the episode starts with ishaani’s revengeful face.

ishaani entered the class and saw that the professor was not to be found so she she took a bowl like thing and put a mixture which was glue and some water(so things will get sticked together faster). she went near the chair as if looking at the board and poured the mixture onto the chair and moved back to her seat and started to laugh victoriously where seeing this ranveer knew that she is done something. when he was thinking this he saw the professor entering the class. once he came he took the attendance book and started marking.once he finished marking she started to ask the professor some questions and asked him to explain her in the board.

where when he stood up he knew that he couldn’t get up as if he try’s hard to get up his pant will tear because of the very hard sticky mixture which was applied by ishaani. so the professor said her to read the book and try to understand. where he taught everyone sitting. where that was the moment ishaani saw the headmaster who was going through the college checking if there is a problem. she again started to ask questions where the professor started scolding her hearing this the headmaster entered the class where the professor again tried his best but couldn’t get up. where seeing this the headmaster got double angry and screamt at him. where without no way he tried all his best and got up where there was a sound formed in the class. to see the the professor’s pant was torn and the headmaster who was angry told him to resign this job where ishaani was happy.
the screen freezes in ishaani’s happy face and the professor’s shocked faced.



now i would like to tell everyone something that is that i am gonna stop writing my ff for some kind of particular reasons…….
i don’t know whether my ff has satisfied u if not i am very sorry for not satisfying u.
i am also sorry if i have done any mistakes…………

dear tanisqa dhi,

i would like to tell u something that is that what i told was not a lecture and i am no one to u to give any such lectures.
and that was something i felt the very moment don’t get me wrong that i lectured u. and i am also sorry if i hurt u.
once in all i am not able to talk or reply with anyone not that i didn’t reply u and only u.
i am in a trouble that my phone broke and duva phone was stolen don’t know how.
that’s the only reason we don’t reply back so i am waiting for my phone to repaired until that i am not able to do anything.
and i also promise that once my phone is repaired i will surely be in touch with u and everyone.

once again thank u so much for giving all your comments,love and support…….
and sorry i wasted your time though…………
take care………….
love u all…………….

Credit to: Harisha


  1. Neelam

    Hi Harisha the episode was fantastic it was not boring it was just nice ? waiting for the next episode dear

  2. Julina


    |Registered Member

    Nice epi dr… but why u ended it soon… I feel very bad for it…. I wnat u to continue it… but it’s ur decision at last….

    • harisha


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.