G.I.R.L.S (Part 2)


hi guys…. I m guru… finished my +2…. spending my holidays in sleeping and reading books… so I want to suggest you some of them. they are really good.

1) I too had a love story.

2) can love happen twice?

3) half girlfriend

4) that’s how we met

5) the fault in our stars.

please try reading them.

part 2

“knock knock”

Aalia opened the door. a girl entered in with a smile… oh god… I glanced her from top to bottom. light pink t shirt.. dark pink pants, pinkish yellow hat, pink handbag and two pink suitcases.

I hadn’t seen tooooo much pink in one frame. even her nail Polish, slippers, clips were pink.

she looked at us and said

she: eeWWW.. too dusty… hey… j’mappelle Ann Beaumont.

me: salut Ann. I m AD. and we don’t know french.

Aalia: aadab, m Aalia yosufzai.

Ann: what’d Addie? (looking at me)

me: hey its “A” and “D”. my full name is Aruna Devi .

Ann: oh… auna dehvie.

me: better call me AD.

Ann: fine….. AD. no issues.

Aalia was smiling at me…. probably laughing at me.

actually Aalia and me were fully covered in clothes as we feared dust. Ann helped us.

and again a knock. Ann opened the door. I heard some music… some drums… the sound was suffocated like closing a speaker.

and our fourth mate. I can’t say how I looked at her… I was … shocked.

she was tall an inch more than me… pale white and her clothes… a sleeveless T-shirt and short skirt. with big bright red headsets which was playing the drums tone. she stepped in.

she: so dis crap iz ma room. yukk…. hey galls… maself Alexia Williams fom states.

we introduced ourselves and by the time our cleaning work completed. we removed our extra clothes from our head. Aalia adjusted her hijab.

its time to sleep yet the fifth one has to come. the single bed was occupied by Alexia. I was on the top of one doubles. Ann and Aalia occupied the other.

below me was empty for the last girl…

I unpacked my bag which had three jeans, 5 shirts and 5 t-shirts. with two sets of night dress and two hoodies. and I saw a brown cover… may be amma kept it. I opened it and it was …..

it was a half saree with silk border, dark green frock and blouse with maroon red dhavani.

oh god… my mom is so sweet.

then everyone were on our beds. me on night dress, Alexia in a over sized shirt and nothing else, Ann in pyjamas and Aalia too in night dress.

as I was new there so I couldn’t sleep whereas everyone slept. I could hear nothing but Alexia’s snores.

I heard a knock and I know its my last roommate. I happily ran to open the door. I opened the door …

I was shocked to what I saw…….

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  1. Meghna shanti

    I think you’re waiting for comments
    Don’t worry about it
    Plz continue
    You will busy with them further

  2. Awesome, hey guru…lovely episode. ..all the roommates r very diverse n very different personality….you described read well …. who is this 5th mate???….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. *really well…

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