I was full of tashan but u was full of love -10


I was full of tashan but u was full of love-10

Leela was deeply hurt by twinkles behaviour.
She felt smething wierd abt her twinkle but as a mother she couldnt accept it.
As she learnt that twinkle was completely brought up in abroad so she isn’t aware of family n love soo it will take time to adjust over here.


At night, dinner table.
Leela n Usha were making preparations for food.
Usha: cherry, go n call eveyone for dinner.
C: haa ma, I have called everyone.
At that time, RT came thr.
R:have u called kunj..
C:oh I forgot.
At that time twinkle came thr with a disgusted face n She heard everything
T: its k cherry, u sit I will call him
C:k twinki.
Eveyone sat n twinkle moved upstairs

Twinkles pov:
I don’t knw why this ppl r so stupid like they want have food altogether with so much of bla bla n all, god plz save me from this bladdy trap. I should nt have come here. I thought like these ppl will be so matured n forward bt…..
God!! So stupid these ppl are

But suddenly I felt like falling I closed my eyes.
Oh wts wrong with me, am I fine?
I couldn’t understand wt was wrong with me as I opened my eyes I found myself on kunj, our faces were so close.

Then within a fraction of second I remembered that as I was busy abt my thoughts I hd entered his room n kunj was standing near bed n unknowingly I bumped into him as I knew how fastly I was walking. We both fell on the bed. I over him.
His eyes were little confused I can read that.
As I was about to woke up kunj held me by my waist.

*End of twinkles pov*

Kunj s pov :
I felt like I am on heaven, normally if a girl falls on boy it will be like no bounds for happiness but what if the girl whom I love like anything will fall on me. No more words to express it, for the first time I came to know the meaning of infinity.
That infinite feelings were in me.
I couldn’t controll as she was so near to me n more over she is soo beautiful.
I tightened my grip on her waist. She seemed little tensed but those eyes showed too much if tashan.
‘I know I am so hot, but it doesn’t mean that u can always fall on me like this,’ I spoke slowly.
She frowned.
‘Oh, hello don’t boost urself’ she said with little anger in her voice.
K let out a small laugh n asked her’So y ru here? To be with me like this’?
I moved little further to her
We were so close that even air had no space btwn us. We could feel eo breathes n our lips were only few millimeters apart.
‘Vo…vo…’ she slowly spoken with nervousness.

* end of kunj s pov*

Twinkles pov:
I was lost in his deep back eyes, my throat was searching for words.
I murmered
I was lost n couldn’t controll myself n i motioned towards his lips n i was about to touch his lips by mine, I looked at him, he closed his eyes as he understood my potentials.
As I was about to lock his lips when….
Wait…what the hell am I doing.
I moved back n pushed him away n tried to wake up.
‘Actually I came to call u for dinner, everyone Is waiting down, come soon,’ I said him in one go without making any eye contact n left the place.

I was thinking like wt was wrong with me, is he that attractive.
Ya…of course twinkle he is hot n handsome, no girl can controll herself wn he is that near.
He is a man who each girl wants.
He is nt wt I think….damh hai!!!

‘Twinkle, come soon’ my dad called me as I was lost in thoughts.
I motioned towards dinner table n sat.
*end of twinkles pov*

RT n leela with cherry manohar n Usha were sitting on the table. Twinki sat next to cherry n a seat was empty for kunj next to her.
Leela: did u call kunj?
T: yes ma, he is cming
Cherry:Lo….he came.
Kunj came down n sat next to twinki with a broad smile on hs face.
Food was served.
L: kunj did u like the food?
K:aunty, really food is so nice, I never had a tasty food like this.
Usha: it’s Indian special food
Manohar: so wt does ur parents do kunj?

Kunj was silent everyone looked at him.
K:actually I am an orphan. With my efforts I did my own efforts n settled in abroad. I don’t knw what family is? I never had moms food
He said with a heavy heart.
Leela:never say that kunj, we all are here na
Rt:ya never think that u r alone, frm today I r also a part of this family.
Kunj literally had tears in his eyes listening to all this.

Precap: thoda aur family centi….

Hope u all liked the romance a swell as family emotions share ur views…..
Next epi depends on ur number of cmnts nly. ..

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