Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 14


Episode 14
Pragya was wandering here and there thinking about how to escape from them as she was only imagining that “damn Pragya think something because according to that Abhishek they are very angry on me and if it is like that then definitely I am gone… ok then I will just go in front of them and face them whatever they will do I will accept it and yup I will control my anger also ok so go for it Pragya go for it (abbey Pragya kuchh soch jaldi kyuki us bewkoof Abhishek ke hisaab se wo sab bohot gusse me hain aur agar aisa hai to pakka mai gayi….. theek hai jo hoga dekha jayega mai aise hi jaungi unke samne aur jo bhi hoga dekh loongi haan yehi sahi rahega)”

Abhi was looking all this from distance and was continuously smiling on her antics keeping his hands in his pockets leaning half of his body on the pillar there and thought “whatever it is I am just loving this mood (ye jo bhi hai mujhe achha lag raha hai)” and then Pragya jumps of that place where she was stood which was little bit at height from tree and started moving towards her friends who were this time seated in college lawn and Abhi saw she was coming towards the direction in which he was stood so he moved from there immediately and went to them before her and there Rohit said “where was you went now we have to find you also at time to time like her (kaha chala gaya tha tu ab kya tujhe bhi us Pragya ki tarah dhoodhna padega time time par)” Abhi sensed that they all five were extremely angry on Pragya so he tried to chill out their mood saying “no yr I was went to see whether Professor Anahita has come or not and you know …. (nahi re mai to bas wo dekhne gaya tha ki Professor Anahita aayi hai ki nahi aur pata hai wo..)” He was saying but Soham cuts him off and said “we know she is present today and we are going to attend her lecture (hume pata hai wo aaj aai hai hum uska lecture attend karne jaa rahe hain)” Abhi widening his eyes said “what !! but why ? I mean you people use to bunk her lectures right and today you are going to attend it (kya par kyu ? mera matlab hai tum log uska lecture bunk karte ho hai na to phir aaj kyu attend kar rahe ho)” Roy said “because today we are in no mood of having fun already our mood have been spoiled because of Pragya you this is almost sixth time she is hiding like this and we always use to forgive her but not this time (Kyuki aaj hum masti karne ke mood me nahi hain waisey hi us Pragya ne humara mood subah kharaab kar diya hai tujhe pata hai ye 6 baar hai jab wo aise chhupi hai humne humesha usey maf kiya hai bas is time nahi)”

Abhi was feeling bad for her because the one who helped him was now going to bear punishment by her friends he was feeling guilty for himself because of his assignments only she was awake whole night and she was resting but she is going to bear punishment in that result and Abhi was feeling extremely bad and he was continuously praying that Pragya shouldn’t come this side then suddenly his thoughts got disturbed as Somya said “guys see she is coming now (oye dekho wo aa rahi hai)” all of them looked in anger and as Pragya came there she said “hey” but none of them replied but they five of them looked at her in anger and then Somya said “common yr we are getting late for the class some people won’t understand so it’s better to leave from here (chalo yr der ho rahi hai class ke liye kuchh log ye baat nahi samjhenge to behtar hoga unhe bola hi na jaye chalo)” Pragya said “hey somu don’t say like this yr look I can explain (are Somu yr aisa mat bol na dekh mai samjhati hoon na)” Rohit in anger said “No need to say anything we don’t have this much time to waste on your useless excuses common yr (kuchh kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai samjhi humare pas faltu time nahi teri faltu baton me waste karne ke liye eh chalo re)” and those words by him felt like someone is locking her inside the dark room where even breathing is not possible this much bad and hurt she felt and Abhi was continuously looking at her at her reactions which her eyes were describing clearly but she was hiding it and then she said “Rt atleast listen to me yr I was.. (Rt kam se kam meri baat to sun yr mai…)”

before she completes they all five left from there and Pragya was trying to convince them but they didn’t agreed and she also didn’t said anything because she somewhere knows that mistake was her only she must have told them that where was she Abhi was also forced to go with them as Rohit was dragging him holding his hands with full force as he wanted to Pragya should stay alone to realise her mistake and never repeat it again and Abhi wanted to be with her he wanted to make her feel better he was feeling that she is feeling pain but why not she is describing it why not she is letting it out if she will do this may be they will melt down but why she is not doing so then her face got vanish off from his eyes as now he was in class and she was still there in the garden and Abhi was becoming restless remembering those eyes those painful eyes again and again by them one thing was clear that Pragya doesn’t get affected by anything but if her friends are angry with her it was the most painful thing for her he understood that her friends matters more than anything to her then he said calmly “why you did this RT I mean she helped me right so it is possible that she was taking rest somewhere but why you people are doing this with her I mean you say that you said she is you sister right then why you all are hurting your sister (tum log aisa kyu kar rahe ho yr mera matlab hai usne mera assignment poora kiya to ho sakta hai wo poori raat jagi ho aur isliye kahi rest kar rahi ho to tum log aisa kyu kar rahe ho yr aur waisey tum logon ne kaha than a ki wo tumhari behen hai friend nahi to kyu apni behen ko hurt kar rahe ho tum log)” Sumit said “she is our sister that’s why we are doing this to make her understand that being escape like this is not good and that also without informing us she can get into any trouble because of this anything can happen then how we will get to know that what is happening whether she is alright or not she have to learn this (behen hai isliye aisa kar rahe hain taki usey samajh aaye ki aise chhupna wo bhi bina hume bataye safe nahi hai kal ko agar kuchh ho jata hai to hume kaise pata chalega ki wo theek hai ki nahi.)” Abhi was shut over their answer because they were extremely right and then again started thinking about her

He comes out of flash back and went in the room of Archana there she was talking about something with Sagar looking worried he went there and sat on the floor near her as she was sitting on the chair and he kept his head on her hand and asked “didi after marriage PG wasn’t in contact with those five am I right?” Archana started caring his head and said “yes she wasn’t but why are you asking such questions” Abhi replied “because it was her habit whenever she wanted to hide something she use to hide from them for a long time and again she did this you know what it means” Archana asked “what it means?” Abhi replied “she wasn’t happy after her marriage I am damn sure” Archana replied standing up from there “I don’t know about that it can only be told by Gungun when she will recover but I know one thing only I want that man who made my Gungun like this and I will give the worst punishment which I can” Abhi also stood up and taking her hand into his said “I am promising you didi I will make his life hell I will not let him live peacefully he had done this with her I will do the worst with him this is my promise with you” and saying this he left and Sagar covering Archana from his one hand said “he is mad over her (ye deewana hai)”

Archana said “this is not madness Sagar this is that hidden love which was sacrificed for another ones happiness he sacrificed his love for her happiness in believe that she will stay happy and now he is looking her in that state now you tell me Sagar how can he stay calmly and specially when then he is looking that his beloved PG has went through that much pain you know this wasn’t the love which we watch in movies of read in fantasies it is true love the love in which you not even notice that whether your partner is beautiful or not you doesn’t find your happiness in their happiness but you respect their thoughts their wishes and them also (ye deewangi nahi hai Sagar ye wahi pyar hai jo ab tak chhupa hua hai jo pyar sirf Uski khushi ke liye sacrifice kar diya gaya tha usne ye soch kar usey chhor diya ki wok hush rahegi aura b wo usey aisi halat me dekh raha hai tum khud hi socho sagar wo shant kaise reh sakta hai jab wo dekh raha hai ki uski Pragya ke sath kya hua hai jab wo itni dard se guzri hai tumhe pata hai Sagar ye wo pyar nahi hai jo hum kisse kahaniyon me sunte hain par ye pyar hai original life ka yaha ek doosre ki khushi nahi dekhi jati unki khushi ke sath sath unke thoughts unki feelings ki respect bhi ki jati hai yaha ek doosre ko barabar respect di jati hai)” Sagar said “lucky girl hope every girl get a loving person like this who don’t love her but her happiness the most” Archana looks at Sagar and then said “like I got you” Sagar smiles over her and they both went to continue their talks again………
Again the screen shifts to flashback this time it wasn’t by Abhi this time all were in flashback and while that everyone’s face were shown

Pragya was continuously trying to talk them but all of them were ignoring her she felt extremely bad and then decided to leave them for today may be by tomorrow their anger will calm down then she leaves from there..

to be continued………………

Hey KBians i wont say anything today just want to say one thing that today you are going to get one surprise i hope you will like that surprise and yes Pavi dear dont feel sorry yr shinchan i was also waiting for your episode but its ok as you are facing problem in uploading i will wait and even i will not wait just tell me which browser you are using then it is possible that i can solve your problem………….. and yes Akanksha glad you commented yr hope i will give you such episodes which you will comment for sure 🙂 and yes KBians wait for the surprise yr as it will reach you today itself 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Fabulous……. As usual….. & Thumara surprise tho hame mil gaya…..That not at all a Surprise yaar….That’s a SHOCK TREATMENT to all of us…..Vo bhi subah subah…….?& Coming Our PG & AB….They R Awesome………. Kuch alag hi charm hei un logon ko Iss mein………Loving it sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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