A funny analysis about ongoing swaragini track!( sumi pregnancy)!!

Hello guys Katie here!! I am a fan of swaragini and SwaSan!!! But ongoing sumi pregnancy track makes me laugh!! Right now its 12am and I have them exam tomorrow par kya karron nai likoon toh hath mein kujli hoti hain yaar!!! OK more than analysis its my funny humorous prediction!!! No offense guys!! Only for fun!! Remember even I am a SwaSan die heart fan!!! And ya some of my jokes re credited to Natasha and meher!! Writer of much is kuch iss tarah and smile that stole my heart!!! She has told these jokes!! Some of them!

Imagine guys after getting to know about sumi pregnancy SwaSan talk!!(on a funny note)

Swara(exited): Sanskar m….ma…ma bangayi!!!
Sanskar: Are swara ma toh pehle bhi ma thi na!!
Swara: nai yaar ma phirse ma bangayi!!
Sanskar: mera samaj mein nai aaya yaar!
Swara: Mujhe ragini jaise ek aur Behan ya bhai Milne wala nai!!
Sanskar: Kya!!!(shocks and thinks yeh kya yaar iski ma ma bangayi!! Input toh hamne dala the output waha kaise aagaya???????)

Sanskar thinks: Wah sasur hi wah!!! Aapse training Lena padega!! Chip chip ke itna sab kuch karte ho Yarr!!

An Raglak ki baari
Ragini: Laksh hummbohat kush hain aaj!!
Laksh: kya hua ragini main bhi kush ho jaata hoon!!
Ragini: Reports positive the!!
Laksh: kya!!! Wah mein papa banne wala noon!! Yaya!!!( thinks rags is pregnant)
Ragini: areee yaar tum bhi na!! Mine kaha ma ke reports positive the!!
Laksh: Kya tumhare ma pregnant nai??
Ragini: han laksh!! 9 machine ke bad mere hath mein chotu bbaccha hoga!!
Laksh thinks papaji aap kaise yeh sab manage karlete ho yaar??? Mash ragini tumhare hath mein humara baccha hota!

Aur haan I heard swara will also be pregnant in further episodes toh chalo ma aur beti ki godhbarai saath mein karlete gain!! Lol na!!!!
Imgini sumi doing swaraki gosh barai with her big tummy!!

Kaise the guys??? Yeh bohat chota dosage tha!! Agar Accha lava toh comment karlo next part post karoongi!! Gn!

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  1. nyc joke.lol.tnx

  2. Haha..ths ongoing pregnancy track is hilarious…i mean kuch bhi dikhate hai ye log….dadi banne k age me maa…ths is quite funny…btw in ths sequence sanskar’s dialogue was awesome…input yaha n output waha..Hahahahahahaha… :))

  3. Thanxxxxx dear…

    But its not unusual… sumi can be pregnant in this age.. I think c is around 40..so c can be..but haa..its too risky for baby and mom..bt its not impossible…I know..cz am going to be a Dr…

    Its funny when we will think…yeah..I admit that..me too told all these and laughed…its bit awkward according to Serial..

    But if u all think wisely then it happens in our society.. I appreciate CVS for taking this topic..They are showing this..hats off..

    but I also admit ki after hearing for the 1st time everyone will laugh…me too laughed..bt its a sensitive matter..CVS is handling this carefully till now..

    nywys..sorry for my bhashan..?? 😛 But just think once wisely..and thanks once again dear..that day I was in masti mood..so blabbered all these…

    and sorry If I hurt anyone..

    1. How can she be around 40? Swara is atleast 22….or 23..Swaragini have some months difference..so was Sumi pregnant when she 17 or 18?..If something like that has happened…then Sumi’s pregnancy not immpossible…

  4. Haha!! Maa ban na buri bat nahi hai. Even if she is 50 she can. Many peopke in real life are becoming pregnant at 50-60. They are really showing anothr face of society when it encounters such people. Aj bhi kitni chota dil hai yehi dikhana chahte hain wo log shayad. Aur phir sumi nshekhar kaise badhaon ko par karte hue age badhte hain ye v dikha rahe hain.

    But you writing was totally funny. I enjoyed it!! Specially laksh and sanskars thinking. Uff!! I was like ROFL LOL!! ;-D 😀 KEep writing dea

  5. Hahaha, lol . Very funny.

  6. hey! was damn fun reading it.
    Sanskar ka input output wala baat mast tha.
    keep writing such funny stuff.
    enjoyed it;)

  7. Hahaha really its a outstanding joke dr kuch bhi dikhte hai tv par godh bharai maa aur beti ek saath karenge oh no we missed a occasion in swaragini hahaha lol …..

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