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The story starts with the shocked face then Ishaani asks:Ranveer who is she,and why are you shocked seeing her?
Ranveer(in thoughts):I should not tell her what happened
Ishaani:Ranveer Ranveer!!!! Then she waved her hand front of him where he came out of his thoughts and said seeing the entrance (where a girl was standing there) :no Ishaani she is my college mate Sonia
Where she said:Hi I am Sonia I have come here for an important meeting from USA but I don’t have a place to stay so I thought of staying will u allow me to stay here ,I am asking this as Ranveer’s nothing other than that plz
Ishaani:oh,ok u can stay here hain na Ranveer
Where he answered:No Ishaani
Ishaani:why ranveer y can’t she stay here
Ranveer:no she can’t stay here Ishaani
Ishaani:why Ranveer y can’t she stay here isn’t she your friend?why won’t u do this small help for your friend also
Ranveer(in thoughts):let her be here if not Ishaani will doubt on me and in the same time I should protect Ishaani from this Sonia.
Then seeing Ishaani he said:ok Ishaani as you wish .then Ishaani said wait I will bring coffee for u where she heard raagini crying where ranveer said her to make her sleep in her room I will bring her coffee where he went forward towards the kitchen.

*******In the hall******

Amba:come Sonia come and sit here
Where she sat there and all the three were chatting where baa excused her self as she is going to do her Pooja and Amba excused herself saying that she has to have her tablets.
As they left Sonia was only there and she was thinking after so long I am going to have coffee from Ranveer’s hand yeah I have to separate Ranveer and Ishaani as possible i wont let u live your life Ranveer she had an evil smile when she said this

******In the kitchen******

Again she returned into my life god why I and Ishaani always have a problem in out life.
He was thinking this while making coffee where he went to put sugar wait you want coffee no wait and watch what I do he took the salt bottle and put 3-5 spoons of salt and smiled to himself and left the kitchen

******In the hall******

When Sonia saw ranveer coming near her she save a smile to him where he said:Sonia just leave from here I plz plz let me live my life
Sonia:you will spoil my life and say me to live your happy life where ishaani came to the hall and asked what happy life where ranveer replies nothing Ishaani we met after long time no that’s what she said me to live a happy life

The she saw ranveer who was holding the cup and not yet given to her asked ranveer y don’t u give the coffee to her where he shook his head to her and forwarded the coffee to her where she took it and had a sip from it where it was too salty where no one can drink she thought I will do anything for my love if u do like this don’t think I will leave u with this is Ishaani don’t ever think that where she without no other chance drank the coffee and returned the cup back.where she heard Ishaani say Sonia why don’t u take some rest I guess u will be tired so……Then Sonia said yeah I will have some rest and she went to the room with her instructions.

When she went to her room Ishaani kept the cup in the kitchen and when she came back she saw ran veer leaving to their room so followed him so she thought:what happened to him today ,he is so tensed don’t no what happened. Where she also entered the room where she saw no one in the room except raagini who was playing in the bed where she felt someone hugging her from back where she knew it would was ranveer said leave me where he replied no Ishaani I won’t leave u plc stay here for a while where after 15 minutes they saw raagini who was crawling in the bed and was going to fall where they prevented her from falling and ran veer hugged her with a fatherly affection where she was crying a little where they both started to play with her where she was smiling while this was happening Sonia came from her room to take water as there was no water in the room passed by their room and sees them happy and said I won’t leave u to be happy with your family ranveer where a evil smile creeped I’m her face

The screen freezes in the beautiful family ? (ranveer ,Ishaani and raagini)and the evil smile of Sonia?

Precap:Revelation of why Sonia wants to take revenge from Ranveer and Ishaani

Happy Ramadan for all my Muslim friends even the silent readers.Thank u so much for your support

Credit to: Harisha

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