I was full of tashan But u was full of love-23

I Was full of tashan but u was full of love-23

Twinkles pov:
I went on the road while he didn’t bother to join me. After few minutes I turned to see no one thn I came to know that I walked very long distance. It was chilling cold! I hit my head fr my stupid needs. Then without any left out option I walked back the same direction which I came.
It was pretty dark as I noticed the car little distance away from my n i couldn’t make out that it wasn’t the same car which we both came. As I reached near the car I peeped into the window and my jaws dropped.
How come he is here? And more over whose this perosn next to him travelling in the car at this time.
‘Poor baby!! Need lift. Cmon get in,’ He replied with a sly smile. Irritating me. While the girl next to him giggled.
‘No thanks,’ I stamped my foot
‘Its better to die thn to get into ur car,’ I continued as I moved on my way. I heard giggles n within no time the car started n left.
I felt bad fr myself like my bf didn’t bother to join me. And the person who loved me left me like this on the road.
‘I am nt like u to leave u in the middle of the dark night path,’ I heard voice frm my behind n turned to see kunj standing with holding a coat on his shoulder.
My heart smiled.
‘U heard me,’ I made questioning face.
‘Yeah,’ He replied giving me the coat. Without any thought I took it n wore to protect myself frm chilling cold. He joined me.
‘How come u r here?’ I asked him being doubtful.
‘Don’t u remember that u hv spare keys in ur home?’ He replied.
I understood how fool I am. He is nt a fool to be cheated.
‘U can cheat anyone ones nt always,’ He replied as I was shocked to see him hearing my words each n everytime.

For next few minutes thr was a utter silence. I wondered how much miles I covered being angry. I sighed heavily wn I finally saw uv s car. I ran upto it.
‘Uv are u ok?’ I saw him completly in dewasted state.
‘Yeah. I am fine bt couldn’t repair this..’ He said pointing towards the engine full of smoke.
Kunj came thr laughing at uv.
As uv was hell shocked to see kunj here.
‘How he came here??’ He asked me while I threw my hands in despair.

Kunj smiled at us n took out his phone n within no time a car came. He got into it.
‘Hey looser u need a lift?’ He smirked at uv while uv turned his face away. But I knew we won’t get lift at this darkest hour so held my hands with uv giving him a assuring look. He sighed without any choice n we get into the car.

I felt better wn I came back to my home. Immediately I went to the mini bar n took my drink.
I was hell confused with all bullshit stuff going on with me. Uv came n back hugged me while I turned towards him.
‘Don’t worry within next week we will be married,’ He said giving me a hug n cupping my face.
I moved towards his cheeks n pecked him, I wanted him badly as I never felt this way.
As I was about capture his lips he kept his hand in between. I wondered wt happnd.

‘Take this’ He said handing me a drink n he left n returned aftr a while with few papers.
I gulped in my drink .
‘Sign this, our marriage papers, ‘ He said placing it on the bar table while without thinking anything I signed them.
‘Let’s celebrate darling, ‘ He said pouring me othr drink. Within no time I was full drunk.
I could feel him touching me, he slid away my sleeves n kissed thr while I enjoyed his touch. I was nt in my senses. He moved towards my neck while I closed my eyes to see- KUNJ! !!!!!

I shot open my eyes n moved away bt i dnt knw wn I lost my conscious.

Precap: uv s truth to be revealed.


Hope u all liked it.
Next one to be soon.
Thanks fr a who cmnted

Ps: 2 more epis to go.

Urs lovingly

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