The episode starts with were Sonia gets to know that ranveer was trying to get close to Ishaani and shouted stop it. Where ranveer was shocked hearing this
Sonia came near him and said:how can u ranveer how dare u do this to me ha how?
Ishaani:what what happened Sonia what did he do y r u scolding him now
Sonia:shut up .it’s also because of u that ranveer spoiled my life
Ishaani:what did he do tell me

This was disturbed when there was a knock in the door where falguni entered and said:Ishaani wake up don’t be late for your college
Where a beauty woke up who was non other than Ishaani said:ya ma u go I will come
Where falguni said get ready fast and come as your breakfast is ready. And as soon as she said this she left the room where Ishaani get up from the bed and that again a dream. I know I love him although he don’t but y is that dream disturbing me. But although we were leading a happy life with raagini but that girl what is her name ah Sonia she came in between our life but in real life I won’t let any kind of Sonia.

Where telling this she entered the washroom where after some time she came out wearing a audrey red floral swing dress where she was looking like an angel(tap to refer?)

Tap here

Where she came downstairs to see her dad and mom who was waiting for her. Where when she came she ran and hugged her dad and said:good morning pa
Harshad:food morning princess

Where seeing the bond of the father and daughter she said:now enough come and eat your breakfast. Where she ate and finished and waved bye for her parents and left to college

******RV MANSION******

The camera panned into the room where our prince who was sleeping was disturbed by the sun rays falling on his face where he got up and thought to himself:it’s morning so soon thinking to himself he also got up and entered the washroom and came out wearing some jeans and a blue top which was suiting him.

Tap here

Where he also had his breakfast and left to college.

****** IN COLLEGE******

******IN CLASS******

Ishaani who came to class early and was eager to see Ranveer who hasn’t reached the class yet.Where when she was thinking ranveer entered the class where when she smiled at him he ignored her back where her smiled disappeared.

After a little while the period started where it was her hatest subject so she took the book and covered her face as it looks like studying to the professor and she started talking to her friends nearby about ranveer and his personality where everyone of her friends know that she loves him. Suddenly the professor who turned saw Ishaani who was talking with her friends got high tempted and threw the chalk piece win which he was writing on the blackboard on her head.

Where the professor said her and her friends to go out. Where she saw the whole class seeing at them but when she saw ranveer he was laughing at her. Where she got angry on the professor as because of him her ranveer started laughing at her where she left the class thinking:just wait and see what I do Mr.Alwis (the professor’s name).
The screen freezes on the revengeful face of Ishaani, the laughing face of Ranveer and the tempted face of the professor

Precap:Ishaani’s revenge for Mr.Alwis(professor)

I am sorry for the late update and sorry ishi as I said u I will put romantic scenes for u I am really sorry. And the other person person who said that it is too early for the villain so I changed the track and made it a dream. And thanks for everyone for your love and comments. And u r and will be my special people everyone especially reena dhi . U r the specialast one in everything though. And I will be posting my next ff continously from next Saturday as I have my mid exams on Wednesday to Friday. See u on Saturday sometimes be fore that bye. Love u all???

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