G.I.R.L.S (Part 1)


hey guys, I already gave an intro. now there will be a small change. they are not the paying guests but a bunch of architect students under one roof. there will be fun, joy, happiness, sorrows, pain, love, and lots of entertainments.

and this story will be in my POV. (Aruna)


I was waiting out of the airport. I was told that a cab will receive me. in about 5 minutes a cab came. and thats for me. in the front seat there was an old lady. I guess she is Martha my guide.

she: eruna?
me: its Aruna.
she: e ru na… eruna.?

me: fine, yes.
she: Aruna , wait for a movement child. I have another student to receive.
me: well, and you can call me AD.
she: A.D. OK AD.

after a while came a white tall guy, and Martha smiled at him.

she: Jacob porter?
he: yeah. hi Martha.
she: hi. get in Jacob.
he: Jac. call me Jac.
she: aww.. I don’t know why you kids shorten your name.

he…. Jac, got in. he sat beside me. he was showing too much attitude which is good for nothing.

I didn’t want to break the ice but he did it.

he: hi, Im Jac. from Australia.
me: hi, I’m AD. from India.
he: India? then you must be a nerd working extra hours.
me: oh really, yes but not like you showing good for nothing attitude.

he didn’t expect that it seems. he just stared at me. I don’t care .

then our cab entered in the school of architects. then Martha filled some papers. I signed some of them.

she: Jacob Porter, your room will be on the third floor. you’ll share your room with Sebastian Abraham. and eruna devi, unfortunately you have to share with four others.

four? she said four! I will be the fifth one. this is frustrating.
but I have no choice.

she: your room will also be in third floor.

she accompanied us to our room. there’s no separate blocks for boys and girls. and I would have to be in contact with Jac. I have to learn more as I’m just 19 and finished my high school.

she handed me a key. I opened the room. first thing I did was to sneeze. it was a bad omen. I entered in. it had two double beds and a single bed. a lengthy wardrobe and a big round study table with broken lamps and papers. so, I should be cleaning the room as my roommates haven’t arrived yet.

so to escape from the dust I covered my head and face. I had a broom in one hand and a towel in other. I began to sweep, and I heard a knock. I opened the door and there stood a girl.

she: aadab, I m aalia yosufzai.
me: hi, Aruna… Aruna devi. from India.
she: pa… Pakistan.

there was an awkward silence. she entered in and helped me in cleaning.

me: so, aalia… right? its better we stop watching cricket.
she: what do you mean?
me: I m just joking. sorry.

I felt bad. I shouldn’t have said that.

Aalia: sorry, Aruna. I over reacted.
me: thank god you pronounced my name exactly how it is.
aalia: why?
me: my guide, Martha, she’s calling me ‘eruna’. ha ha ha
aalia: ha ha ha

then we heard the second knock. probably third one….

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  1. Hey Guru! Seems to be a different one. Keep writing

  2. Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode..very interesting story

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