Gaana, Dosti Aur Pyaar Chapter 1

Hello guys we are here with the 1st chapter I know its late but please comment we brought slight changes in the name so please forgive us for that if you missed the introduction part so here is the link for that



Gaana,Dosti Aur Pyaar Chapter 1

Hello guys we are here with part 1 hope u enjoy it? I changed the name it should be gaana I by mistake put rista


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Chapter 1

?? London ??

Aunty – swara beta get up u got a call from India☺️

Swara – please not today.. Wait India give me its Ragini pls give ?

Aunty – here you go.. Now come down soon for breakfast?

Swara – ok thanks?

After aunty left swara gets up and starts talking

Swara – hi Ragini long time how are you

Ragini – Swara I am fine what about you

Swara – I am fine.. Any thing special you called me

Ragini – yeah when are you coming India?? You finished your studies right

Swara – yes but have to think a date

Ragini – I booked it’s tomorrow ok

Swara – so soon but ok

Ragini – tysm bye meet you in airport

Swara – bye love you ???

Swaragini finish talking and swara goes to get ready in the bathroom and goes down

Swara – aunty I want to tell something

Aunty – yes

Swara – I am going India tomorrow so can you pack my stuff

Aunty – what so soon but ok I will do it

Swara – thank you

Swara hugs her and she her back



Swaragini house ?

SanLak enter

Laksh – ragu ehy is your mansion decorated?? Teri Shaadi

Ragini – shut up ok Shona is coming after so many years

Laksh – what swara is coming? whohooo Sanky listen

Sanky – what happen lucky I have to leave for college

Laksh – swara is coming from London

Sanky – what I mean yeah I want to meet my drama queen I last saw her when she was in 8th

Laksh – dude chill she coming tomorrow

Sanky – ok

Laksh – let’s go mall and buy something

Sanky – cool.. Ragu are you coming to

Ragini – yeah wait I’ll get ready

Sanlak – ok

They all get ready and leave for mall


SanLakRag reach the mall

Ragini – guys now listen Shona loves

Sanky – jewelry

Ragini – intelligent ok come on lucky you come with me and buy and earring and bracelet and Sanky go and buy a locket and card then we three can gift one thing to her

Sanlak – ok

?Laksh Side

Laksh is confused what earring to buy then his eyes spots an earring
It is a red color earring with diamonds all around it he gets attached and buys it ?

?Ragini Side

She buys a bracelet of best sisters with hearts in it and gist raps it

?Sanskar Side

He is really confused as he has never seen swara and has to take a gift for her so then he asks someone near by

Sanskar – excuse me

Girl – yes.. Sanky Bhai you and here

Sanskar – Amaya you swara BFF of London right

Amaya – yes

Sanskar – please help me choose and locket

Amaya – why don’t you take this

Sanskar – perfect thanks

Amaya – bye

Sanskar – bye

(Will reveal his gift later)


Sanskar – guys what did you take

They both show their gifts and get delighted

Raglak – show what you got

Sanskar – here

Raglak really like the gift and hug him tightly



Swara College ?

Swara – guys I have an announcement for all of you

All her friends listen to her

Samir – yeah Sammy tell

Swara – I am going to India for some days

Aabha – why Sammy so soon

Swara – Abby I have to meet my family too

Friends – we will miss you Sammy

Swara – me too

They all have a friendly hug and day ends ?

Screen Freezes at their Hug?

Next Chapter – Swara in India ??


Hope you all like it please comment on this chapter??❤️❤️

Credit : +Pravalika Nukala and +Tvisha Gopi

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