I was full of tashan But u was full of love -14

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Recap: attack on twinkle, kunj saves her, twinkle is thinking abt kunj while kunj is busy in his thoughts about who attacked on twinkle that to in home as he settled scores with arman.

I was full of tashan but u was full of love-14

At night,
Kunj goes to twinkle room to find how she is.
Kunj knocked on the door. Twinkle was lost in her thoughts.
She looked at him n had a huge curve on her face.
she signed him to cme in.
Kunj was trying to be normal.
K= how ru nw
T= oh. .ya I am fine
K= had dinner?
T= ya kunj.

Kunj was struggling with talks as he didn’t knew what to talk.
K= it’s k fine I will leave u take rest.
Twinkle nodded .kunj was leaving while twinkle called him.
T= kunj….
Kunj turned
T:i need to talk to u, can u sit for a while
Kunj nodded n came n sat near her bed.

T= are u feeling bad that today mrng i said ok for marriage?
Kunj didn’t talk. Twinkle was looking at him nly, kunj took a huge sigh n spoke.
K= no twinkle, I am fine.
I am really happy for u
He said with heavy heart
T= seriously?
Twinkle asked sarcastically
K= yes…twinkel I am serious as I knw how happy ur family is. I never knew the love of family coz of urs I came to knw but nw I dnt want to break it.
He stood up from his place
K= u knw how happy thy are, I dnt want to be the reason for their sadness again, my love is nting in front of thr love for u. Thr happiness matters me a lot than mine so I am happy for u.
Have a nice sleep gud night.
He said n moved out of the room, while his words made twinkle think.

After a while,
Twinkle went to her parents room.

L: twinkle, cme in we were talking about u nly.
Twinkle smiled n went inside.
Rt: ur mom was talking about u nly.
Twinkle went n sat on the bed with leela while rt was busy on his working table.
T: ma can I sleep in ur lap?
Leela was surprised n had tears in her eyes.
L: aa..puttar ( come dear)
Twinkle slept in her mom s lap n leela was carasing her hair. She was so happy
L: u knw how much happy I am today? My child came back to me aftr so many years
Rt: i hv told u na, she will take time to adjust to us,( to twinkle) U knw evey day ur mom sleeps with nly ur talks.
But fate made us far frm u, we were unable to contact u as we were scared that if our rivals came to knw abt u, thy wouldn’t have spared u. Finally u r back, we are so happy.
Twinkle was silently listening to them. Leela noticed it
L: twinkle, u r so silent…by the way I think u want to tell smething.
T:hmm ..Yes ma.
L: thats y u came na?
T: ma how u knw that?
L: i am ur mother na, I can understand anything hmm so tell me wt u want to tell.
T: i wanted to talk to u both abt marriage
L:hmm..y didn’t u like him?
T:ma it’s nt that, I. ..knw…u ppl will be angry…but….I dnt want to marry that guy….
Leela n rt were puzzled
Rt: u said, u r ok with it
T: papa, plz….I dnt want to marry him, as….I. …love kunj.
(How’s the twist!!!)

Rt: wt??
T: yes papa
Twinkle narrated how kunj saved frm goons, n even how he cares for her.
Sme hw she managed to convince her parents as leela also liked kunj, she also agreed. Mainly coz of twinkle.
Rt called all the family members to their room, including kunj.
Rt: kunj…it’s abt u nly?
Kunj was confused.
K: yes uncle
L: we have took a decision for twinkle as a family we want to share it to all of u.
Everyone was hearing
Rt: it’s about twinkles marriage with kunj.

Eveyone was happy to hear that as kunj had a nice relation with whole family. But kunj was shocked.
K: uncle wt ru telling?
L: sry kunj to take decision abt ur marriage without ur consent
K:maa…it’s nt like that.
Rt: kunj we knw that u love twinkle, n she is safe with u.
L: wt say kunj?
K: I am really happy to be a part of ur family, it’s my boon.
Rt: k, u call ur family we will talk to thm
K: uncle…
L: ji, we knw that he don’t have family, still u r talking abt it n kunj still u r considering us as others u r calling him uncle
K:oh sry ma
M: it’s k we are frm kunj side nly.

Everyone smiles n Usha went to bring sweets in night.
Kunj was looking at twinkle lovingly while she was blushing.

Precap: twinj romance n scenes. Bold twinkle again…nly infront of kunj.

Hope u ppl are enjoying it
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  1. Ramya


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    Woowwws roshini
    Awesome twist I loved it
    Twinkle loves kunj I’m happy
    Yaar just plsss asap
    Love u
    Keep smiling

  2. Priya23

    Oh god rosh…I love u yaar….what a epi….love to the core….its splendid… Love the twist very much…and yeah precep looks like out of imagination… Oh god I can’t wait 4 next part….plzzzzzzzzzzz post soon….luv u…..

  3. Chiku


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    Hey woaaahlovey😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍sooooo cute. Finally twinj together.
    Possst next sooon
    Love u💜

  4. Sushmitha

    Awesome twist roshini it was out of the world I’m at cloud nine right now I’m very desperate for the next plzzzzzzz post ASAP

  5. Twinjfan.tamanna


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    awesome epi rosh… I loved the epi… whT an twist!!! I loved the mother and daughter bonding… meri mom bi patha nahi kaise meri har baath samaj jaathi hai…

    love you

  6. Baby


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    ohhhhhhhhh god didu………..
    cant w8 for nxt episode post asap
    ohhhhh god yeaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………..wohhhhoooooooooo
    maza aayogyio mast che srsly luvd it soooooooo much
    m sooo happy well nailed it di luvd it
    cant w8 fr nxt eepisode plssss post asap didu……
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 😀

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