I was full of tashan But u was full of love -13


I was full of tashan but u was full of love-13

Kunj freshen up n rushed downwards to see what’s happening.
But he was late, before hw could cme the groom n his ppl were leaving, he was unable to see the person. He rushed down.

Rt: beta, did u like him?
L: we will go further nly if u agree…dnt hesitate tell ur opinion.
Twinkle looked at kunj who was hell tensed about twinkles reply.
She smiled looking at him
T: ha papa, he is so nice I am ready for marriage.

Everyone over thr was hell happy.
But one heart was dying thr.
U:oh…wait I will bring sweets fr u all.
L: very nice puttar, we will talk to them.so happy tat u agreed
Twinkle was smiling.
Eveyone was hell happy of course they will be coz the only kudi of thr family is getting married.
Twinkel was smiling at thr happiness n saw kunj who was in an utter shock.
His jaws were dropped.
C: Lo. .kunj hv the laddooo
Cherry stuffed sweet into kunj s mouth which was open.
He faked a smile n left the place.
Twinkel saw him going upstairs.

At balcony,
Kunj was sad n was looking at the sky, he was thinking smething.
Though he was lost in his thoughts as I told befr he has highly active senses .
He sensed sme one cming into the balcony n turned with with a jerk to see twinkle thr.
T: u missed kunj, u should hv seen him, he is so….
K: will u stop it? Plzzz
Kunj said calmly
Twinkle held his arm n made him turn towards her. She moves her fingers sensually on his face n jaw line.
T: what happened handsome? Did u lost ur love? U knw I hv told u that u wnt get me so easily I am twinkle…..simply u wasted ur time.
Kunj sensed smething n he freed himself frm her hand n with all force he pushed her away. Twinkle fell on the floor.
The glass of the window in balcony broke into pieces.
Within a second whole family gathered thr to see twinkle lying aside. Kunj helping her.
Confused! !!
Kunj sensed that sme one was targeting twinkle, as he was right he pushed twinkle away so that bullet hit the glass n glass broke.
Kunj immediately woke up n saw in all directions bt couldn’t find any one. He went towards twinkle n helped her to wake up n in the mean time family members came thr. Eveyone was tensed.
Leela rushed.
L: twinkle u r ok?? Na
T: ha ma I am fine.
She was looking at kunj all tell the time.
U: chal…twinkle let’s go to ur room.
They left with twinkel.
Only gents were left thr.
Mano:(tool bullet in his hand) I think this is him nly again?
He referred to arman
Rt: let’s go to police hurry…up
They both left but kunj was thinking smething that he knew that it was nt done by arman but it was someone else.

After kunj saved twinkle he came to knew abt arman. He immediately went to him n settled the scores with him so that he won’t harm the family again, it was settled.
K: so frm on I shouldn’t see u in their place.
A: do u think I am still mad abt that family aftr getting so much money n nice deal y should I go behind them?

Kunj deal was done.

*end of flashback*
K= who did this? Arman never dares to do this, it’s sme one else plan.

Other side twinkle was lost in her thoughts thinking abt kunj

Precap: no Precap awesome twist ahead.


Hope u ppl are enjoying it, thnks fr ur responses.
Urs lovingly

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  1. Hey rosh
    As usual awesome epi… I think its someone from family only is trying to kill twinkle I think so its manohar… Well damn excited for awesome twist… Try posting soon… Rosh try to give long epis plzz…

  2. Sohi

    Hey the episode was full of suspense I liked it very much I think twinkle is teasing kunj and eagerly waiting for awesome twist ?do continue one more thing iam also from south India can I know from which state you belong do tell me bye

  3. Sohi

    About attacker I think he is the rival of kunj as you said in first episode (Rajat tokas)

  4. Amazing roshini ur making me go crazy I’m loving ur ff and plzzzz post ASAP im too much eager for the next and r u on instagram if so can u plz tell me ur username

  5. Hi rosh di. ……..
    D epi was ??????????
    BT why z twinkle testing kunj so much…..I mean he s so cute …………she doesn’t need 2 test his love…..
    And thanks for being my friend…….Love u a lot ……..poSt next son. ………take care????

  6. Ramya

    Wowww roshini it was superb loved it
    Plsss asap
    I m eagerfr next one

  7. Hey rosh….its to good and nice…hope twinkle start to love kunj….I don’t any clue ki what happening next…but exited 4 the twist..well post soon…do cnt…luv u….

  8. SidMin

    Loved it too good and bechara Kunj he is doing so much for Twinkle 🙂 but Twinkle…
    post soon 🙂 love you 🙂

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome one rosh… I feel bad for kunj… waiting for next epi… post asap

    love you

  10. Anyone from u see akber birbel on big magic
    If anyone then pls tell that why a

  11. Anyone from u see akber birbel on big magic
    If anyone then pls tell that why akber replaced kiku was very good
    But new akber is very bad I don’t like him I want kiku back pls do sum thing

  12. Presha

    Awesome rosh love u muaaaaa ?

  13. Chiku

    Woaah nice onw????loved it soo I’ll vely
    Post soon
    Love u

  14. SidMin23

    Awesome episode and wonder what the twist could be.

  15. Aanya_pandey

    That ws really good 1 dear.. ?

  16. Hey Rosh, I’m silent reader of your ff but today for the first time commenting… sorry for not commenting on you previous episodes…

    N this epi was awesome n superb… so much suspense there is… hope twinkle loves kunj soon…. post next asap….
    lots of love


  17. Baby

    well my di very well knows i guess dat she will get my cmnt sooo she 😀 always thnks me
    thnku di hahahaaa seriously luvd d episode who was dis prsn i mean armaan is setlled ohhh a god di my rockstar a big twist matlab wooohhoooo….. 😀
    excited loved it…♥♥♥

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