I was full of tashan But u was full of love -12


I was full of tashan but u was full of love-12

Kunj was left blank…..
K: twinkle. …….he shouted.

He immediately ran behind the car to find her. He got into a bike
(Dnt think frm wr bike came,ff yaar)
He chased the car.
Twinkle was taken into a forest n she was dragged into a godown
Before that kunj came thr n hit the goons who were holding twinkle.
After a boom..fight.
Twinkle was completely sweating n she was standing in aside n was watching kunj’s fight.
Finally twinkle was saved by kunj.
Kunj came near twinkle.
K= u ok?
Twinkle nodded.
K= who are thy?
T= I dnt knw kunj
K= hmm k come lets go home.
Twinkle was eyeing at kunj lovingly he brought his bike n twinkle sat behind. They drove off
On the way twinkle was thinking abt kunj all the time how he saved n all she saw him riding through the rare mirror.
T=(thinks) how cute he is…he saved me. Moreover he loves me.

She put her hands around his waist. Kunj felt it n with a jerk he stopped the bike n looked back
T= what happened?
K= are u fine?
T= ya…
K= thn wts all this
Kunj pointing towards her hands which were around his waist.
Twinkle blushed.
K= oh…I knw I am so hot, but control urself twinkle. ..
T= oh. ..Mr. dnt fly ok….I am…
K= ah….u r….
T= what. ..nting.i am just holding u, if I fell down means….now will u take me home or wt.
K= as u say madam.

Twinj reached home.
In home eveyone were tensed.
As soon as thy came family gathered towards twinkle n were questioning abt her wellness…
Twinkle was sitting like a small kid thr with innocence.
Kunj was seeing the family s concern for her.

Rt= that’s y I kept u away frm all these…but…nw
Mano= I knw who did it…that arman.
Kunj=uncle whose arman?
Rt= the same guy who u beat wn we were cming frm airport.
K= oh..wts the prblm uncle? May I knw
Twinkle was looking at thm with eagerness to knw
Ma= he is our relative, very near once, due to sme financial prblms, the family splitted n thy went fr court for property but finally we won the case, his father k news that twinkel is the nly heir fr the property so thy r trying to kill her..thats y we sent her abroad wn she was small….
Kunj understood everything n thought of ending this matter.
Rt= again he nly, twinkle is nt safe here we hv to make her move
L= but…she came back aftr so many days….again u will take her far frm me.
U= wts thr to think leela, we will make her marry n she can be here nly with us, what say?

Kunj was shocked at the words wr as he looked at twinkle.
Twinkle too saw him n smirked at him.
T= ha…Ma I hv told u that I am ready fr marriage
Kunj was at the peaks of shock nw…
Everyone left
But kunj is strong willed.

Kunj’s pov:
I knw twinkle very soon u will start feeling fr me so that u will love me, I will get u at any cost.
I wil also see how will u marry anyone infront of me.
Only I hv that right, no one else can do that.

He smiles at his love.
*end of kunj s pov*

Next day,
Kunj woke up n came out, whole home were busy, heavy noises n busy busy thing.
He saw cherry n asked him
K= bhai, wt is going on here?any thing special?
C= oh. ..u dnt knw, today MEHRA family is cming with proposal to see twinkle.
Kunj who was still is sleepy mode became active listening to it.
K= what??
Yesterday itself thy week talking abt it, so early…..
C= what early,? ?
Cherry heard car sounds outside n left the place.
Kunj was left confused thr, he didn’t knew kW wt to do….

He rushed to twinkles room who was getting ready.
He banged the door and opened it.
Twinkle saw him n smiled.
T= how am I looking? Kunj
This made him more frustrated still he spoke normally coz he can’t be angry in his love.
K= so u r marrying that duffer?
T= I think his name is nt duffer…mom told smething else.
K= stop it twinkle, u knw wt I am saying….
T= oh is it?
Twinkle moved towards him n pinned kunj to the door, she locked it, she sensually ran her fingers on his face.
T= y ru so angry baby? Chill na it’s normal thing.
K=so….so….u dnt want to marry him?
Kunj asked stammeringly.

T= oh. ..did I say that?
Kunj was thinking twinkle faked like thinking n pushed him on the bed n ran away opening the door.
K= I hv to do smething…but wt she told, I didn’t understand.

He got ready n rushed downwards.

Precap: rt: twinkle did u like him?
T= haa…papa.

So hw was it…nly 10 cmnts…hmm..k frnds it’s fine i will finish this ff n thn I wil continue othr one.nly few more chapters to go…

Urs lovingly

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