I was full of tashan But u was full of love -11

I was full of tashan but u was full of love-11

At dinning table:
Kunj was happy with the family, leela signed him to have food. He nodded n wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.
L: twinkle beta, get ready tmrw mrng we are going to temple.
Twinkel nodded without looking up.
Kunj who was observing all these felt wired abt twinkle but just brushed away his thoughts as he knew that she is from abroad n don’t knw the centi s over here.

Kunj slightly tapped his feet on twinkles n moved his feet on hers sensually.
Twinkle who was busy hving food was chocked.
She made a cute pout.
For God’s sake no one saw her, except kunj who was smiling with his head down.
Twinkle looked at him n she too started to respond by moving her feet on his leg sensually, kunj was surprised. He looks up n smiles at her, twinkel also cutely smiles at him.
With in a second she tapped her feet on him with all her force.
K: ouch…….
He screamed
Rt:kunj…wt happened
T:i think smething went into him, y u wanna rush kunj, have slowly
Twinkle said dramatically acting like she did nting
Leela rushed to him.
L:be careful beta.
She offered him glass if water n carased his head.
Kunj smiled n had tears in his eyes, he nodded n drank water.
K: I never felt the love of family, I wish I had a family life this.
L: who told u that u dnt hv family, do u still think that u r nt in this family? Never say that agn
Kunj nodded wiping his tears.
Everyone had dinner n left.

At twinkles room
Twinkle on phone:
Haa….ya I am fine, not totally bt soon I will be fine, ya my parents are planning for marriage let’s see wt happens…..
She notices her parents cming into her room.
T: i will call u latr, bye
She kept the phone.
L:twinkle, we hv to talk smething
T:yes mom
Rt:twinkel, I knw u were in abroad n missed us a lot…but..
T: i knw dad, u ppl want me to marry.
RT n leela were little shocked
Rt: soo.u knw that, shall we fix marriage
T: as u wish dad, I am ready.
Leela was happy.
L:my princess, I thought u will deny as u were brought up abroad, but… u…accepted
T:ma, I am ur princess na, ur happiness is mine.
RT : i told na She will be fine soon.
L:ya she is my princess, my daughter.
They both were abt to leave twinkles room
L:twinkle, sleep soon, tnrw mrng we hv to go to gurudwar to take blessings.
T: k ma.
She smiled n twinkle slept.

Next day mrng,
Whole family got ready to leave to gurudwar even kunj.
Eveyone came to gurudwar they went inside the place n prayed.
L: my daughter got a nice proposal, bless her.
She asked the priest
Usha: twinkle pray well so that u can fly back with ur husband soon.
Twinkle smiled n prayed to god.

They came out of the temple n twinkle saw kunj serving food for ppl.
Leela told kunj to serve food for poor ppl so that it is good fr him.
Twinkle also went to him to serve food. Aftr serving food thy all came out.
Rt: cherry…wr is cherry?
Mano: haa wr this guy went? Oh….
L: wt happened ji?
Rt: cherry….wr this boy Went? Who will get the car?
K: uncle, if u dnt mind I will get it.
Usha: u…no kunj. It’s k, let’s wait.
K: ma, u told I am like this family thn y should I do that?
Uncle keys…
RT smiled n gave him car keys.
K: but….wr the car??
T:kunj…come i will show.

Both twinj left
K:ohh. ..u r being so sweet, it seems smething is going to happen.
T: wt??
K: Haa. .wn ever u wil be sweet to me thn I feel that sme disaster I going to happen
T:y u r feeling like that
K:Haa. ..first time wn I saw u, I was injured, next time in plane wn u kissed me, immediately one fight, nw….? God knws wts cooking up…
Twinkle makes frustrated face n moves ahead, kunj was smiling at her.
Immediately a car came n dragged her into the car n left within a fraction of second.
Kunj was left blank…..

Precap: kunj saves twinkel…..revelation of arman…


HOPE u ppl r liking it….not getting cmnts….do support frndss…

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    The episode was quite interesting waiting for the revelation eagerly twinj moments were cute do continue and post soon

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  4. Today’s episode was damn interesting I loved it to the core I’m very eager for the next post asap plsssss

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  6. Woww the episode is very nice…luv it very much….Twinj scene was sooo cute….but who kidnapped twinkle???… Plsss post next epi soon dear…. Do cnt….

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    Thank God u finally posted this ff… I was missing it like hell… Its just amazing… TwiNj moving their feet sensually on each other tho???? precap seems scary… Who might have dragged twinkle and went? Wanna know answer soon… Plz post next as soon as possible…

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