I was full of tashan But u was full of love-24

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I Was full of tashan but u was full of love-24

Twinkles pov:
Oh god this headache it’s killing me. I can’t bare it.

I closed my eyes to remember wt n all happened yesterday night. I could see few flashes I wasn’t sure abt it!!
My phone beeped
Msg: if u wanna save urself come to hotel Regal. Room 120.

Oh whose this?early in mrng that to frm unknown. Is it any emergency.
Many questions hit me while I rubbed all of them away n decided to go n check by myself.
I took a quick bath n moved out of my house to reach the destination mentioned in the msg.

I knew it is the most reputed hotel in this locality.
As I went towards the reception, I saw a young Thai girl sitting thr.
‘I need to meet my frnd here?’
‘ room number mam?’ She asked
‘That way,’ she pointed her finger while I get into lift.
I was stamping my leg restlessly to knw who was that.
As the doors opened at 1st floor I moved in the corridor searching the room.

Within a nick of time sme one dragged me away n bolted me into a room. I was damn sure that it wasn’t 120.
I turned to see kunj.
‘You?here?? ‘ I raised my voice.
He nodded
‘What the heck is this?’ I shouted at him knowing that he was upto smething.
He put his hand on my mouth saying,’ will u plz shut up fr a while?’
I kept quite he held me n dragged me out of the room n made his way to 120.
He didn’t knock bt took out othr key card.
‘U theif’ I muttered.
‘Shut up’ He said n opened the door.

We both went inside the room n found no one.
‘So this is wt u want to show me,’ I said pointing at the messed up bed. I turned when I heard washroom door opening n was shocked to see uv in his towel ohhh nt him bt a chic next to him in her bathrobe.
‘Uv…’ my voice struggled to come out.
‘What happnd twinkle y ur voice is nt cming out, got to knw abt ur so called love haa,’ He taunted me siting on the chair with full attitude.
I gave him a glare while he smirked at me.
First let me deal with uv I decided.

‘What the heck is going on here?’ I shouted my lungs out.
To which uv gave me a casual smile n moved towards me.
‘Nting babes, meet my gf,’ He said pointing at her.
‘Uh… gf? Wt?,’ I questioned controlling out all my anger.
My eyes welled up bt didn’t come out.
‘OK twinki. Lets clear up the things as u came to knw abt me. She is my fiancee abt to marry soon, she is nt like u. Very rich than u n hot also. Actually I met her wn u left to India to meet ur family.’ He said making me landing in the city of shocks.

Bt y he did this to me i thought while he continued,’ I got a jackpot. I am marrying her n her I will be sole owner of her property n more shocking thing is I also own ur property,’ He revealed the matter.
What?? How?? I wondered
‘Babes don’t get confused, yesterday u signed them wn u were high. Remember?’ He said placing his hand on my waist side hugging me.
I jerked him out he fell on the bed n started laughing at me.
‘I knw u r nt that week, u can get out of this soon. For a girl like u it’s all cmon. Be happy that I didn’t touch u. As u never allowed me, bladdy whore.’ He got into my nerves.
More than enough fr me. I gave him one tight n moved out of the room.
*end of twinkles pov*

Kunj who was still thr stood up
K= hufff tired of heavy drama fr today. Uv, how ru?
He said touching his face which was red due to slap n he jerked him away.
U= get out
K= so early. U hv given shocks na nw let me give u a trial. U can never own twinkles property as I am the heir of her property. It was given by her father to me when she left the place. So which twinkles signed fr u is of no use.
U= what?
K= one more thing
Bfr kunj can continue uv took out his gun n pointed towards him.
K= nt so easily
Kunj kicked his hand while gun fell down n kunj took out his gun n pointed to uv.
K= listen u hv no time. Ur bro Rajat the most wanted criminal by interpole is killed.
Uv was confused n shocked.
K= it’s me only.
U=I won’t leave u…u…

But he could complete bullets took away him.
Kunj took out his phone n called

‘Hello. Raw agent kunj sarna here, Mission accomplished sir,’ He spoke.
‘Well done, u n Maya can leave tmrw frm thr,’ voice frm othr side said
‘Yes sir,’ kunj replied n hanged his phone n texted Maya to get ready to leave.

Precap: last episode. Expectations will be reached


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Roshini: sry frndss can’t continue this as it’s limited idea no things to drag it further so I wind it up here. Other ff is thr na i will be in touch with u all by othr ff.

I request each n every reader of this ff to cmnt as only 1 more epi is left so I want to knw who n all like my writting s.

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If possible last part will be posted tonight

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  1. Hats off roshni u never expected this twist and I loved it pls post the next episode asap

  2. Mia12

    Hey rosh,,
    Oh my god,,???
    Kuch bhi nai hai bolne ko,,???
    Kitna bara shocked,,????
    that kunj was a raw agent,,???
    N his attitude and her boldness,,???
    I love it most to in the ff,,????
    But uv ki woh lal tomatar face,,???
    It was just MARVELOUS,,??????
    I love it to the core,,??????
    But sad coz of this ending,, in ur other ff
    I love this ff 2 the most very much,,??
    But 1 rqst plzz give a hot romance b\w twinj,,?? plzz,,??? but I will miss this ff,,?? well post next part soon,,☺☺
    Love you,,❤❤

  3. Oh my it was fabulous! ????❤
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  4. very nice epi n twist
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  6. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! It’s amazing. Lovely. Loved it. Soooo nice??????
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  7. Presha

    Hey rosh awesome dear lovrd it kunj been a raw agent was a shock but loved this twist so much

  8. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    But why are you ending ….. Okay I understand lack of ideas but …. try coming u with a new one and post your other ff 🙂 waiting for it 🙂
    UV is exposed and Kunj a Raw aget …. wasn’t he a Don God that was shocking …
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  9. SidMin23

    It was shocking twist that kunj is raw agent. And uv exposed and and will miss the boldness twinkle and raw agent kunj hope u don’t end this but waiting to see how twinkle will stop kunj from going always.

  10. RUTU.....

    Fabulous episode dear just loved it do continue soon
    Love you so much ???

  11. Simiyy

    Hey Roshini
    It was amazing and interesting
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    Loads of love

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing shocking epi

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    Awesome amazing Rockstar
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  15. Aanya_pandey

    It was amazing update dear.. so so so amazing

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