This is my first time writing so,if I am going to bore u

It was 3 years since Ishveer were united and they also had a 1 year old daughter who was Raagini Ranveer Vaghela a symbol of ishveer’s love.

In a fine morning in RV Mansion where Ranveer was seeing a file sitting in his sofa where Ishaani was making herself ready and she had a glance to her sleeping daughter that she knows she would wake up anytime.Soon where seeing Ishaani he thought:I know you are almost all the part of my life by till today you look so cute and pretty to my eyes where you are the rest of the world even it is going to be freezed to me.After giving a smile to himself Ranveer going to Ishaani
Ranveer:ek minute Ishaani
Ishaani:arey kya hua
Ranveer:what is balance in your makeup
Ishaani:I am complete I need to take the sindoor that’s it
Ranveer:can I make it today
Ishaani:(giving a look)why not sure
Ranveer took the sindoor box and took bit of sindoor in his hand gave a smile and a romantic look to Ishaani and finally put in her forehead,where she closed her eyes and opened her eyes.As soon as he did this she slowly turned and hugged him and put her head in his chest and said:I love u Ranveer!
Where he replied me too where that was the moment where they heard a cry when they turned they little Raagini crying in the cradle where Ishaani embraced her with a motherly feeling where Raagini stopped crying as soon as she stopped crying Ishaani made Raagini take a bath and came to the hall where she saw Amba,Kailash and Baa and took blessing when she sat in the sofa and when everyone was having a chat they heard a knock in the dock seeing the person Ranveer was shocked………..

Precap:New Villain entry

Tell me if you’ll like it so that I will continue writing or……….

Credit to: Harisha

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  1. I loved it dear! It was too cute and this ff is NOT boring I swear! Great job dearie!!

    1. Thank u reenactment dhi ya will continue will post the next update in the afternoon

  2. Pls continue. It’s a cute story

    1. Thank u sumaiya sumi ya will continue

  3. Very boring no r dum it is so interesting loved it I beaver newed that my sister has got this much talent to written this Ff and update the next one today it self

    1. Hmm thank u duvaraksha akka


    Hey harisha…..its similar story of Ranveer’s unsaid feeling……from episode 108 or 109……I’m big fan of that ff

    1. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF SHADHIKA }

      In loved it….nice episode

      1. Ya but only some parts and ya the story will be kind of different

  5. Hi Harisha nice beginning pls continue it I am very excited to read more ?

    1. Ya will do for sure

  6. I really loved it dear. It was very cute… N its not boring I think u shud continue…

    1. Thank u radhika dhi ya I will continue just 5 minutes before posted it

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