Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 11


Episode 11

Abhi was seated on the chair and again the scenario was repeated when all the four were treating him and he said “very good see what type of friends you are first use to kill and then bring the life back (pata nahi kis type ke dost ho yr pehle to itna marte ho fir zinda bhi kar dete ho)” RT said “we are best friends how many times I have to tell you (hum best friends hai kitni baar batana padega tujhe)” Roy said “Oho this much treatment of his now I am feeling hungry Richa didi Bhabhi don’t you have food at your home because of this idiot I have left my part time lunch (Oho iski marammat karte karte na mujhe bhook lag gayi didi bhabhi apke ghar me khane ko nahi hai kya kyuki iski wajah se mujhe apna part time lunch chhorna pada)” Abhi being clueless asked “Part time lunch now what is that (Part time lunch ab ye kya hai)” Roy answered “arey bhai like part time job we use to do only for few hours so same is part time lunch means every hour eat something (areh jaise part time job hoti hai hum kuchh ghato ke liye karte hain waisey hi part time lunch hota hai matlab har ghante kchh khana zaroor hai)” all laughed on that and Rohit tapped Roy’s head and said “you are not changed at all till now that part time lunch haah (tu nahi badla nalayak abhi tak tera part time lunch wahin hai)” all laughed and suddenly a voice came from back “what’s going onn looking like everyone is extremely happy” it was Milind and with his voice all turned back and Prachi went to him and asked “when did you came” he replied “just now” then Abhi interrupted “Oho bhaiya bhabhi now don’t start your romance here please (oho bhaiyaa bhabhi ab apna romance yaha mat start kar dena please)” Milind said to Prachi to leave aside and said “Oho so he is here and by the way who broke you like this” Abhi said “these four bhaiyya what to do they broke me now they are trying to assemble me (in charon ne kiya bhaiya ab kya kahoon mai pehle tod diya ab jod rahe hain)” All laughed on that and Milind said “great job this should be happen to you daily as you daily use to pull my legs na wait I will tell them to treat you like this only (sahi hua roz hona chahiye aisa roz meri taang kheechta hai na ruk ab mai in logon ko hi bolunga ye hi tujhe sahi raste par layenge)”

Abhi widening his eyes said “what!! Are you mad you are my brother or enemy I mean you will make my treatment with them bhaiyaa don’t do this because these four beat me a lot I can’t tolerate those punches (Kya app mujhe inse pitwaoge kya pagal ho gaye ho mere bhai ho ya dushman mai inka ek punch nahi she sakta bhiaya dekho aisa mat karo na please)” Rohit said “Aan haan you can’t tolerate our punch and that gangster use to punch you and slap you daily in college days then you tolerated them without any complaint (waah bhai waah humare punch sahe nahi jaa rahe aur jab gangster roz tujhe latein marti thi ghoose marti thi tab to tu badi aasani se kha leta tha)” Soham said “yes bhai she is girl naa (haan bhai ladki aa gayi na life me)” Roy said “I have heard that one girl entered in life and boys friend ship destroyed (ha bhai maine suna hai life me ek ladki aa jati hai na bandon ki dosti chali jati hai)” Sumit said “Bhai this was your friendship and this was your love and in mid the wall of gangster love came (bhai yehi dosti yehi pyar beech me aa gayi gangster ke pyar ki deewar)” Abhi said “have you done your blabbering or anything else is left (ho gya tumhara ya abhi kuchh ar bhi bacha hai kehne ko)” Rohit said “Nup we are done now you start blabbering (nahi humara ho gaya ab tu bad-badana start kar)” all laughed on that and Abhi got irked and the four ran from there and said “come here I will not leave you (yaha aao nalayakon mai tumhe chhoroonga nahi)” Sumit replied “First stand properly then think to chase us (pehle theek se khada ho ja phir sochiyo hume pakadne ke bare me)” he got extremely irked and Milind Prachi Archana and Sagar were laughing on him then all left from there saying “nothing can happen of you people you are totally insane (tumhara kuchh nahi ho sakta sab ke sab pagal ho)” Milind was stood there and after everyone left he gone and sat with Abhi and asked “Oye how is your PG what did doctor said she will be fine right” Abhi said “don’t know bhaiya what is going on here because doctor was saying that she has been made mad she was not mad and reports of previous hospital was saying that she was mad already don’t know about what to think what not” just then Rohit and all also returned to him and said “what’s the matter of thinking in that yr just attack first we will find that Rajveer and then we will trap him but after our Pragya will be fine then only then she will be the one who will play revenge game on him and she will be the one who will destroy him as he has destroyed our sister now she will destroy him and then we will show what will happen when someone hurts our Pragya”

Milind asked “but why you people are waiting for her to be recover I mean we can solve the matter without her also” Abhi said “no bhaiya we will not as it is her fight and I know even we know that if she will recover then she is the one who is enough in herself to make his life hell” Soham said “I agree with him bhai listen you are thinking about what she was before 10 years was just because of her kiddy behaviour but believe us bhai that was not if she got angry na then she won’t listen to herself also” Rohit said “yes and even will not care about her life that much dangerous her anger is we know it because we were the one who use to keep her in control” Abhi said “agree with them as I have seen that rage in her eyes bhaiya” Milind said “Ok ok do whatever you want but when you need my help just tell me don’t hesitate ok” All nods yes and Milind leaves from there and all the five boys share a group hug and Abhi thought “it was not us Rohit it was something else which controlled her anger to such an extent”. It was night everyone was sleeping in their room but Abhi was still awake he was seated on the bed and was remembering his old days again as he was thinking about what doctor said then suddenly his mind went in flashback again.

The same day when Pragya went from the treat stamping her feet and all narrated there feeling about her and all were having their food just then Abhi asked “guys I want to join music academy can you tell the best one in delhi as I want to learn singing (oh yr mje na music academy join karni hai kya tum log bata sakte ho kaha hai delhi ki best one kyuki mujhe singing seekhna hai)” Roy asked “do you want to become singer or musician (tu singer ya musician banna chahta hai ?)” Abhi answered “no yr just for my happiness as I have hobby of singing but in professional life I want to become a business man like ambani (nahi yr mujhe to bas shauk hai gane ka warna mai to ambani ki tarah business man banna chahta hoon)” Roy who was drinking cold drink that time burst out hearing the word Ambani and the cold drink spilled on Abhi’s face as he was in front of him then Abhi wiping his face in a taunting tone said “Thank you Roy for this special treatment” then Roy answered “bhai I agree that you don’t have mind but atleast see your face then speak (bhai mana tujhe akal nahi hai par atleast shakal dekh kar to baat kiya kar)” Soham laughed out loud and said “Ambani hahah stop day dreaming yr (Amabani bhai din me sapne dekh raha hai kya)” Sumit said “if you are dreaming to become Ambani then I am dreaming to become George Bush (agar tu Ambani banega to mai George bush banunga)” Rohit said “I will become bill Clinton (mai Bill Clinton banoonga)” and all laughed a lot and shared a high five and Abhi said “see mood got changed right I said for that only (dekha mood change ho gaya na isliye to bola maine)” Somya said “seriously one more comedian in group (seriously yr ek ar comedian is group me)” and Soham said “yea she was one and another one is you (haan ek ye thi ab tu aur aa gaya)” Somya getting irked said “Oye Sumit what problem do you have haah always being taunting on me (oye Sumit teri problem kya hai humesha mujhe tane marta rehta hai)” Sumit replied “I am not taunting I am telling the truth (mai tane nahi maar raha mai bas such bata raha hoon)” Somya was about to answer but just then Rohit said “Ok jokes a part yes there is one academy it is the biggest academy which gives best talents to all over india and yes you can join there with reference of our college also this is what we know nothing else (theek hai bht hua mazak waise haan ek academy hai yaha wo poore india ko best talent provide karati hai tu waha humare college ke reference se bhi admission le sakta hai)” Abhi said “Oh that’s good and what is the name of that academy (Oh ye to acchhi baat hai waisey us academy ka naam kya hai)” Sumit replied “Sahitya kala academy” Abhi said “Oh so I will go there in evening itself (to mai aj sham hi waha jaunga)” somya said “great then ok guys I have to leave as already its 3 in the clock and I have to reach home before 4 as I have to go somewhere so you people carry on (Achhi baat hai tum log carryon karo mai jaa rahi hun kyuki already 3 baj chuke hain aur mujeh 4 baje tak ghar pahochna hai kahi jana hai family ke sath)” again Sumit interrupted “yeah I know she have meeting with Rajpal Yadav and Vijay Raj they will teach her comedy (haan mujhe pata hai iski meeting hai Rajpal Yadav aur Vijay Raj ke sath wo log isey comedy sikhaenge)”

Sumit shares high five with Soham and all laughs over that and Somya again got irked and while leaving she said to him “yes I am having meeting with them do you have any problem and by the atleast I am doing meetings with them not like you I am damn sure you will attend meeting with baba ramdev only (hah hai meeting tujhe koi problem hai aur meri to chalo unke sath hai par mujhe pakka pata hai teri meeting baba ramdev ke sath hi hogi tu wahi jayega dekh liyo)” Now Sumit got irked and said “ya ya now go na why you are wasting time here (ha ha ab jaa na yaha time kyu waste kar rahi hai)” Somya said “I don’t have time to waste on you bye guys (mere paas faltu time na tere upar waste karne ke liye samjha bye)” All nodded bye to her and then Sumit said “I am saying RT one day she will be beaten by me (mai such keh raha hoon RT ek din ye pitegi mere hath se)” Rohit said “Then you will beaten by Gangster’s hand woah what will be scene you slapping her she slapping you great (fir tu gangster se pitega woah kya scene hoga na tu ise peetega gangster tujhe peetegi maza hi aa jayega)” and they shares a high five and after some time they five also left and nodded bye each other and then all left from there after sometime and the screen shifts to Shaitya Kala academy Abhi went there and took admission also as with the reference of college it was not a difficult task and now he was searching the section Riyaz (guys it is the section for music only here in delhi sahitya kala academy) he was searching that but suddenly his foot stopped as some voice of Tabla beats were coming there and it seems like someone was matching those beats with ghoongroos and the beats of tabla along with those ghoonghroos were sounding too much melodious so he peeked into the room where the sound was coming and it was room where the practice of Kathak dance form was take place as Abhi looked in there were some girls who were seated on the side and one girl who was dancing on those beats and was matching those beats with her feet seems she was the main dancer and he was so impressed by her but didn’t saw her face as she was turned a back and when she took a turn then he got shocked again as

the girl was none other than Pragya her blond cut hairs which were touching her shoulders usually were not open but beside it there was a short pony and that get up of jeans and shirt was also not there but I white salwar and kameez was there with Red rajasthani imprint Dupatta (rajasthani dupatta is mostly used in such academies here in delhi for dance as it suit over white a lot it is either red or navy blue in colour and contains white dots over that polka dots in floral form) she was not letting her foot get slow as the beat were increasing her speed of foot were increasing and it then finally the practice got over and then the master praised her for that much practice and Abhi who was lost in her came out of his world of thought as that was disturb by one of the teacher there he asked him that what he was doing there and he answered that he was searching the riyaz section and teacher helped him that and he left but still his heart was there in beats of her feet this was the first time he felt something different for a girl this was never happened to him that day he was only lost in her thoughts only her dancing faces her expressions her gesturing eyes her expression on every step her posture that perfect posture was there at every step as they were extremely perfect were roaming in his mind only Pragya and her dance form was there in his mind don’t know what he was feeling but yes this feeling was extremely different he has watched many girls dancing that Indian form in different shows on television but it was first time when he was lost in someone……………

To be continued……………………….
nothing to say today so after episode i am muted ……………………………………. 😉

Credit to: Surbhi

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  1. Awesome yaarr… I luv it…

    1. thanks sindhu

  2. Lovelyyyyy ,or hilarious bhu ??????????????????????? bhai mana k aqal nhi h per shakal toh dekh ker baat kiya ker na ??????? bestttt episode, pragya or kathak wowwwww best combo! Lovedddd itttt, superr se bhi uperr, kya baat kya baat kyaa baat! Yeh aap ka episode, yeh aap ka charm, yeh aap ka har dialogue ko hindi m liknha, yeh aap ki writergiri, innj sab cheezon per hee toh hum fida hain, warna aaj tak itna attach kisi story ke saath nhi huay! Loveddd ittt

    1. Hahaha bas kar somya itna zyada aap hazam nahi hota mje 😉 aur waise na tere comment ke bina even poori S.R.R.S gang ke bina mere liye imagine karna aasaan nahi hota hai to its our gang i always think 😉

  3. Wow!!! Awesome as usual and the dialogues are just chanceless…I mean so much of humuorus dialogues…???????? some were witty ones too!! I really loved it!!????? some dialogues are just like the way i talk to my friends????

    1. wait i have many more suga you will be able to enjoy them i hope so 🙂

      1. Of course i will enjoy whatever u write ??

  4. Awesome awesome dii no words dii amazing episode pragya I just admire at her every antics..

    1. oh vaishu love you dea 😀 :-*

  5. Nothing to say ya the episode was just fab…..and can you pls update more frequently….. surbhi sorry just wanted to ask how many season game of destiny will have ….?

    1. haha sasmerra dont feel sorry yr well i have just started and didnt have any idea about seasons but yah you can tell me about how many season do you want 😉

  6. And can you pls pls pls put precap

  7. Fantastic di.. And that conversation between five of them was amazing and hilarious???… I really loved it di… And pragya’s dance oh my god my favourite hobby????? I love to dance alot after reading that part I was very happy because u have described about my passion??????…I can’t tell thanks also if I say means definitely u will kill me??Love u di??..Keep rocking and eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Oh nivi i was just thinking about us 😛

  8. Sorry surbhi i never commented on yours well hiii i m naina, i just went through all your epi’s today all 10 were so mind-blowing wowww you are suchh an amazing writer and as anzu said yourrrr epi is so hilarious .. Pleasee update soon can’t wait for next one!

    1. dont feel sorry Naina i am glad you read all of them in just one day and seriously that made me happy 🙂

  9. Fabulous dear…?
    Awesome ?

    1. oh kutty what to say in what situation i am stuked neither I can say sorry nor thank u but I want to say that I am in love with these Smiley’s of urs yr ????

      1. Ohh only my smilies????????

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome………. Pragya….No….No……Abhi’s PG is Superbbbbbbbb………. Abhi ka tho ghosh ud gaya……..I loved it……………..????????????????????☺☺☺????????????????????????

    1. hahah reshma abhi to sirf hosh uda hai aage aage dekh aur hosh udenge ho sakta hai poora Abhi hi ud jaye 😉 lolz

  11. WOW!!!!………Surbhi pehli mujhe yeh bataao…ki tum Harry potter story author ki beti hoon??………..kitna creatively tum apni ff likh rahe hoon…….baathcheeth dialogues mujhe bahut pasant aaya……..especially the scene jab roy abhi ke chehre par cold drink gira diya……bahut masa aayega ……mein apni hansee control nahi kar sakti …….btw mujhe lagta hai ki mein miss.creative ke naam tumhe bulaana chahthi hoon??… is this name??…

    1. hahah reji tum bhi Somya already mujhe is naam se nawaaz chuki hai ab tum bhi 😀

  12. Abhigya.......

    This is awesome… much humorous dialogues ????????…. I really loved today’s episode…..

    1. haha thanks Abhigya 🙂

  13. Amazing it’s really awesome episode yaar bt I missed fb pragya a lotttttt yaar in 2day’s episode coz I love her dialogue n attitude whenever flashbach continue word comes na I’m just get excited a lotttttt 4 pragya’s dialogue n her behaviour anyway complaint apart today’s episode s really awesome n superb superb superb superhit episode yaar

    1. thanks yr durga always your long comments are reason of my smile 😉

  14. sana (abhigya)

    Awesome mind blowing di

    1. thanks sana 🙂

  15. Awesome awesome awesome and so funny

    1. love u sweety 🙂

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