I was full of tashan But u was full of love-15


I was full of tashan but u was full of love-15

Everyone was happy for twinj.
Kunj’s pov:
I rushed to my room n took my phone to share my biggest happiness with my nly frnd. Maya.
‘ Hello, Maya. …u knw I can’t believe this,’ I exclaimed
She was confused
‘What happened kunj, is everything fine?’ She asked.
‘No, nt at all I don’t knw whether I could sleep today or not…u knw…Finally I got my love, along with that I got a family too….’
I shared my happiness she was so happy than me. As she knew how I was grown up.
I felt very happy aftr sharing things to her I don’t knw when I dozed off.

Next day mrng,
Still I am on my bed, drooling I heard sme one cming into my room but I am tired enough to see who is that. My sleep is dragging me away from everything.
‘Whose that?’ I asked still in a sleepy tone.
There was no reply.
I slowly opened my eyes to see twinkle sitting in front me.
I looked at her and smiled
I am really going mad these days as I am daydreaming about my love.
Kunj come on man..still few more days u will be together, why u wanna dream n all.
I said to myself which she heard.
She pinched me hard with a naughty smile.
I was shocked as I felt pain with a thud I woke up to see twinkle near my bed.
‘Oh my God twinkle wt ru doing here, plz leave if anyone see means…I won’t be nice…’ I was speaking to her.

While she moved towards me
‘What….wt ru doing?’ I asked.
I was shivering
‘Don’t u knw wt I am doing…’ she replied naughtily
I moved back as I was pinned to the bed while she came n sat on the bed moving towards me.
‘So…on this occasion of our love success come on give me a kiss…’ she spoke slowly with hardly I heard
‘ What. ..this is nt gud…plz leave’I said still I was tensed.
‘Come on kunj….one kiss…’
‘Are u mad? Shameless go…’ I replied.
‘Oh is it….I knw hw to take my kisses frm u, kunj now get ready for the challenge, u didn’t kiss me na….it’s k I will kiss u in front of all I will see how u will escape.’ She said determined.
I was shocked
She moved back and was about leave.
‘By the way dad I calling u, come soon,’ she said n gave me a flying kiss.
I was shocked as well as happy as well as blushing as well as….hmm…many things are going on.
Love is really crazy it makes an individual crazy too. See I am the example.
I freshen up and went down to see what’s happening.

Precap: kunj ko laga shock while twinkle is behind kunj fr kiss.

Sry frndss fr short episode having bad headache so could nt write.
I heart fully thank each n everyone fr ur support. ..thankqqq so much love u all.

One more thing my twinj ff:
Love ya fate aur life of marriage
Has been posted on wattpad with new name
Dreamy love

Hope u ppl like it.

Urs lovingly

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  1. Chiku

    Its soooo cute????lovely
    Post ur other ff also
    Love u?

  2. Oh my gosh…rosh….its just freaking awesome…. M still laughing because of twinkle boldness and kunj nervousness…. God He’s a big don but still he’s soo gentle…. Love to the core….existed to no why kunj is shocked….and twinkle kiss 4 kunj….plzzz post next epi soon…luv u….

  3. SidMin

    Loved it awesome I just Love this bold Twinkle Omg she just amazing 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  5. Aanya_pandey

    That ws soo cute twinkle asking fr kiss n kunj denying??

  6. Presha

    Awesome rosh

  7. Simiyy

    It was cute but to short
    Post next one ASAP

  8. Ramya

    Wowww awesome kunj is so shy loved it
    Amazing post ssoon
    Love u

  9. SidMin23

    ????love the episode especially boldness TWINKLE and poor KUNJ NERVOUSNESS. And can’t wait to read more and excited for tomorrow twinkle running behind kunj to get kiss and sit kunj is Shock.

  10. Amazing rosh I loved the bold naughty twinke

  11. Hey rosh
    This epi is so funny… Twinkle rocked Kunj shocked… I so loved this bold twinkle and nervous Kunj… Very desperate to know how twinkle will kiss Kunj in front of all… Try to post next asap…

  12. Hi rosh di. …sry for late comment. …….dis epi was too cute…………twinj scenes were ????????????
    Excited for next 1…..poSt ASAP. ……..loving it. …….Love u…..

  13. Paavu

    Rosh dear srryyyyy fr such a late commnt actually u knw wats happning wid me epu was awsum lovely I cant jst express bold twinkle explains title of ff very much properly and ya pls yrr post ur another ff I m waiting fr sat too pls

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