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Hello everyone actually I wanted to write something funny but not funny some where true fact about our daily soups ok let me start these days we can see that all serials almost most female leads r given more importance or shall I tell that they r real hero or saviour of the family who take them out of all troubles bechare male leads no importance for them they give them importance but not that much being a girl I am happy for that “nari sakthi zindabad” but think about our male leads also
Let me tell about some serials

sath nibhana sathiya
By the name what u understand that sathiya (husband) should support wives they should be with them in all situation right but have u seen ahem or jigar getting more dialogues no always gobi wau and her maji I think its name should be changed to sath nibhna maji its sounds more good
I know they showed separation of ahem and gobi many times and their reunion and all but then too current story line and title has no connection when saravan and vidhya love story strated I had some hope that know the title would get some importance but no saravn to joined ahem or I may say more than him he’s quite bachare male leads

sasural simar ka
These show to title should be chaged as sausral bothni ka all actors r side actors or they r just for name sake everything is manged and solved by the great simar seriously its too much what they r showing is some where wrong because any such thing that give air to such superstitious beliefs r wrong and in law too its a punishable deed anyone can complaint against it if they wish to but seriously tell me u don’t get laugh seeing always simar simar simar
Promptly speaking I don’t watch it but my grand ma she loves simar she don’t miss any episode of it even the re-telecast too many times I and my grand ma have quarrel for it

yeh ristha kaya khelatha hai
Akashra the great I don’t know how can they look so young when the show continuously takes leap I have also heard that a small leap is coming the show is nice but again akashra the great problem solver how can anyone be so mature and all
Their r still man serials but their names r justified mere angne me wow the great dadiji and her potha bhau awesome na u’ll not get bored seeing the daily gisa pitha rag
All serials which show saas bhua drama all r somewhat same only change is the situation
Swaragini by name its tale of two sister male leads r too given some importance but laksh I don’t understand his charcter and sory swasan fans in advance because I too feel its to much swasan and especially swara mahan ragini was good when negative because she got some importance atleast I am happy she’s positive but then too too much swasan raglak r not given that much importance thought swara and ragini know r given same importance one by one but still

Bahu hamari rajnikanth its nice show female lead story line too good I like rajini
Shuhani si ladki again female lead show nice story line and all gives social message too
Their r still many shows that I have forgot to mention plsz u gues name them I would be happy to know u view about it
Hamre bechare male leads no more importance their r many shows too that give both leads equal importance but they r less as compared to female leads importance like ashoka , jamai raja, ek duhje ke waste, kuch rang payaar ke asbi , sadda haq, uddan though female based but male leads get importance Swaragini, and many more etc etc…………….
I was laughing for one thought I’ll tell u some years back we all were fighting for womens right we girls got all rights almost in all fields being a girl I am proud all women achievers the some of felds which r left I am sure we will do best and achieve in those fields too but seeing this serials I am feeling that after some 30-35 years all mens will be fighting for their rights some slogans like “ hamra hak hame dho” because in every filed womens r occupying their place imagine how it will be all mens in rallies big big poster claiming for their rights I know it may not happen or its just my imagination but we can’t tell because anything can happen in future we don’t predict it or situation may lead to that also daily soups female leads r too good I loved it I pitty on some male leads they r just as a side actors nothing more we all enjoy seeing saas bahu drama and all but then too plsz give some importance or pitty on them give some importance to them to in shows

Ha ha plsz comment and share ur view ……………………………………

Credit to: crystal

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  1. 100% true about ssk..i hate that show..after avika gor exit..

  2. Saathiya should be named as “Kahani sirf iss ghar ki”….and ssk should be named as “Hey mata rani”….??????????????????????????????????

  3. True.. All the serials writers have made the heroine a private detective.. Whether its gopi bahu n her saas,simar,ishita,akshara,swara,pragya n all..They are the only one who can find out the truth and save family from all trouble…male lead nd rest everyone are kept as probe.. Some exceptions are there.


  5. About yrkkh… The makera should be a lil more practical, akshara and naitik still looks ao young, they should give her a more ageing/mature look i mean she has gone through 2 miscarriages and 2 delivery. She is atleast 45-47 years of age in the show…
    And everything, every lil thing needs consent of akshara. I mean NO INDIAN family ask for their daughter in laws ORDER. Even if they are going to picnic they need akshara consent… Like she is the ruler of their home

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