Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 15


Ok so you all liked my surprise but let me clear one thing that i have released the teaser it means you have to wait for the trailer and then for the promo then only your story will start ok now lets go direct to the story
Episode 15

She was again and again trying to convince them but all of them were ignoring her so she decided that she will leave them for one day and talk to them tomorrow as it was possible that they are angry and their anger will cool down tomorrow so she left towards her home as the college was ended and Abhi was feeling guilty he was thinking that because of him she awake full night and was resting and now she is bearing punishment by them but what can I do they all are also right as she should inform them otherwise someday she can be in trouble and then how will they come to know that what has happened to her I should not think so much they all will be alright by tomorrow..
Both were lost in thoughts and both reached their home and at evening as usual Pragya went to her classes the dance classes and Abhi was before time there he was in his Riyaz classes and he took seat near the window as from there Pragya’s practice room was clearly visible she was practicing her steps and as she turned with a smiled gesture and started moving her hands with those fine gestures he again lost in her and he was imagining there was he and only Pragya was present and no one else was their he was smiling at her looking her like that and then again his world of dream got disturb as his teacher was there and he started teaching about notes Abhi’s mind got distracted from Pragya as now her turn was over so he was listening to lesson his teacher was narrating about notes musical notes that they all have to learn the classical music first the classical tone and there are only seven notes of music so how these seven notes turn into various sense of music you have to learn that and he started giving lectures and Abhi asked “sir why we have to learn classical music first?”

the Professor answered “you have to learn that because if you got perfect in that then every note will be easy for you weather it is high or low it will be easy for you” Abhi nodded in ok and the professor continued then after sometime class got over and Abhi was leaving for his home he was about to start his bike but stopped as someone was coming out of the building next to his building and he was looking at her of course she was Pragya she was not looking that much sad now as she was in college so he understood that this was the dance only which gives her relaxation from all the feeling whether it Is anger or sadness all feelings are just flew away when she comes here he was again lost in thoughts and Pragya vanished out from his eyes and then he saw here and there and then noticed that she was going in the bus so he patted his head and said “Abhi beta you are getting mad over don’t know in which feelings you are flowing (Abhi beta tu pagal ho raha hai pata nahi kaun si duniya me hai)” and then he smiles over his silly antics and ride off to home and in home as he enters with happy face he saw that Kamkshi and Neeraj were their (his mother and father) he got extremely happy and went and hugged Neeraj and said “Papa how are you? You know how much I waited for you there is no fun without you see bhaiya is so boaring always busy in his silly files and no one to talk now you have come”

Neeraj laughed as he was talking like a kid and said “He is great king in doing drama” then Abhi went to Kamakshi and kept his head over her shoulder and said “Now you are coming maa you know how much I was missing your hand made food and you know bhabhi id not good at cooking” Prachi who was stood behind him said keeping her both the hands on her waist “oh really Abhishek is it like that then you should stay on fast today maa papa you know he always use to play prank on me” Kamakshi said “that’s why brother-in-laws are their beta leave him he is crazy you please prepare something to eat and when Milind is coming you told him na we are coming” Prachi replied “yes maa I have replied and I have made food also you can come and have it” Neeraj said “great Abhishek come beta have food” Abhi replied in no and with that wide smile went up straight to his room and Prachi first thought that “What happen to him suddenly he is behaving like this” then she said to Neeraj “you eat papa he will eat with Milind I know that” all have their dinner.

Two days were spent and till now The five were still not talking to her and she was extremely sad so she decided not to go college and she was sleeping when Aryan came in and asked “Gungun you are sleeping today don’t you have to go to college haah” Pragya replies in a monotone “No veer ji I am not having mood today to attend the college” Aryan replied caring her head “hmm so all are angry with you right but why they are angry tell me” Pragya sits by jumping on a bed and says “veer ji you know that assignment on which you helped me that night” Aryan “yes which you were making for helping your friend as work load was high on him” Pragya “Exactly Veer ji you know after that I was so tired as I didn’t slept that night so I slept in backyard of college where mostly students stay when they feel lonely and don’t know how I slept there and they were finding me in whole college and because of that reason they all are angry on me what to do veer ji you know na that I never want to make mistake but it happens I have no control over my mistakes na and they are angry this time to such an extent that they are not even looking at me” Aryan cares her face and said “Oho Gungun you made a mistake it is true but give them some time they will for sure be convince by you and make them promise that you will never do this mistake again as their point of view is also right dear” Pragya rests her head on his chest and said “Veer ji if I will make this mistake again then they will leave me? Will they not forgive me??? Veer ji they have never behaved like that it hurts a lot their behaviour is so harsh I cant face that” Aryan caring her head as he realised she is extremely sad

“Gungun relax they will forgive you now get up and get ready for college and yes don’t try to escape as my Gungun is not that type of girls right who use to escape after doing mistakes right” Pragya releases herself and says “yes veer ji but today is Sunday so no college” Aryan said pulling her cheeks and kissing her forehead “so let’s go for outing today” Pragya being irked and cleaning her forehead said “oho veer ji how much time I have to say don’t do this kisses yr its ugh… now I have to bath again huh (veer ji yaar kitni baar kaha hai ye kissiyan wissiyan mat kiya karo fir se nahana padega ab)” she leaves and Aryan laughs and says “Arey then what will you do when your husband will kiss you like this you can’t tolerate your brothers kiss then how will you tolerate his kiss hah (Arey tab kya karegi jab tera husband tujhe kiss karega tujhse tere bhai ki pyar bhari kiss bardasht nahi hoti to uska kya hoga)” Pragya washed her face and coming out with wiping her face answered “if he will do so then I will heat the tong and make him kiss that understood (agar wo aisa karega to mai uske muh par garam chimta chipka doongi aur bolungi ab kar kiss)” Aryan laughed out loud and said “No one can win from you in argument ok then where would you like to go tell me should we go for a movie” Pragya replied “movie is there any comedy movie released today because I don’t want to watch boaring romantic movies” Aryan replied “you your self is great comedy now what else is left in comedy

(tu khud itni badi comedy hai ar ka chahiye tujhe comedy me)” Pragya stares at him and throwing her towel down said “I am not going go your self” Aryan said “ok ok come last Friday Hulchul movie was released we can go and watch it” Pragya’s eyes got fill with excitement and she said “Hulchul?” Aryan replied “yes” Pragya said “Akshay khanna Kareena Kapoor” Aryan replied “yes baba” Pragya jumped in excitement on bed where Aryan was still seated and said “so what are we waiting for please can we go now” Aryan laughed and said “ok” they both left for movie and there Pragya was enjoying the movie that much that she watched all the shows of it and they spent all the time in theatre watching all the shows of that movie and Aryan also agreed as she was away from her sadness and he wants that only he wanted to see smile only on her face so he also didn’t resisted and then screen shifts to Rohit Soham Somya Roy and Sumit, Abhi was also with them and Rohit said “ready for the surprise” Sumit said “yes” Soham said “ I have talked to him he said he will take care of everything” Roy said “I have asked permission from aunty and she is agreed” Somya said “I have arranged gifts” Abhi said “Bhabhi will make cake I have asked her to bake the large cake so it will be ready by that time” Rohit said “so all set lets wait for clock to struck at 12 mid night” all keeps hand over hand and says “yes she will be extremely happy now”

To be continued……………………………….

OMG all the six are planning something and look at this Abhi how madly he behaving i am scared that he will sure get one treatment from his PG what do you think guys 😉 Ok so i was saying that there is time in starting your most fav ff as my exams are near so i am not giving time to these stuffs but yes as my exams will get over i will think about that and it is quiet possible that i will give pause to this ff also for some days due to my exams and yes Pavi dear google browser give problem some times so i would recommend you that if you are using mobile to upload episode then use UC MINI browser or any other browser like opera mini or any other else google crome always create problem and yes if you are using PC for uploading then use firefox browser it will not give any problem i am telling with my personal experience and yup my Fb handle is [email protected] profile picture is of zareen khan dear and Akanksha i am glad that you are liking it yr 🙂

Reshma Abhigya and Kutty your smiles always rocks for me Durga your long comments and somya you are yourself rocking for me yr and yup all my sweeties Pavi vaishu shara nivi sana and all of you guys keep supporting love you all dear 😀

Credit to: Surbhi

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