I was full of tashan but u was full of love -06

I was full of tashan but u was full of love-06

The guy woke up with attitude and dragged that paper from twinkles hand.
‘Get ready to kiss me,’ He said.
Twinkle gave out a faint laugh n replied, ‘Let’s see.’

As the guy turned to move for one end, twinkle snapped at him as he turned, all most all ppl on flight were watching this daring stunt scene.
‘What if u lose?’ She asked him.
He seemed confused more rather he was nervous, it was clearly visible on his face. He just threw his hand in air. As he was already regretting for flirting with twinkle. Everyone over thr was gazing at him like a new species.

‘Hmmm….k I will only tell, u have to apologise me for all this scene by holding my feet’ she said.
I admired her for this act, though it was foolishness she had a lesson to teach to that guy.

He just nodded and left. He was completely defeated from inside moreover the ppl were gazing him, he was hell nervous n feared of failure. That thought itself made him to lose the bet.

He was finally unable to do it. Not even few steps the tissue was on tge floor.With a shamefull face he motioned towards twinkle.

Ye twinkle bhi na, full attitude queen, she pointed her hand towards her feet. That guy unwillingly finally apologised her.

Sorry, he uttered between his teeth. I could sense anger in his voice. All clapped for twinkle this made him more angry, simply he headed towards washroom as he had no face to show fr ppl around him.

Twinkle was smiling endlessly with full attitude.

‘I wanna give it a try,’ I stood up and said
All were shocked at my dare even twinkle but she gave out a casual laugh.

,Mr. Why u wanna try this? Chill… u hv already seen that guy. ‘ she said.

‘Who will miss a chance to kiss a gorgeous girl like you miss.’ I asked her n winked at her.
The whole plane ooooed n hooted for me.
Twinkle was frustrated by this,’ ok fine.. same punishment if u fail,’ she said crossing her arms.

I nodded and took the tissue and headed towards one end.
I knew how to play this coz I used to play it when I was a kid,we used to throw balloon and blew it. Moreover I am nt feared of failure like the previous guy.

I took the paper on my hand blew it, it went smewt high hit the roof n came down n i knew the simple science in it, we just have to blow it in 45′ angle. So it will take a parabolic path and continues its motion.
Finally I did it, everyone were watching with interest. I reached the end when whole flight clapped fr me. I caught the paper n bowed a little as a reply from thr wide applause and I moved towards my lady love.

She was completely sweating. I could make it out.
‘What? Nervous? U should be thinking abt utter befr u threw the bet,’ I said.

Suddenly her face turned anger n attitude was visible.
She motioned towards my lips n she closed her eyes. As she was about to kiss me i placed my finger on her lips n pushed her a little.

She gave a what the hell wala look
I smiled at her n addressed everyone on the flight

‘Hello everyone, may be most of the ppl present over here are Indians n the land of India is known fr its culture n traditions, this is not our culture so I request this so called girl not spoil Indian culture being an Indian by doing all these cheap things in public.’ I said n everyone clapped for me which lasted fr few minutes.
I saw twinkle who made a disgusted face n sat in her seat.

I too went back to my seat and the announcement was made for landing the flight.
After a while the flight landed and she didn’t utter a word. She felt defeated n more ashamed than that guy.
Eveyone left the flight as she was waiting fr everyone to leave. As usual I was waiting fr her

I know that she was an Indian but she isn’t aware of this culture as she was brought up in abroad from her childhood away from her parents. I wanted to apologise her fr wt I did.
I went to her

‘U need to pay fr this,this is my promise,I will take revenge and I mean it, I will never break my promise u better remember it,Mr. ‘, she said with anger.
I thought for a while as I was bit shocked at her rudeness. She was about to go I held her hand n pulled her towards me, still rude eyes wanted to kill me.

‘Soo u won’t break ur promise then what about the kiss which u promised me a while ago.’ I asked.

‘How mean???’ She replied.
‘Actually I don’t want ur kiss I knw hw to take it from u, miss attitude,’ I said motioning towards here.
Her hands protested me.
‘U promised as u said u won’t break it’ I asked.

She looked up at me with lots of tashan she kissed me on my lips. It was a peck lasted fr few seconds, it wasn’t deep one.
I was shocked by her act n i sat wr ever I was, I could see her moving out of the flight.

I was lost in her. I love her god. She kissed me….I was on television peaks of happiness, all bounds fr happiness were broke at that moment.

I was out of this world until a flight attended came to me n told me to move.

Ohh….sry sry I said n ran out of flight to find her.

Precap: twinkle kidnapped.

Hope u all lied it, if so share ur views.
I did my practical very well thankq all
Next epi on Tuesday

Untill them byr
Urs lovingly

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  1. Amazing mindblowing marvellous wowwww so much of tashan yar u r rocking my sis

  2. Awesome epi… It was very nice… Love the way they kissed… Nd OMG!!! This much bold twinkle! Loved it…

  3. Awesome epi… It was very nice… Love the way they kissed… Nd OMG!!! This much bold twinkle! Loved it….

  4. Chiku

    Awesome ??❤️❤️??❤️
    Waiting for next one

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous epi

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    Mindblowing …..superb loved ir

  7. Wow superb epi.. kunj rocked? twinkle shocked? ?? haha loved this tashan wala scene n their kiss.. waiting for the next ❤

  8. Adya

    Ohh my god rosh di…..it was just fabbbbbbbbb…..
    Nd the kiss was too gud….loved it …each nd every part was awesome….
    Luv u di

  9. omg…… wow…fab..
    lots of love ???

  10. Awesom…amazing…luved it…
    Post soon

  11. Awesome……

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    Loved it Twinj peck 🙂 Loved it 🙂

  13. Awesome plzzz try to post nxt asap

  14. Ramya

    Awesome loved it n science I hate it so mujhe vo zyada samaj nhi hai lekhin finally kunj rocked n it was amazing bechari TWINKL n their was amazing loved it dear n love u

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