Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 16


hey ya i am here sorry i wasnt able to upload yesterday so i have uploaded a little bit longer episode today hope you all will like it now lets directly go into the story
Episode 16

Pragya and Aryan came back to home and Pragya was on cloud nine after watching movie and she was singing a song (just like we people use to sing with interest but without music) “Rafta Rafta Haule Haule dil ko churaya tumne dil ko to pata bhi na chala” Aryan said “Oho Gungun enough yr if maa came to know that we were went for movie this much late night then she will definitely scold me and you will again be escaped as you are the younger one in this house come we will go inside then we will talk about that” He drags that crazy Pragya in room and there she jumps on the bed and said “Veer ji what a movie was it right like both of them were pretending that they love each other but they were hating and that song in which Akshay and Kareena pretend that they are in love and then when they hug each other they makes wired faces haha I love that scene veer ji (again starts singing the same song) Rafta Rafta haule haule dil ko churaya tumne dil ko to pata bhi na chala” Aryan laughs and said “yes but I love Paresh Rawal more yr the way he says ‘Pet me Ghutna maar kar daant tod doonga’ hahah seriously yr”

Pragya “exactly and when sunil shetty catches Akshay and kareena red handed their expression veer ji hahahhaha solid scene” they were discussing about movie and then suddenly Aryan woke up and patted Pragya’s head and says “Oye common get up and fresh n up you haven’t washed your face also since you have came back home ok” Pragya got irked and said “No” Aryan said “What did you said say it again” Pragya replied “golden words are not repeated” and saying this she starts running and Aryan while chasing her said “Golden words ki bachhi wait I will tell you” Pragya said “no I am not golden words ki bachhi I am Ramya and Rajendra Malhotra ki bachhi” she ran and went to her room and Aryan chased her then as there was totally dark in the room so she bumped into something and Aryan shouted “Oho Gungun at least you should put on light na” Pragya said “if I will do so then you will catch me na I know you want to cheat with me” Aryan replied “no I don’t want but see if you got injured somewhere then it will be not good understand” Pragya replied “ sure you won’t catch me” Aryan replied “sure baba now put on the light please I know you are near the switch board so” Pragya puts on the light and then got shocked as her full room was decorated and cake was there on her table but no one was visible their so she asked Aryan “you did this (aapne kiya ye)” Aryan replied “No I don’t (na maine nahi kiya)” Pragya asked “then who did this (phir kisne kiya)” just then she got five back to back mild slaps on and a voice in chorus came “we did this (humne)” she turns around and got shocked to see all her gang their and got shocked then Rohit came infront of her and said “close your mouth aunty (muh to band kar le aunty)” Pragya came into senses and turns around facing opposite to them and said “veer ji say to them please I won’t talk to them first they were not talking to me now they are coming and saying we have done this haah I won’t talk to them say to them that they should leave now

(veer ji bol do inko mujhe inse baat nahi karni pehle ye mujhse baat nahi kar rahe they an aakar keh rahe hai humne kiya hai o mainnu ni karni koi gallan shallan inade naal)” Aryan was about to say but Rohit stopped him and then Rohit Somya Sumit Roy and Soham went forward and grabs her from waist and started tickling her and she fell on bed and they all started tickling her Rohit was on her left side and while tickling her he said “say now you will not talk to us (ab bol baat nahi karegi)” Pragya said “RT please yr (chhor de yr please)” Somya said “Oh teri you said please wait (O teri please bol rahi hai ruk mai batati hoon)” then she tickled her and said “bete you are forgetting if you are our friend then you have to just order and you have said please now you gone (bete tu bhool rahi hai tu dost hai na to tujhe order dena chahiye aur tune please kaha ab to tu gayi)” Pragya controlling her laughter said “ok ok I am ordering you yr leave me (achha achha order de rahi hoon yr chhor do mje)”

Roy said “not so easy girl how can we leave you like this first say you will not hide like that ever (aise kaise chhor de pehle bol is tarah nahi chhupegi kahi)” tickling her feet and she said “ok ok I will not” Soham tickling her second feet said “and you won’t get on leave without informing us (ar tu bina bataye chhutti bhi nahi legi)” Pragya laughing “ok ok I will not (nahi loongi)” when the whole sequence was taking place Abhi was just looking at them as he was little bit hesitant to join them as he was new in their group and they all were friends from past 8 years and Aryan was laughing on them then suddenly they all left her and she was sobbing that much she was laughed then she woke up and Rohit said “so this is your cake yr gangster cut it now as we are waiting for you since past one hour you know (ye raha tera cake ab jaldi se kaat ar hume de bhook lagi hai yr pata hai pichhle ek ghante se wait kar rahe hain hum tera)” Pragya asked “ok but tell me for what have you done this as this is not my birthday also so ??(haan theek hai par ye to batao ki ye sab kiya kyu hai mera to birthday bhi nahi hai yr)” Somya said patting her head “areh silly girl today almost 8 years are completed of our friendship and Abhishek is also here as he is new to our group so he should remember this day as next day we will throw a party on his home for completing one year in our insane group and you know it is to be agreed that if your friendship is longer than 8 years then you are friend for whole life

(arey pagal bhool gayi na aj hume almost eight years complete ho gaye hai dost bane hueaur hum Abhishek ko b sath laaye hain taki isey yaad rahe ye din kyuki agle saal hum party iske ghar par karenge aur fir isey bhi to ek saal ho jayega na hum paglon ke sath dosti kare hue)” Pragya stressing her eyes “hmm that’s right and by the way this idiot was aware about all your plan right (haan baat to sahi hai aur waisey is bewkoof ko tumhare is plan ke bare me pehle hi pata tha hai na)” Rohit said “yup” Pragya said “ And still he didn’t told me anything haah wait I will tell you mr idiot you were also playing prank with me (aur phir bhi ye kuchh nahi bola haah ruk bewkoof kahike mai tujhe abhi batati hoon tu bhi mere sath game khel raha tha hain)” Abhi started stepping back thinking “Shit I am gone now (abbey mai gaya)” then Pragya was moving towards him and he said “wait Pragya I can explain actually I was planning to tell you their plan then I thought that they are doing that much efforts so that will be waste na so better I should include in them and then I thought that you will also happy so…….(ruk mai bata sakta hoon actually maine socha ki mai tujhe inke plan ke bare me bata doon phir maine socha ki bechare itne efforts kar rahe hai waste ho jayenge to mai inke sath include ho gaya aur fir tu bhi khush ho jayegi to….)”

and blabbering this he ran away and Pragya shouted “wait I will tell you idiot you can’t escape from me (ruk ja tu mujhse bach nahi payega)” and she turned a back facing all of them and said “you all wait I will catch him and yup while returning I will bring cold drinks also like this one arrow and two targets will be full fill (tum log ruko mai abhi sey pakad ke lati hoon aur laut te wakt cold drink bhi le aaungi is tarah ek teer se do nishane)” she also started chasing him and finally caught him and said “why are you running (bhag kyu raha hai)” Abhi said “I don’t know wo while running I forgot why was I running (pata nahi bhagte bhate bhool gaya kyu bhag raha tha)” Pragya said “great then you must forget while sleeping that why was you sleeping and while eating you must forget that why was you eating and leave that I think while playing your guitar you must have forgot why you was playing it (bht acche to iska matlab tu sote sote bhool jata hoga ki mai so kyu raha tha aur kahate khate bhool jata hoga ki kha kyu raha tha aur wo chhor mujhe lagta hai guitar bajate bajate ye bhi bhool jata hoga ki tu baja kyu raha tha)” Abhi smiled and said “may be” Pragya stared him and he said “wo I was scared of your slap yr actually the day I have joined college na I have eaten a lot so I thought that over eating of slaps will be not good for me that’s why (wo mai tere jhapad se dar gya tha yr kahi tu phir se na maar de kyuki jab se mai college me aaya hoon bhot jhapad kha chukka hoon tere haath se aur jyada khana mje achha nahi lagta so ..)” Pragya smiled at him and said “ok ok now give me my treat (theek hai theek hai chal ab meri treat de)” Abhi said “oh yes I forgot here it is” and taking her treat she left and Abhi smiled remembering her smile and thought “damn how cute she is” and Pragya shouted “come soon and take these cold drink bottles and help me in taking them up (oye jaldi aa ye cold drink ki bottles upar pohochane me help kar)” Abhi said “coming” when he went in kitchen he saw that fridge was open and in that bottle section (where mostly bottles are kept) was fill of chocolates and there were different types of chocolates then he asked “Oye this much chocolates are you mad I mean it will harm your health (oye itni sari chocolates pagal hai kya tu itni chocolate health ke liye achhi nahi)” Pragya turned and said “are you doctor (tu doctor hai)”

Abhi said “no” Pragya making a anger face said “so stop advising and do your work otherwise I will lock you in this fridge by somehow adjusting you body in it (to advise dena band kar aur jo bola hai wo kar warna isi fridge me ghusa doongi tujhe)” Abhi said “ok ok” they both took cold drinks and some snacks with them and done party but as it was getting late night so all them left so soon happily promising to meet in college next day. It was about half an hour was spent when Pragya got a call from Rohit and said “yes RT what happened” Rohit said “Yr PG Abhishek met with an accident yr one high speed car hit his bike” Pragya in shock asked “What but how and how did you came to know”

Rohit said “it is not the time to tell all this yr do something he is in pool of blood and no one is helping us and we are also not with our vehicles just you come fast” Pragya said “ok ok tell me where I have to come” Rohit answered “Lodi road complex yr the plus point near sai baba mandir” Pragya said “damn there the accident have took place then it is for sure that he is not well I am coming there in just five minutes ok you wait there” she went and tried to wake up Aryan but he was on his night shift she remembered then she took her scooty keys and hurriedly went there (guys the area I have mentioned is really that much horrible place for those who are having vehicles in delhi as it is very much broad area so people use to drive carelessly their and that’s my many accident takes place there in midnight time just because of carelessness)

Pragya reached at the spot and saw that he was sinking and Rohit and Soham were only their and both of them were extremely tensed as they were trying to get help from past half an hour but no effect was their so Pragya got extremely angry and shouted “Rohit Soham don’t waste time on them damn have you called the ambulance ?” Rohit answered “yes I have but don’t know how much time it will take to arrive” Pragya sat beside him and took his head In her arms and said “Soham we cant wait he is sinking if we will wait then it will be risk with his life” Soham asked “Just say it what I have to do?” Pragya said “good go and bring veer ji’s car as he hadn’t went from car today and yes if someone ask you then say to them that I have said as it is emergency” Soham nodded and then Pragya said to Rohit “RT do one thing call his family please as they all would be worried for him” Abhi while sinking holded her hand and tried to say something but Pragya shouted on him in anger “shut up idiot first of all you have done this with your self now trying to speak if you spoke then I will surely slap you just shut up (chup ek dum ek to apni ye haalat bana li hai upar se bolne ki koshish kar raha hai pakka jhapad khaega warna chup reh)”

and Abhi just smiled as she was angry on him beside crying like others Rohit called his family and told them about him and by that time Soham was also there with car and with the help of those two Pragya made him lie in car Soham said “Pragya we will take him to the hospital but what about the traffic jam in south ex. We can’t escape it that is high traffic area you know not free at this much night also” Pragya said “ don’t worry about that I have an idea just drive and I am before you on my scooty ok” Pragya drove her scooty before them and they were following her Soham was driving the car and Rohit was with Abhi at back seat and at south ex. The jam was same as Soham said so Pragya took her mobile parking a scooty aside she plugged her mobile to loudspeaker in the car and played to ambulance siren” Rohit looked at her and she winked on him said “jugaad bhai jugaad” Rohit smiled and then as that sound was there Pragya and car moved from their in such a speed that no one was there to stop them but traffic police men noted the car number as they broke the rule soon they all rushed to hospital and Abhi was admitted in emergency ward doctor examined him and took to OT and after some time doctor came out and Rohit asked “how is he ?”

Doctor replied “heavy blood loss we need blood in emergency otherwise it will difficult task to save him” Rohit sat there in shock and Pragya said “RT what are doing Doctor which blood group you need tell us we will arrange” Doctor replied “A positive” Pragya said ok you don’t worry we will arrange it” the three of them left from their and the first work done by them in rescue was determining their own blood group but it was of no use because they were not having same blood group so Pragya called Roy and Somya Sumit and asked them about their blood group and luckily Roy’s blood group was matched so she called them as soon as possible giving the address of the hospital and all of them were their now all friends were there and just thinking about what will happen next but Pragya was the one who was not shedding her tears just looking at the room where Abhi was now as he was out of danger now soon Abhi’s family reached their and asked about him Rohit gestured towards his room and there they saw Pragya whose full dress was drenched in blood her t shirt was fully drenched it was looking like someone has thrown colour on her and Neeraj for a moment sat there in shock as the blood was of his son and Kamakshi was consoling him then Milind gathering some courage went near her and asked “How is he and how this happened”

Again Pragya’s eyes were in anger she asked controlling herself “Who are you?” Milind answered “his elder brother Milind but tell me how is my brother” Pragya answered “he is ok now he will gain conscious in some time but tell me one thing bhaiya cant you teach your brother that he should not ride bike in such speed even if it is late night then also arey it was good that RT and Soham were their otherwise in this city like Delhi he would have died till now and the news next day in paper would be MISSING only (wo theek hai par ek baat bataiye bhaiya kya aap apne bhai ko samjha nahi sakte ki itni tez bike na chalaye road khali hai phir bhi areh wo to achha hai ki RT aur Soham waha they warna ab tak mar chukka hota ye aur kal ke paper me khabar kya chhapti lapata)” she was like scolding him and Milind was surprised by her answers mostly people will get worried and console the victims family but she was scolding him and he thought she must be the same girl whom he was talking about and coming out of thoughts he said “actually he is new in delhi he doesn’t know about all that na” Pragya being irked by his answer said “ugh new in delhi what do you mean by that haah even if it is not delhi then also he shouldn’t do this (arey kya matalab hai iska agar ye dilli nahi bhi hoti na to bhi usey ye nahi karna chahiye)” Prachi came forward and said to her “listen relax we are just tensed about him and by the way why are you scolding my husband” Pragya looked at him and asked “now who is she?”

Milind answered “My wife” Pragya said “Look I cant make one thing repeat again and again so bhaiya you make her understand Oye Rt come on we have to file a case against this road rage accident” Rohit nodded yes and then while leaving Pragya said to Prachi “by the way cake was delicious bhabhi” Prachi widening her eyes asked to Milind “what type of girl is she her friend is in that condition and she is talking about cake” Milind looked at her and smilingly said “brave girl she is extremely right” Prachi said “why are you saying that” Milind answered “because she is different see if you or I was in her place then we must have been crying right but look at her she is thinking about what should we do in this condition have you looked at her she is drenched in blood of his and without thinking that what people will think she is doing all possible efforts now she has went to file a case against this road rage and that also like that so something is different in her” Prachi smiled and said “you are saying right I think she is the same girl about whom he was talking on the first day of college” Milind nodded yes and then they both went near Kamakshi and Neeraj and told them that Abhi was out of danger and all of them felt relax on that after sometime Abhi gained consciousness and all went to see him but his eyes were searching for that person because of whom he was alive and he was unable to find her near him….
To be continued………………..

Pracap :- May I call you as my best friend….. 🙂

ok so dont think that because she saved him so this will happen nup the reason is something else so wait for the reason it will be disclosed in next episode ok so wait for the reason and yup now we are stepping towards the chapter where we will see that how Abhi named AB and Pragya named PG and yes we will see how they both together will trouble rest of the gang so are you excited 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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