I was full of tashan but u was full of love -08

I was full of tashan but u was full of love-08

Twinkle said I hate u to kunj n pushed him away
As kunj was pushed he let out a faint laugh n replied,’ whatever it may be, u r fated to be with me, get ready my love’.
Twinkel was frustrated.
‘What do u think of u, haaa?’ She asked moving towards him.
‘Now I wil tell u,’ kunj held her hand tightly and dragged her towards the way out.
‘Leave me…leave me….lea..’ twinkle was shouting but was. stopped when she saw her family.
‘Dad….’ she exclaimed.
She ran towards her dad and hugged him as kunj let her go.
‘Hw ru? BETA’ RT asked.

Twinkle just nodded her head signalling she is fine.

Kunj s pov:

Oh my god!!This girl is such a big drama queen, she kissed the unknown man like me and see now hw innocently such he is behaving with her father. Kunj u have to be carefull with her as u hv to live rest of ur life with this drama queen.

My chain of thoughts broke when her father asked about me.
Whose he? He asked pointing at me.
‘ don’t knw papa, he just saved me’. She replied casually like we met fr the first time.

Oh my God such a big lie, I thought.

‘Yes, uncle ji we met here nly, I don’t knw her, I neither even met her in plane nor even she kis….’ I was cut by twinkle before I could complete.

‘Ohh….ki.. ki….thankqqq so much ji.. ‘ she interrupted me giving me a death glare, while I winked at her.

‘Thankq very much beta,by the way ur name??’ Her father asked me
“What u do?”
How can I tell him that I belong to mafia, I thought fr a while n replied. ‘ uncle, I am a nomad, I work, I get money, i travel and I move on..thats it’ I answered.

I think my answer satisfied him to one extent.
‘Papa, shall we leave,’ twinkle asked.

Her father nodded and they bid me bye and were leaving me thr alone. I wanted to go with her as I came nly fr her.suddenly I thought of smething n i screamed, Ouchhhhh!!!!
They turned to me while rt uncle came towards me but my lovely was having a suspicious look on me.

‘What happened kunj’ He asked.
‘Its all because of ur daughter uncle, see I fought with that guy n i don’t knw when I got hurt.ahh…god it’s paining.’ I acted.

He was concerned about me, while my lovely twinkle was suspecting me.
‘Let him go papa come we will leave’ she said looking at me arrogantly
‘Twinki, how can u say this,he helped u and u r telling to leave him. It s our responsibility to take care of kunj, he turned towards me and said, come with us kunj.

He helped me to walk,all the time twinkle was glaring at me like as she wanted to kill me. I looked at her cute angry face which was like a red tomato and winked at her.

This enraged her and she rushed to the car and banged the car door.
Uncle made me to sit in his car and we left to my sasural with Mr Darling drama queen twinkle. Heheheh..

Precap:twinkles changed behaviour and boldness hurts family people. Twinkles tashan and kunj s love….why twinkle was brought up in abroad?? About arman.

Hope u all are liking it.
Share ur views n do cmnt.

Last one only 10 comments….chooooooooooo chaaadddddd for me.
But I thank all of u ppl who canted n supporting me.
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Thankqqq ppl

P.S: angita u told that the epi is terrific, plz tell me whether it’s a positive or negetive cmnt I couldn’t get it if possible plz elaborate ur cmnt thankqqqq

Urs lovingly

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