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Hello everyone thank u’ll for liking my analysis actually yesterday on colors I saw a promo of trishakthi so I wanted to write something about it
Gues shall I tell u something I can was laughing when I see such promo’s of trishakthi and all so lets start

Sasural simar ka the story is about simar who lives in delhi right swaragini tale of sisters from Kolkata uddan show about labours and about chaokar that how she will help those people and realted to her life from azadghnaji from UP know think thses three show don’t even share anything common even places r different story line is diffirent then how can swara come and help simar to find chardra mani and how can swara and choker give powers to simar to fight against chadramani it has no logic in it I don’t understand why colors channel always connect these shows its full bakwas really

Sasural simar ka my all time hatest and funniest show on which I can comment thousands of jokes about which I have alot to speak I know many of u will have same point of view as mine
Let us start first came nagin who was behind siddarth just tell me she was behind siddrth na then roli shoukd save him yes but no simar saved him some where very funny did nagin did’t have any other work than troubling bhardwaj family then came dayyan who troubled simar a lot at that time too they mixed their story line with swaragini’s I hated that then our indravthi the great dayaan behind prem wow our hero or saviour simar saved him then the goddess of bad or pattal pattali devi came who wanted revenge from simar that was not enough they bought three ghost and one villan wow it sounds also bakwas and was totally bakwas I didn’t imagine also they did worost than that chadramani the presnt track

Ok know tell me how can so many supernatural powers tourble a single person simar does she has any special powers no na or she’s some super hero who has to save world its full of fantastics but full of bakwas

I hate when they bring the track of trishakthi

I like swaragini but why they r mixing it with the most dangerous of all hatest of sasural simar ka gues what’s this swara coming blab la bla why yaar by this they r spoiling swaragini which is somewhere good show and swara became mahan by this trishakti only because in show swara and ragini their story line is good but by this trishakti tejeswani fans critics swara’s charcter and truely by this we can see the mahan swara which I hate the most and that’s true I am too a ragini/tejeswani fan I love her her acting I am her big fan I like swara too but by this trishakti and some stupid bakwas they r neglecting ragini which is unbearable by tejeswani’s fans because she’s not part of anything like such

This was about colors zee tv also shows something like this
Like kasuthi sindhor ki and all again stupid track but they didn;t do so much as colors has done they had atleast some logic they didn’t mix every thing on star to they shows combining of shows but not that worse as colors oh my god do they brains if they had they must have thought about logic but no by doing this they shows they all r brainless
Actually I missed some shows yesterday Kukum bhaya

I loved the bulbul and purav’s love story but these show makers can’t see our happiness they killed bulbul I feel its better that she died because many times they showed purav and bulbul’s marriage track but it never happened every time just before marriage or one day before marriage bulbul got admitted in hospital she was attacked or any accident bechari entni bhar kisi ka accident hota hai thoh what oh wasie hi mar jayega

Tanu’s pregnancy baby’s come out after 9 months na but tanu is pregnant from more than a year and has no baby bump how can that be possible I know its serial’s anything can happen seriously u don’t get bored by all this

Nagin dayaan patali all were less zee about one more vishkanaya I didn’t understand the story line in beginning but know I watch it it has atleast some logic and nice chemistry btw leads
Nagin it was first shown on zee tv It was old show but the present show story line nad that show’s were almost same everything is connected and related to nagmani nagin’s come for nagamani and fall in love with a someone wow in that show and present nagin only change is in chacter and situation but every thing is same no change

Baika vadhu longest running show it’s dragged a lot I liked in beginning gave some social message but know its just dragged

Yeh rishtha kaya kehelatha hai this show is also dragged too much I know some love story never ends but if they r small people never forget them but if dragged too much its just irritating
I think these two shows should end geet , iss payyar ko kaya nam du, qubbol hai(when it was asad and zoya) rangrasiya and many more shows their pairs were adorable and still loved and rembered by all I am a big arashi and asya’s fan I love these pair short and sweet
Hey bhgwan put some brain in these serial makers plsz show something that has logic and inspires people to do something plsz

Swaragini’s present track is interesting lot more to see and know………………………….
Gues comment plsz…………………

Credit to: crystal

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  1. U r really correct…

  2. sry dear bt why u all was thinking dt k ragini dnt get imprtnce yar whn i saw d shw i only got 2 knw dt k d strylyn only based on ragini lyk hw c turn ngtv fr her lov,n hw c turn pstv n lots more n in upcmng stry only ragini ll get imprtnce

  3. bt in all dse mtr of rag,swa was sided bt whn cmng 2 swa’s any mtr de keep rag in all mtr of swa fir v sb ye kehte h ki swa ko hi imprtnce milti h jb k swa k lyf rag se kisi trh se v judi hoti h bt rag k lyf me swa k koi ahmiyt hi nhi n sry if i hrt any1

  4. Seriously I thought t same wen I saw trisakthi promo…wr does ragini went…..wen she was negative itz k…but can involve her nw na…as teju fan I’m little disapp wit tat… Waiting fr upcoming track in swaragini…

  5. It’s not the makers who made bulbul die…. she put papers for quitting the show therefore the makers made her character die… we can’t blame makers all the time.. yeah Tanu track is really dragging…it’s my perspective nothing to offense

  6. Its all bcoz of trp. SSk trp is low since roli death so channel mix SSk with other shows to gain trp. Mostly trishakti is a filler episode. Nothing much happen.

  7. If u dont like sasural simar ka dont watch it. But there are some who like it and watch it. When u say all these things u r hurting them. Plz stop it. Ssk is trying someting new. Its not a serial which is showing all time about saas n bahu fight.its my all time fav show and will remain too. And swaragini . I only like n watch it for raglak. I hate that serial . They alwayz copied sasural simar ka line and scenes. I hate it.. i only love ragini . And about roli death. It was avika’s wish to end her character because she didnt wanted any1 else to replace roli as rosid meant a lot to her. So first know about it and speak. ?

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