Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 13

Episode 13

Abhi reads the name which was written next to his name and got shocked again because the name which was written was Pragya Malhotra and he said “are you all have gone mad why would she submit assignments on my behalf she doesn’t even think that I am her friend and you people are saying that she have submitted these assignments impossible !! (pagal ho gaye ho tum log wo kyu assignment submit karegi mere naam par wo mujhe apna friend tak nahi manti hai aur mere naam par assignments submit karegi ho hi nahi sakta)” Somya said “look bro agree or not but the work is only done by her I am damn sure even I can bet on that it is her work only (dekh bhai tu maan ya na maan par ye kaam usi ka kiya hua hai mujhe pakka vishwas hai aur mai shrt laga sakti hun ki ye kaam uske siwa aur koi kar hi nahi sakta)” Abhi said “what proof do you have that this work is done by her (tu kaise keh sakti hai ye usi ne kiya hai)” Rohit said “I have an idea wait (mere paas ek idea hai ruko)” he called at Pragya’s home and servant picked up the call Rohit said “hello Pragya where are you (Hello Pragya kaha hai yaar tu)” Servant replied “sir Pragya baby is not at home she left for college in early morning itself (sir Pragya babay to subah ko hi college chali gayi thi)” Rohit said “oops sorry and thanks for informing (oh sorry par info dene ke liye thank you)”as the phone was on speaker so everyone heard that and after disconnecting the call Rohit said “see she left for college in morning itself and she is not with us and she is so loyal of her words if she said she is going to college it means she is in college only now so it is proved that she only have did this (dekha wo subah hi college ke liye nikal gayi aur hum jaante hain ki wo jhooth nahi bolti hai agar usne kaha ki wo college gayi hai to matlab wo yahi hai to ab to sawaal hi paida nahi hota ki ye usne nahi kiya hai)” Abhi was confused in his emotions now as he wanted to be happy but don’t know why her face was wandering in his mind he was not happy that she done his assignments but he was happy that she helped him in his problem he was now confused in that only and suddenly his thoughts got disturb by Soham he said “Oye Abhishek where you lost yr come we are going to find her (Oye Abhishek kaha kho gaya yaar chal hum usey dhoondhne jaa rahe hain)” Abhi with a wide smile over his face filled with excitement said “I am also coming yr (mai bhi aa raha hoon yr)” they all went to find their gang leader they got separated and started searching whole college but none of them were able to find her then they gathered at one place and Rohit asked “find her?(milli?)” Soham answered “no” then Somya also came and she asked “did you found her (kya mili ?)” they answered “nup” then Abhi arrived and he asked “did you find her (kya mili?)” they answered “no” then Roy said “don’t know where she have escaped every time she use to trouble us like this (pata nahi kaha chhup ke baithi hai har baar aise hi pareshaan karti hai)” Rohit said “this time we will take her class you see I am not going to leave her this time everytime she use to trouble us like this (is baar mai usey nahi chhorunga ache se class lagaunga uski har baar wo yahi karti hai isi tarah pareshaan karti hai hume milne de usey)” Somya said “I totally agreed with you common let us check in library as that is the last place” Abhi said “I have checked there she was not there (maine dekh liya wo wahan nahi hai)”Sumit said “it is possible that she is there now (ho sakta hai ab waha ho)”they all left and then while Abhi was following them something struck in his mind and he stopped and then he ran in opposite direction and went there where they were met last It was the garden in the backyard of college where he was went to play his guitar and she was playing game over there under the tree so he immediately rushed towards the tree and he saw there she was actually she was sleeping there resting her head on the trunk of tree and he saw her sleeping like that and again losted on her face and thought “That was not an illusion that wasn’t a dream Abhi you really saw her only you saw her see that innocence on her face that calmness that happiness everything is same Abhi (wo bhram nahi tha naa hi sapna tha Abhi tune wakai ise wahan dekha tha wahi masoomiyat face par wahi khushi wahi muskan Abhi wo yehi thi)” but his thoughts again got disturbed this time by Pragya itself as this was approx 12:30 pm in the clock and sun rays were getting more hot and because of that her nap was disturbed and when she opened her eyes she saw Abhi continuously smiling and being lost somewhere so she disturbed him “Oye idiot what are you doing here (oye idiot yaha kya kar raha hai tu)” Abhi coming back to senses said “Nothing just thought to say thank you to you (kuchh nahi bas tumhe thank you bolne aaya tha)” Pragya without showing any expression taking out her mobile sat folding her legs and said in a rude manner “thank you to me!! What I have done (thank you mujhe maine kya kiya hai ab)” Abhi said “completed my assignments and submitted them on time (mere assignments complete kiye aur unhe time par submit bhi kar diya)” Pragya again in rude manner making weird face said “your assignments me? have you drunk in morning itself if you are then leave from here because if my anger raise na then all your effect of alcohol will vanish in seconds understood ( tere assignments maine ??? subah subah chadha ke aaya hai kya agar aisa hai na to chala ja yahan se kyuki agar mera gussa chadh gaya na to dekh liyo tera ye nasha ek second me utar jayega samjha)” Abhi smiled over her and said “Rohit told me everything and we all know that you have done this so stop pretending ok (Rohit ne mujhe sab bata diya hai hum sab log sab kuchh jante hain ab pretend karna band karo samjhi)” Pragya widening her eyes thought “this Rohit na I will kill him someday for sure (Ye Rohit na ye gaya ab mere hath se)” and without looking at him said “two cadbuary two five star two munch and and ten perks” Abhi being confused asked “what!!” Pragya keeping her phone aside answered “you want to say thank you right so I am saying that I don’t use to hear thank you but you can give me treat as because of you I left my share of party day before yesterday so this is my treat if you can give so you can stay here otherwise leave (tu thank you bolna chahta tha na to mje thank you sunne ki aadat nahi to uski bajay tu mujhe treat de sakta hai kyuki teri wajah se maine parson apni party chhor di thi to ab to uski penalty bharega aur agar tu nahi kar sakta to tu yaha se ja sakta hai)” Abhi said with smile “Ok ok I understood I will bring it for you tomorrow as today canteen is not open and there is no normal shop nearby so,(theek hai theek hai mai kal laa doonga kyuki aaj to canteen bhi band hai aur yaha aas paaas dukane bhi nahi hain)” Pragya said “ok then you leave meet me tomorrow with chocolates (theek hai fir abhi ja kal yahi milna chocolates ke sath)” and she was about to leave and Abhi thought that this was the correct time to check whether she was there or not so when she was leaving he said “your posture while dancing was nice yr you are a great dancer (tumhara dance mast tha yr tum to bhot achha dance kar leti ho)” Pragya’s eyes widened and she turned to him and said “what do you mean when I danced (kya matlab hai tera kab dance karte dekha tune mujhe)” he said “day before yesterday in Academy Sahitya kala Parishad Academy the building next to riyaz section I saw you there (parson academy me sahitya kala parishad academy riyaz building ke side wali building maine tumhe waha dekha)” Pragya said “Oh I got it now come to the point then what do you want (oh ab samjhi ab seedha mudde par aa kya chahiye tujhe)” Abhi said “nothing just wanna be your friend (kuchh nahi bas tumhara friend banna chahta hoon)” Pragya rolled her eyes and said “you are my friend Mr. as Rohit said you are his friend it means you are my friend too understood silly person (oye Mr tu mera friend hi hai RT ne bola tu uska friend hai matlab tu mera bhi friend hai samjha bewkoof kahika)” she patted his head and continued “if you said this thing of dance to anyone then I will forget that you are my friend and I will kill for sure and yes don’t forget bringing my chocolates tomorrow (Aur haan agar tune ye dance wali baat kisii ko batayi na to mai bhool jaungi ki tu mera friend hai aur fir tera kya hoga ye tu achhi tarah se janta hai aur haan kar meri chocolates lana mat bhoolna)” she was leaving when Abhi said “Oye listen they won’t spare you if you will go there because they are searching you from past one hour (Oye sun wo tujhe nahi chhorenge agar tu aise gayi to kyuki wo log tuje pichhle ek ghante se dhoondh rahe hain aur bohot gusse me hain)” Pragya stopped and patted her head and said “Oh teri they will kill for sure thanks yr you told this otherwise I have been killed till now ok then you leave I will meet you tomorrow till then I will think how to escape(o teri thank you yr tune bacha liya warna mai to mar hi jati aisa kar ab tu ja aur kal miliyo mujhe tab tak mai sochti hoon mje kaise bachna hai inse)” looking those expression of her he smiled a lot as she was behaving like a kid that time who is scared when he made a mistake from his friends and looking her she was wandering here and there he left smiling at her but moreover he was happy that she accepted him as a friend and he got a chance to become a friend of such a different personality Kyun hawa aaj yun gaa rahi hai song plays in background plays in background……………

To be continued……………….
hey guys sorry for the late update yr anyways see this Abhi OMG it means affection has started feeling started blooming at first sight and meetings of few days only this AB is gone see how he is behaving just after knowing that she helped him 😉 i think now only realising love is remaining lets see how that will happen till then enjoy this crazyness of AB over her aahh you know about whom i am talking about and lets wait for next episode now lets see what treatment will Pragya go through when she will meet her angry gang lets see… and for more crazy episodes stay tuned…………………..

Credit to: Surbhi


  1. TINA

    Frist i like to thank you bcoz i got to know so many hindi words from your ff.and about ff… as every day today epi tooo great.. i like the way abhi behave,near pragya…

  2. Aakanksha

    Hey Surbhi,actually I am a silent reader of all the fan fiction..I really love the way u write..till now I was not leaving any comment,but this episode I just couldn’t stop myself from telling..hats off to you..I am just loving each and every episode ,the way you portray Pragya and abhi,,,,just loving it,,,thank you for this wonderful story…eagerly waiting for your next episodes..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Fabulous……?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺?????????????????

  4. Abhigya.........

    It’s awesome surbhi…. I loved it……..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  5. durga

    Awwww it’s really superb awesome amazing superb extraordinary mind blowing cite sweet episode yaar really it’s tooooooo good n lovely episode especially pragya’s dialogue tat too without excitement just in a normal n cool way it’s really awesome n pragya rocked in 2day’s episode yaar actually I just missed tz kind of conversation 4 past episode yaar thn I’m sooooooooo desperate r eager to know abt pragya’s treatment get by her frds yaar really waiting eagerly yaar….

  6. somiya

    Kyun hawa, aaj yun gaa rahi hai Kyun fiza, rang chhalka rahi hai Mere dil bata aaj hona hai kya Chaandni, din mein kyun, chhaa rahi hai Zindagi, kis taraf jaa rahi hai Mere dil bata kya hai ye silsila Kyun hawa, aaj yun gaa rahi hai Gaa rahi hai, gaa rahi ha…. Bata mujhe tu Surbhi kis way se tujhe bataoon k how much i loved your episode, tu jitna bhi lamba episode likh liyo per mera mun nhi bharta, mujhe laga after that song you will continue lekin nhi ab mujhe next episode k liyea wait Karna padega it’s difficult for me kyun k i love this story very much, m humesha se kehty hun ktu yeh jo ddialogues hindi m likhty h na mujhe bada mzaa aata h kyun k kuch words hindi m aisay hain jo English m mzaa nhi detay, i truly loved it! Ab m kya kahoon, acha kuch keh nhi rahi but ek request kar skty hun? Please! Dekh tu toh jaanty h k yeh ff mera fav h, toh dil keh raha tha k, dekh ab, ufffff sun bhai meri request yeh h m kia kal tun, do episode upload kerskty h if possible? Please m ne toh pehle socha tha k kahoon k 5 episode upload kar de wo bhi bade bade lekin m ne socha, phir m ne decide kia k do episode se hee kaam chala loongy, please surbhi, meri chubby cheeks! Meri baat man le na, pata nhi shayd tu na accept kare meri request, theek h bas, itna drama kaafi h ??? chup kar ke meri request accept kar tu pehli h jise m request kar rhy hun so chup kar ke accept kar, agr accept nhi karegy na toh prabhas walaa ttreatment apply karoongy m samjhi!

  7. Nivethitha

    Dii y late update I was desperately waiting for ur episodes when I saw ur ff in the page immediately I rushed to it see that much I was waiting for ur episode and finally u updated…???? today’s episode Ohh..di What to say u r incredible…????? oh god what a episode it was fabulous to the core…?????????????? and abhigya uff!!!!! They are adorable di.. Abhigya’s dialogues are fantastic.. On the whole today’s episode was outstanding di?????????????????????????????????????????? u rocked it and try to update it regularly di??

  8. Sry sry sry million,billion,trillion times sry di 4commentng aft a longtime i know di tht u’ll 4give me as i am ur swt shinchan na di actualy di i commentd but due to some prob in my browser it was not postd di so pls 4give me di pls&haan di day by day u n ur writings r making me speachless di,pragya is so cute na di dng anythng 4 her frnd just lovd her di n di i lovd each n every wrds tht u used as it perfectly descrbed the feel n di ur writngs brght the scenary in front of my eyes di see na di i blabberd a lot pls 4give me di 4commentng with a lot of mistakes once again sry di “LOVE U A LOOOOO…………………………………..T” DI “PLS 4GIVE ME NA DI” PLS PLS PLS

  9. sharaya

    Di di di finnaly you update it I was waiting for your ff so eagerly and yeah today’s episode is awesome amazing loved it a loootttt ???? and I’m eagerly waiting for next episode

  10. reji

    hi surbhi …….pehli mein tujhe thappad dena chahthi hoon…..kyunki u r a awesome writer ….mein tum se jealous feel kar rahe hoon….isliye mein tujhe thappad dena chahthi hoon….arreyy surbhi mein masaap kar rahe hoon…..mein tujhe praise kar rahe hoon…………..awesome awesome awesome awesome ……arreyy words nahi mil rahe hain ….ab mein kya likhoon ??…..agar tum meri comment ke baare mein gussa hain…….tum jo kuch bhi saza dena chati hoon mujhe de sho……..mein svikaar karegi…….mein hamesha aur hamesha ke liye tum se jealous mehasoos kabhi nahi hoga …….i think u r hurted……..i just say that for fun tk?? aur meri pyaari surbhi tum mujhe thappad dena chahthi mujhe de dho ok???

  11. Awesome surbhi??? superb??? amazing❤❤❤???❤❤❤???
    Aur kya kahoon mein????
    Mujhe jyada nahi atha?
    Episode bahuth bahuth acha hein????
    Next episode ke liye waiting kar rahi hoon..???

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