paining yr you people go I will sit here only” Pragya turned to him and gave a glare look and he said “ok ok I was wrong you was right now I won’t attend college until I get well properly ok” Pragya gave a wicked smile expressing that she won and went from their and here Abhi was sitting in the corridor when some boys came and started teasing him they were the same boys who tried to rag him on first day and then as a result they were treated by his punch now they were near him to take revenge on him and one of them said “that day you were becoming over smart now see how it feels when you got hit on your face” and one of them directly hit on his face and Abhi balancing himself said “you are saying this as you think that I am unable to fight with you so let me tell you that you are most coward person as you are taking advantage of my this situation” but before he could complete they hit him on his face again and in a mean time all the college was gathered there and Pragya and all were coming taking their food and suddenly when they saw that those four boys were beating Abhi badly and one of them who was head of that gang hit him on his injured hand and because of that pain raised in his hand which was unbearable so he dozed off and looking him like that Pragya lose her patience and rushed towards corridor followed by Rohit Sumit Roy and Soham and Somya went to call the teachers and as Pragya reached there she separated that boy from Abhi as he was again and again attacking on him knowing he was dozed off till she grabbed his collar and slapped him hard the slap was that much hard that he was shook to the core then she said to him again grabbing his collar “how dare you touch him just because he didn’t got trapped in your silly ragging tricks you will do this with him and that also then when he is not in state of fighting how much great coward you are it is proved today (teri himmat kaise hui isey haath lagane ki ye teri gandi ragging wali harkat me nahi fasa to tu isey marega bardasht nahi hua tjse aur wo bhi tab maar raha hai jab wo ladne ki haalat me nahi hai kitna bada fattu hai tu ye aj prove ho gaya hai)” He said “Oye Pragya don’t inter fare in this matter as being a girl you should not inter fare in boys matter if you will do so then it will be not good for you because you don’t know who I am (oye Pragya tu beech me na bol samjhi ye hum ladkon ka maamla hai aur agar tu interfare karegi to ye tere liye achha nahi hoga)” Pragya replied grinning her teeth “even if you are son of prime minister then also my foot for you I am damn afraid of these warnings of yours understand and now this matter is not boys matter this is my friend and you have hurt my friend now I won’t spare you (abbey jaa agar tu prime minister ka bhi beta hai na to bhi mai ghanta darne wali hoon ar boys matter ki baat kar raha hai boys matter hai ye mere thenge se samjha tune jise hurt kiya na wo mera friend hai aur mai iske liye tujhe bakshungi nahi)” then turning towards Rohit who was sitting holding Abhi said “Rohit common let’s take him to the medical room” Rohit nodded and the boy said “Pragya you are not doing good I am saying you will pay for it (Pragya ye tu achha nahi kar rahi mai bata raha hoon tujhe bohot mehenga padega ye)” Pragya again was at peak of anger and that anger which was hidden inside today burst out even Rohit also got scared for a minute of her because he was looking her like this after a long time last time this face was seen by him of hers when he was being punished wrongly by other boys mistake and that she hitted one boy that much that his eye was turned blue and as a result she was suspended from school for a week and after that he was looking her like that today fighting like that she again went to him and grabbing his collar and pushing him backward said “what you will do haah what you will do ? just because I am a girl you are trying to control me with this fake warnings let me tell you mr I am not going to scare by these false warnings and yes if he didn’t get conscious na then you see what I will do (kya karga haah kya karega bol na sun agar tu ye soch raha hai ki mai ladki hoon ar tu mujhe apni in dhamkiyon se control kar lega to sun meri baat aisa nahi hoga samjha kyuki mai teri in jhoothi dhamkiyon se darne wali nahi hoon aur haah agar isey kuchh ho gaya na to mai tujhe chhorungi nahi)” He was about to slap her but Sumit holded his hand and said “don’t you dare touch her otherwise I will break this hand from which you are trying to harm my sister understood (sochiyo bhi mat isey haath lagane ki samjha agar tune aisa socha bhi na to mai ye haath tod ke rakh doonga agar meri behen par haath uthane ki koshish bhi ki to)” but that argument turned worst and Rohit took Abhi to medical room Roy was also with him and Pragya along with Sumit and Soham was there the argument got that much worst that it turned into fight boys were punching each other and then the leader again tried to hit Pragya and she was slapping him and that time college authority came their and stopped all that and misunderstood that Pragya was the one who was the reason of all that (as always happen in real also we are not the culprit but as we will go and take side of our friends we will became culprit because as bad luck teacher comes at same time and this happens always) so she was called by the dean and her parents were called and Ramya was there with Aryan and dean complaint about her and suspended her for a month so she went back to home along with them while going Aryan was driving the car Ramya was seated with him on front seat and Pragya was seated at back seat Ramya was scolding her “What the hell is this Gungun just because of some silly people you have done this I am asking what was the need of that you are not a kid now that someone hit your friend and you will hit him arey you must have complaint to teachers na they have seen them but no you will take action on your own you know how much busy we are as this much work is there to handle and if you will do like this then how we will manage our work why you did this” Pragya answered “maa It was not my mistake and tell me what kind of work was that they were hitting him who is even not able to reply them as he was not in that state I am saying that I can’t tolerate if someone harm my friend” Ramya replied “what kind of friend haah he has just spent 6 months with you people and you are declaring him as friend Pragya the person whom you don’t know fully is not your friend understood” Pragya replied “maa friend is friend whether it is 6 years old friend or 6 months” by that time they were reached home and Pragya saying this left from there to her room and closed her door with full force that a bang sound came out from it and Ramya shouted “Pragya!! Pragya!! Damn because of your this attitude I can’t take you out to interrogate you with people you will definitely bring our image down in society with this attitude of yours” these words were heard by Pragya and she was hurt to an extent and Aryan controlling Ramya said “Maa you don’t worry I will make her understand” Ramya said “better” Aryan went to her room and looked she was lying on bed he went near her and kept his hand on her forehead and said “Gungun I know you are not sleeping just get up” Pragya woke up and hugged him tightly and cried a lot and Aryan pacifying her caring her head says “Oho so lady bheem was crying” Pragya breaking hug and wiping her tears and while sobbing said “why she doesn’t understand that I am not wrong all the time she always use to scold me just because of that society factor that’s not done veer ji I am also a normal human being just because we are wealthy enough that means I can’t behave like normal people why she always do this veer ji every time society society” Aryan said “oho Gungun what wrong she is saying we have an image and if something will happen in anyone’s life from our family it will become treat for media people understood now relax and sleep after sometime you will feel better” he left saying that and Pragya was like it seems she was not satisfied by his answer she was feeling extremely alone so she called Richa “hello didi” Richa said “hey Gungun what happen it seem you have cried a lot” Pragya answered “wo didi..” Richa said “wait a minute maa scolded you again on that society factor right” Pragya said “yes” then Richa said “oho Gungun what papa always use to say just ignore what she says just remember what you want don’t get trap in her words as she has changed a lot thinking about society and Aryan is also going on the same path but you don’t get into it understand just live your life like that what you want understood now smile” Pragya was relaxed hearing her words and asked “when you are coming didi and where is papa?” Richa replied “I am coming soon dear and papa is at home as I am here in the office I will tell him that his sweet Gungun want to talk to him ok” Pragya smiled and said in excited manner “ok didi but while don’t forget my gift please” Richa said “ok madam I will not” Pragya said “bye didi love” Richa replied “haha love you too Gungun” after talking to Richa Pragya felt relax she forgot her all sadness and then she thought about to see whether Abhi is ok or not so she took her keys and went she drove her scooty to his home there she parked her scooty and his all the family was having snacks and having chit chat she rushed in and Milind looked her and said “hey Pragya how are you come have some snacks” Pragya went and sat near him and said “bhaiya where is that idiot and why you sent him college you know how he fought and then suiiiiii he got fainted like this” Neeraj laughed and said “we didn’t sent him beta he went on his own he didn’t listened to anyone one of us” Pragya looking at Prachi replied “Achha where is he now ?? I will see him and bhabhi will you please give me something to eat as I am hungry and want to eat delicious food from your hand do one thing just make fried sandwiches for me and one glass juice” Prachi smiled and said “of course madam” she went and Kamakshi said “beta he is in his room there on right side” Pragya went there and looked Abhi was seated on bed resting his head on headboard closing his eyes and she went and patted his head with magazine and he shouted “aouch” Pragya said “I can take care of myself I am not a kid” Abhi answered “ok na I understood it was my mistake now please will you stop taunting me” Pragya said “why should I, why can’t you listen anyone you are brave enough na (mai kyu ruku tu kisi ki baat kyu nahi sunta hai yr)” she was saying and scolding him and he was looking her emotionally and when she noticed that she asked “now why are you making these innocent faces can you tell me (ab bachho jaise shakal kyu bana raha hai bata sakta hai)” Abhi said “ you are suspended right and that also because of me for me you got into argument with those boys and by misunderstanding you are suspended now (tujhe suspend kar diya na college se aur wo bhi meri wajah se tu mere liya un logon se behes kar rahi thi aur college authourity ne tujhe misunderstood kar liya aur suspend kar diya )” Pragya feels that he was thinking that he is the reason of her suspension so she said “oye nothing like that yr it is normal na If Rohit or anyone else was also there so I have done the same nothing special so relax and it is good that I am suspended now I can enjoy in myself atleast not that boaring lectures of Ahahita so you must relax about that (aisa kuchh nahi hai yr agar teri jagah Rohit ya koi aur hota to bhi mai yehi karti to jyada mat soch ar achha hi to hai ab wo professor Anahita ke boaring lectures nahi sunne padenge)” Abhi replied “but this was special for me I have many friends but none of them treated me like that they all were just friends but what you have done in these past few months that was special for me I didn’t got this much attention from any of my friend but you are best Pragya (par mere liye ye sab special tha mere bohot se dost hai par unhone kabhi mujhe itni importance nahi di jitni tum logon ne di hai tum best ho Pragya)” Pragya senses that he was becoming emotional she said “nup yr every friend is equal there even a single question doesn’t arises of giving attention to anyone special (areh nahi yaar sab equal hai yaha to sawaal hi paida nahi hota attention ka)” Abhi holding her hand said “may I ask you something ?” Pragya said “yup” Abhi said “may I call you as my best friend as what you have done for me none of my friends have done so may I ..??” Pragya said “Oh why not for sure but this doesn’t means that I will not scold you or slap you I will still do so if you won’t listen to anyone understand” Abhi smiled and nodded yes by that time Prachi also was there she said “Pragya here is your fried sandwiches and juice have it and Abhishek this is your soup finish it ok” Pragya said “don’t worry Bhabhi I will see how he will not finish it” Abhi said “hey that’s not fare you all are becoming in one team” Prachi said “Mr finish your soup” she left saying this and Abhi was about to take one sandwich but Pragya slightly slapped on his hand and drags the plate to her side and said “it is mine you have your soup understand I am your best friend still I am not going to share this with you” saying this she took that plate in her hand and he was looking at her thought “friend best friend my best friend she is” then he smiled at her looking her eating like kids use to eat when they get their favourite dishes…………..

To be continued………..
Ok so this was episode no.17 and now i am stopping here yes i said stopping didnt said ending i am stopping as now this is exam time for me and i need a break so guys i wont be able to upload till mid of june yes i know it is long time mid of june means after 15 june i am free and that also i cant promise so i am saying that i will return in june then we will go through the rest of the story so till then bye bye and yup now a days many of you are not leaving comments please tell if you are not liking it i will try to improve and why would i try i will surely improve so guys bye bye meet you next month 🙂

Credit to: Surbhi

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