I was full of tashan But u was full of love-22

Dedicated to TAHU thnks fr breaking ur silence.

I Was full of tashan but u was full of love-22

T:Kunj, I know you are here n for god sake just come out. I shouted standing in the hall.

I looked around while I heard the foot steps. Yes it was him I am right. He stood infront of me and looked at me from top to bottom.
‘Looking gorgeous n hot’ He exclaimed while I turned my face aside.
‘Don’t do that, I know how much u love me,’ He said making me angry.
‘I never loved you n i don’t wanna do that n moreover I love uv’, i blurted.
‘I know how great ur love is, as u never thought of caring about me. Without even a single thought u betrayed me and made me go crazy around u. Even u never bothered abt ur family who kept lots of hopes on u and thy love u to eternal…’ He began hai speech.
‘Its my personal, u just stay away frm it,’ I shot at him cutting him.
‘Chi, who told u it’s ur family, have u ever behaved so. It’s my family frm nw on. I won’t leave anyone who tried to spoil my family s happiness. Even u!!’ He warned me and moved towards the door.

He again turned back and looked at me.
‘Nice dress, uv gifted it?’He asked.
While I looked at my dress n moved towards door.
‘I know u r going fr a ride na.. hmm let’s see how ur romantic drive goes on….to…..an…end’ He said smirking at him.
That smirk affected me as I knew he was upto smething.
I moved towards him and held his collar n dragged him to my room n pushed him on the couch.
I could see him shocked.
‘What do you think of ur self haa…never try to come in between us. U can’t even think of it okay…’ I said while tracing my fingers on his face moving closer to him.
He didn’t backed off. He dragged me towards him by my waist and held my hand which was on his face.
‘I am no longer a fool to get affected by you,’ He spoke sharply.
‘Oh is it?’ I said moving my lips towards his neck.
He seemed to be affected while within no time the action changed.
He left me out in shock when he grabbed my lips with his. He was hard enough. As I closed my eyes tightly and pushed him away with a thud I stood up.
‘What happened twinkle? Are u affected?’ He asked with away sly smile.
I heard horn outside as I came to knw uv was thr.
Immediately I got up with an idea
‘No never’ I blurted and tried opening his shirt buttons.
I held him by his collar and made my way towards bed, he followed me. At this nick of time I pushed him on the bed and ran outside the room locking him in.
Hahah. ..poor kunj!!!

Twinkles pov end.

Kunj spov:
I know twinkle u won’t change but the prblm is u r nt ready to accept that u love me. Only me. Will see wn u will cme back to me. But I never let u go with that jerk fr long drive.
He smirked and started checking his pockets.

End of kunj s pov.

As twinkle came out she saw uv at the gate.
‘Why so late?’ He asked.
‘I was getting ready’, twinkle lied
‘Okay let’s get in,’ He said holding my hand n moving towards the car parking.
‘Huff thank God uv didn’t noticed orelse it would hv been a mess,’ she thought fr a while n sat in the car. They left fr a drive.

After a while on a lonely highway road.
Twinkle is enjoying her drive with uv in the cold air.

Twinkles pov:
Such a nice climate, perfect!!! What say ku…. Haa… Umm… u..uv?
I was shocked at my own words what I am thinking thank God uv didn’t notice. Y am I trying to hide things frm uv. He knows me very well bt still I locked kunj in room n hide this frm uv. What will be he doing thr? Wil he be fine?
What the heck i am thinking of???
‘Its so romantic tooo,’ Uv replied putting his hand on my lap while I faked a smile.

Within a second the car jerked and stopped while I screamed loud.
As we both took a sigh n stepped out of the car to see what happened.
‘DAMN IT!!!!! car broke down,’ He said taking out his anger by hitting the car tire hard.
I stood thr looking at him.
‘Didn’t u get any other bladdy car to take me for a drive?’ I frowned in anger.
I just moved away walking on the lone road. He didn’t bother to join me while I being stubborn continued in my way.

Precap: triangle scenes.


Hope u all r liking it sry fr being late I am busy. This is on special request of sidmin.

Thank q all fr ur support n love. Will be back soon

Urs lovingly

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