Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 10

Hey Kbians how are you i am here after long time sorry for the delay of episode actually i was struck in some work thats why didnt got time anyways my chak chak will be continued later first lets go to the story direct
Episode 10

The episode starts with Archana along with Sagar Somya Abhi and Pragya boarding in car for Airport as they were going Delhi Somya Pragya and Archana was seated at back seat and Abhi and Sagar were on front and in mid way when they crossed the valleys Pragya said “Didi so much beautiful naa but why didn’t I saw it before (didi dekho kitna sundar hai na par maine pehle ye kyu nahi dekha)” Archana caring her face said “Because my princess Gungun is queen of these valleys and queen Gungun is little bit ill and if people of that valley will look that their princess is ill how will they feel” Pragya said “they will not feel good (unhe achha nahi lagega)” Archana said “hmm that’s why you didn’t see them yet because if you will come in front of them in this state they will feel bad na because they want their queen to be daring and brave and her health should be good” Pragya with happiness like a kid said “so I am princess Abhishek did you heard Somi did you heard didi said I am queen of these valleys now I will say to god make me well fast so that I can meet people of my valley (mai princess hoon Abhishek suna tune Somi tune didi ne kaha mai princess hoon yaha ki ab tum dono dekhna mai kaise bhagwaan se pray karoongi ki mujhe jaldi se theek kar dein)” Abhi said “aahan if you are princess then who are we didi that’s not fare you declared her as princess and who we are (achha tu princess hai to hum kya hain didi ye achhi baat nahi hai apne isey princess bol diya aur hum kya hain)” Somya said “yes didi that’s not fare” Pragya said hugging Archana “Oye Abhishek don’t say like this to my didi you don’t take tension I am princess na so…. You are my prince of these valleys and Somya she is also princess am I right didi (Oye Abhishek tu meri didi ko aise nahi bol samjha par tu tension mat le mai princess hoon na to… tu mera prince aur Somya wo bhi princess hai.. hai na didi)” Somya nodded yes and Abhi felt like he has got happiness of whole world for few moments as she said him her Prince he knows that she was not in that state to understand what she is saying but he went through mixed emotions that time and to hide his emotions started looking out of window and thought “I wish I could be your prince PG but destiny had decided something else for us you are not in my destiny you can’t be mine and I can’t forget you (kaash aisa hota PG par bhagwaan ne humari kismat me kuchh aur hi likh kar bheja hai tu meri kismat me nahi tu mujhe mil nahi sakti aur mai tujhe bhool nahi sakta)” Archana who was looking at him from rare view mirror thought “it was possible Abhishek but you both didn’t agreed over your written destiny that’s why this all happened”

They reached airport and it was about 7:00am in the morning when they boarded In flight for Delhi and after two hours of journey they were in Delhi and they were going at Abhi’s home while going they crossed SRCC (Shri Ram college of commerce) and Abhi again reminded his old days (we will see that in combine Flash back again) and they reached at his home there Kamakshi (Abhi’s mother) and Neeraj (Abhi’s father) welcomed them as Abhi had already told them that he is coming Neeraj hugged Abhi and said “Abhishek how are you my dear” Abhi with a fake smile replied “fine papa” Kamakshi said “You are fine but how this happened hah why she is suffering like that” Abhi remains silent and Pragya come forward as she was hidden behind Archana like a small kid use to do and coming forward she said “Aunty don’t scold him naa I am just ill if you will scold him like this then I will cry say to aunty na didi not to scold him I will be fine” hearing this a tear drop rolled down from Abhi’s eyes and Kamakshi hugged Pragya tightly and said “bachha I am not scolding your friend I am just asking” Pragya asked with a kiddy expression “really ?” Kamakshi nodded yes and then Pragya went to Abhi and said “Oye Abhishek see aunty is not scolding you (Oye dekh aunty tujhe nahi daant rahi hain)” Abhi nodded yes and then Pragya insisted him to show his room to her so he took her with him and Kamakshi looking at her said “till now she didn’t change” Archana covers her with her arms and said “Of course Aunty these two have made their life like this on their own” Kamakshi stops her and said “oye Richa don’t say like this haah see destiny is bringing them together again” Archana said “Ok ok sorry Aunty but will you don’t make us eat lunch today because I am very hungry” Sagar said “Archie in home you cook on your own and here you are saying that Aunty should prepare food not fare” Kamakshi said “Oye Sagar don’t scold my daughter like this” Sagar widening his eyes “your daughter !!” Kamakshi and Archana looked at each other and laughed then Neeraj said “Arey Sagar one day she came with Pragya here so Kamakshi started pampering them both as her own daughters and looking that Abhi and Milind got jealous that’s why from that day she use to call them daughter (wait we will see this also in flashback ) screen shifts to Pragya and Abhi they were heading towards Abhi’s room and they reached there also there were some pictures of Pragya and Abhi hanged over the wall of his room Pragya looked them and start getting some negative images in her mind in which someone was shouting “AB wait I will not leave you (AB ruk mai tujhe chhoroongi nahi)” and someone was saying “arey PG first reach me then think about leaving (Arey PG pehle pakad to le fir chhorna)” and she holded her head as it was started paining and was about to fall but Abhi holded her and she balanced and cried “aah” then hearing that Archana and all also reached there and Archana got panicked and asked Abhi “Abhishek how this happened she never reacted like that yet and she never fainted like this also what happened to her today just tell me what happened ” Abhi answered being panicked “I don’t know didi she was looking these pictures of our and suddenly started feeling uneasy and then holding her head shouted”

Neeraj said “It’s ok don’t get panic as this is not the solution of the problem Abhishek call Milind and say him to tell about the best psychiatrist as some of his friends are doctor so maybe they know about the best one” Abhi said “yes papa” and he called Milind who was in Office at that time and Prachi went to shopping with Kritika their daughter as some function was there in her school so she needs new dress then Milind told Abhi about one doctor and that was Dr. Ragavendra in A.I.I.M.S (it is narrated as aims and it is one of the biggest hospital in Delhi) without wasting time Abhi along with Archana and Neeraj went to meet the doctor and after reaching there they met him and told about Pragya’s condition Rahghvendra examines her for some time and after that he came out and sitting on his chair told that “Mr. Mehta (Neeraj Mehta full name) first of all I want to enquire that who is she because the situation Is reverse what you have told me just reverse of it” Neeraj said she is like our daughter” Archana said “she is my sister but what is the problem doctor tell us” Raghvendra replied “So Mrs. Archana Kharbanda your sister is not mad at all but she has been made mad” Archana in shock asked “what?” Doctor replied “actually the reports which you gave me right but had a false statement you know what this report shows that she was addicted to drug and then when she got admitted into rehab centre she got mad aggressive and all but the reality is something else she was addicted to drug but not before five years but before almost 6 to seven years” Somya asked “what are you saying doctor but these reports said that she was addicted and they were unable to vanish her addiction so they admitted her into mental asylum” Doctor stood up and said “Exactly that happened Miss. Somya she was admitted to mental asylum and of course before 5 years but drug addiction no she was admitted in rehab before 6 to 7 years as being a doctor I can tell that when a person is forced to leave drug then it is not so easy the person becomes aggressive and dangerous doing so but if the person is in rehab centre then it is 100% true that he or she will leave the addiction but this doesn’t happened in her case according to these reports these reports are telling that she was addicted and became this much aggressive that they have to transfer her to mental asylum and according to my theory when she was admitted there she was out of addiction” this was again a shock for all of them as if she was out of addiction then why the hell she was in mental asylum now Abhi’s doubt over Rajveer was getting strong and doctor continued “she was out of addiction and wasn’t mad even she has made mad by giving shocks and not normal shocks un necessary shocks which are supposed to be given to that mental patient whom we suppose that it is impossible to control him or her”

Abhi being restless asked “But doctor how you are sure about that” Raghvendra smiles and said “Mr Abhishek have you noticed that what she is doing she is behaving like a kid she hasn’t forgot all of you she is just remembering her childhood days she is back in childhood and remembers only those who were close to her heart or who were very close to her when I asked about some persons whom she likes most and who are her favourite so she took some of the names like RT Sumit and all she took almost 6 names and was very happily described about them so it is clear that she is not mad at all just forgot about her whole grown up life expect some people which were close to her heart and that’s why she fainted when she saw those pics of yours and her and because if the person is mad then it is not possible that he or she will behave like a kid but their behaviour is intolerable and that’s why people use to leave them in asylums their behaviour is scary and sometimes painful but in her case it is clear that her memory is vanished off and I have a good news for you it can be come back just by few efforts of yours and some medical treatment also” Archana got somewhat happy and asked “is it true I mean my Gungun will come back to me” tears rolled down from her eyes and Neeraj looking them consoled her” Somya happily hugged Archana and then Rahvendra said “Yes Mrs. Kharbanda she will be alright according to my theory and for final reports you have to wait till evening” Neeraj said thank you doctor and all left from their happily as today they all got hope that their Pragya will be fine all returned with happy faces but Abhi was somewhat confused that how can she get there in mental asylum when she was perfectly fine and why they gave shocks to perfectly fine person there is sure something which is hidden from all of us and I will surely find that what is it….

It was 6:00 pm evening Abhi was at Hauz khas village (guys as the name looks it is not the village it is a historical place which was named as village that’s it actually it is a hangout spot) as it was fixed that they will meet their only so he was on time and was waiting for rest of them and suddenly a car stopped and four boys got out of it they were none other than Rohit Sumit Roy and Soham they saw that Abhi was waiting there in the aayat zone (it is a place there like a big open hall where people use to sit and in ancient times it was an area where people use to pray so now a days It is named as aayat zone) Rohit and all also goes there removing their shoes and Abhi hugged Rohit tightly and Rohit asked desperately “what happened Abhishek you was saying that our gangster is in pain (kya hua Abhishek tune kaha gangster dard me hai kya hua hai?)” Abhi didn’t utter a word and stood like a statue then roy shakes him as said “Abhishek we are asking you something what happened to gangster why are you standing like a statue tell us what has happened (Abhishek kya hua hai tu aise kyu khada hai bata na kya hua hai)” Abhi come into senses and said “come with me I cant tell you come with me and see yourself (chalo mere sath mai nahi bata sakta tum log chal ke khud hi dekh lo)” Sumit said “Ok” Abhi taking all with him left for his home and there he directly took them to Pragya’s room where she was playing like a kid with Archana, Prachi and Kritika and looking her in that state all got shocked and came out of room and asked Abhi “why she is playing like this will you tell us what’s going on here (ye kya ho rha hai aise kyu behave kar rahi hai Pragya kya tu hume batayega)” Abhi narrated the whole matter and after hearing that Rohit totally fumed in anger his anger was on peak and Sumit Roy and Soham was also angry and Rohit turned his face to opposite side Abhi went forward and kept his hand on Rohit’s shoulder and said “Rohit bhai we have to do something (Rohit bhai hume kuchh karna hoga)” Rohit without saying a word turned and punched Abhi hard in anger and said “I said you tell her the truth but you didn’t agreed (maine kaha tha usey such bata de magar tu nahi mana)” he again punched him hard that Abhi was now on floor and said “its al because of you because of you our sister is in that condition (ye sab teri wajah se teri hi wajah se humari behen aj is condition me hai)” Sumit grabs his collor and and slapped him hard that he got a slight cut near his lip corner and it was bleeding “its all because of you our sister is suffering (teri wajah se humari behen suffer kar rahi hai)” Roy grabbed him and slapped him and said “what did you said that time that person is perfectly right for her so now in what means you are saying that he was the right person (tune kya kaha tha us wakt ki ye sahi insaab hai uske liye ab tu bata kitna sahi tha wo )” Abhi wasn’t uttering a word because it was true that he was the reason if that day he had told her the truth then it doesn’t happen now. Prachi and Archana came out hearing the sound as they four were shouting and Pragya also followed them and they both of them got shock looking at Abhi as he was that much beaten that his eyes were turned blue and his forehead was bleeding and Soham was about to Punch her but Pragya went near him and slapped Soham hard and said “don’t try to beat him how dare you touched my friend haah Abhishek you are fine na (teri himmat kaise hui mere dost ko marne ki Abhishek tu theek hai na)” All the four got tears in their eye as Pragya still remember her friends and Abhi with a smile nodded yes I am ok but Pragya said “No you are not see how much this is bleeding you wait I will get them punish by didi.. Didi see na how much this Soham beated him you also beat him (nahi tu theek nahi hai dekh kitna khoon nikal raha hai ruk mai didi ko bol ke abhi inhe punishment dilwati hoon didi dekho na kitna mara hai is soham ne isey)” She turned and Soham said “I am sorry gangster” hearing that gangster Pragya again started getting some false images and was about to faint again but Archana took her with her and giving some medicines made her fall sleep and came out and looking all that Rohit again got anger and was about to attack on Abhi but this time Archana stopped her and Prachi holded Abhi as he was facing difficulty in standing due to this much treatment and Archana shouted “stop it Rohit how much you will punish him save this anger for the real culprit understand” Rohit blurt out in tears and hugged Archana tightly and said “didi why he didn’t told her that he was the one who loved her why didi why see now I cant see her like this” Archana consoled him and said “its ok Rohit I can understand as you all were friend from your school time so it is obvious that you will feel pain of hers now just calm down and think that how you people going to find that coward” Rohit broke the hug and said “we will do didi but first I want to know that why none of you told us when this was happened why we are getting to know this now Somya at least you could have told us right you were in Sumit’s contact but you didn’t told him also”

Abhi got shocked and asked “what Somya you told me that you was not close to them that’s why you didn’t have any contact of them when I asked” Rohit said “great Somya you proved that your ego is greater than the life of a friend right!!” Abhi again being clueless asked “ego?? What you people are talking about haah?” Sumit replied “on the day of Pragya’s marriage we played a prank on her and she was this much angry that she left talking to us she even didn’t try to see our face that ego” Abhi looked at Somya and she started crying and said “I am sorry I was scared that you people will not forgive me for that behaviour of mine that’s why I didn’t contact you people yr RT I am sorry” Rohit said “Now don’t show this false concern Somya we always treated you same as gangster still you did this now no need to be sorry we wont say anything just help us and we will not ask anything from you as you will get hurt right” these words Of Rohit hearing them Somya felt that someone has putted chilled freezed water over her head and she again said to them “Look RT I am saying sorry na I apologise please forgive yr” Sumit said “Now no need of that Somya as you proved that how much good friend you was” Roy said “you said na you were not that much close like gangster with us” Soham said “so we don’t use to talk to normal friends so formally” Somya cried a lot and said to them “I don’t know how to make you people forgive me but believe me I will try my best for that” Rohit said “best of Luck for that” Now Somya was unable to tolerate so she left from there being in tears then Abhi said “Rt you must have forgive her” Soham replied “we will Abhishek but not this time she should get punished for that what she thought but first we have to find that coward and have to punish him” Roy said “where ever he is escaped now time is over for him” Sumit said “now we are not going to leave him” Rohit said “not we only our gangster will punish him then after her we will do so I think you all didn’t noticed that she still have same behaviour Soham just before sometime she slapped you right so it is proved that we are going to treat her like that only” Roy Soham and Sumit agreed and Abhi widening his eyes said “oye what do you mean you will beat me like this (oye kya matlab tum log mje roz aise hi maroge)” Rohit said “no we will not beat you but you will get punishment for sure (nahi hum tujhe marenge nahi par tujhe punishment zaroor milege)” Abhi said with scared tone “oye don’t do that yr how much you will punish me in college time also your punishment was heavy for me now.. no no no (oye kitna punish karoge yr college time me bhi tumhari punishment mj par bhari padti thi oye nahi mai ni na na na bilkul nahi)” all laughed over his expression and they all friends share a group hug..

To be continued………..

Ok so how was the episode leave your views in comment box and yup i just read that ff read by Sukanya and i just want to say that its good that you shared your views Sukanya everyone have their point of view but i want to say that dont compare with others as everyone have their special abilities so it is worthless to compare with others as in our hand also we dont have five fingers equal so how can a person have equal thoughts so its ok and yup all of my friends thanks for supporting yr
Suga :dear i always say you are unpredictable because you are today only i read both your ffs and believe me both were outstanding episodes yr really loved them alot
Vaishu : you arrived with a storm haah you wont believe but i loved your intro after all my chhutki is going to write an ff it was really superb yr eagerly waiting for your next episode
Reji : TUmhara jawaab nahi tum to ho hi rocking yr maine padha episode mast tha ekdum i am speechless
Abhigya : I loved your episode also yr the way Abhi got irritated yr awesome seriously
Ok now i have to leave dont know when i will come again so till then enjoy this one

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  1. As usual awesome dii u rocked it abhi and pragya in every ff they are different and unpredictable love them a lot thanks fr ur appreciation dii sure I will come to ur expectations..

  2. Tu wakai m unpredictable hai yaar, dekh itna acha likh kon sakta hai, dekh m tera ff jab padhty hun meri expectations us se bhi ziyada bhad jaaty hain k next episode bhi dhamakedaar hoga ise ziyada agar yeh episode itna acha h toh soch agay wala toh best hee hoga! Itnaaa achaaa haaiii tu professional writer ban ja, chod de accountancy ko! writer ban ja, wakai m! M such keh rhy hunn! Aaaj kaaa episode tohhhh bas kya kahoon! Lovedddd itt, ek ek scene imagine toh karo ,waisay tu abhi se roz badla le rhy h us din thapad aaj toh ????????? seriously or aisay friends ho na toh basss zindagy se or kya chayh! Usay chod this was bestttt!

    1. Silent reader

      Somi.. Surbhi di accounts student hi kya???? Mujhe patha bi nahi…. Surbhi di sach mein aap accountancy student hi kya?!??

      1. yea i am. an accounts student silent reader 🙂

    2. Silent reader

      Wow di!! Mein bhi acc student hoon.. Aap school student ya college student??

      1. Mai college student hun dear 🙂 ap school student ho ???

    3. Silent reader

      Nahiiiii!! Then i will cal u surbhi itself.. Mein bhi college student hoon… Which year? Mein first year,.

      1. going to give final exams first year then after June second year ????

      2. Silent reader

        Acha! Meri exams katam hoga…same here?

      3. Silent reader

        Acha! Meri exams katam hogya.. So we r at same age!?

  3. Fantabulous epi and i really liked the way u show the friends bonding in the end of the epi!!????. Always making me to crave for something that i miss a lot in my life….tats what i feel after reading ur ff!! ????… and ya u no need to comment abt my ffs here! I know u enjoy my writings and there is not a really a need to tell… but anyways tks for the compliment too!! Btw u can still comment on my ffs in 3S!! I hope u know what i am refering too!! Haha???

  4. A very nice friendship bonding . I loved ittt ???????????

  5. Abhigya.....

    Fabulous episode I loved the way u show the bonding between the friends……u always amaze me with every episode of yours…❤️❤️??

  6. Superb yaar really today’s episode s awesome n emotional too whenever pragya dialogue comes a drop of tears comes in my eyes yaar when she SD to abhi’s mom tat don’t scold abhi tat scene thn while her frds beating abhi a tight slap given by pragya thn asking abhi s he oj these two scenes really awesome yaar… Bt plzzzzz update ur ff NXT episode as early as possible yaar.. Plzzzzzzzz…

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Jab bhi mein tumaare FF padengi na…..Tab tab Mujhe lagta HEI…..MERI pass comments karne keliye words ki kami hei……..Kya likhoon mein……..Its outstanding…….. Frndship bonding thune itnaaa acha define karaya ki……Kya bataawoon……..Its Awesome………. Kaise kar leti hoon ye jhaadhu………Sabka dil par raj kar rahi hoon……..U R The BEST DEAR……..Kabhi nahin bhoolungi thujhe Iss ZINDAGI mein………..Dil se bol rahi HOON…….U r like my Sis….& MERI SABSE Achhe DOST……….I Love u Sooooo muchhhhhhhhh Dear……& Ur ffs……..Mein tho ab Teri ffs ki Deewani Ban GAYI HOON………..&Haa MERI BAK BAK kuch zyaadha hi hogaya hei……&jab bhi thu free hei…..Tab post karlena……Hum Intezaar karne keliye Thayaar HEI MERI Dost………??????????????????????????????????????

  8. akshaya kannan

    I am in shortage of words it’s just mind blowing and awesome it’s a treat for us and suru please continue soon dear

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  10. Di it was awesome …….pls continue soon di……..and thank u for ur comments

  11. sana (abhigya)

    Awesome di I missed ur ff so much pls update it regularly

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