I was full of tashan but u was full of love -04

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I was full of tashan but u was full of love-04

Fine then, I will make all arrangements fr my frnd prince to meet his princess..she said with a broad smile.
I just nodded n internally my heart was popping like anything, as she left I was blushing like hell.

I packed all my stuff as Maya was busy with arranging my tickets. I took my luggage and rushed to airport. I got into my flight and settled down.
As I was very eager to meet my lady love.

I opened the file which Maya had given me. Her name is twinkle.
The only daughter of taneja s ,a famous business tycoon in India. A very well educated and prestigious family,she was the only heir.
But she is staying in Bangkok from past 15 yrs,I don’t know why?
What’s wrong with me?I am kunj being a mafia person how can I run behind like this for a girl.
Hmmm obviously twinkle is really beautiful. I still remember when I saw her for the first time.

First time wn I saw her she was in the coffee shop, I was thr fr a business deal. She sat just opposite to me in her short white colour one piece dress, she was sipping her coffee n was enjoying music being played in background.
Suddenly the deal went wrong with money matters n the opposite ppl started firing, I knew smething like this will happen coz I am in this field from past 7 yrs.

I readily opened my coat took out the guns n shot one round.
I shot the person infront of me n jumped on him as I landed near twinkle. She was shocked, the first time I felt smething pain in my heart, she was full of fear,frowns were visible on her head,she looked confused. Immediately she took her bag n ran out of the cafe. I just saw her running out.

Maya who was with me was shocked at my expressions in such a dangerous situation. I was smiling endlessly as my hand rested on my heart.

May be it’s love at first fight. It sounds wierd but was a new moment of my life.
After that many times I saw twinkle on roadsides, shopping malls,even in some parties with her friends…
Many times I met her accidentally, but everytime the feel was same in case it became more intense. Finally my heart decided that I fell for her at the very first sight but my brain was nt ready to accept as I knw who I am. I am the mafia don, how can I fall in love? But my heart overruled my brain n said that even don is also a human that to a man, real man will go behind women,that’s the rule.
Though I agreed with my heart I wanted to test it again so I decided that if I again see her by the act of destiny then I believe that I am in love,if not then no worries.

Many days passed I couldn’t see her anywr, I thought she was not meant fr me but when I went to warn Rajat luthra that day, I saw her, the lady of my love again.
She was thr in his office, I don’t know what work she was doing thr, coz his office also included many shopping stalls. I was happy and I just thanked god for his blessings on me and loved destiny fr it’s wonderful act.

Finally I am in love, kunj is in love. As I was dreaming about her the flight landed in Dubai.
And I rushed out to catch my next flight to India as well as my love.
Cause she was on that flight.

I rushed n checked in. My stomach was cautioning me for food thought I didn’t cared and sme hw I caught the flight. And finally I am in. Heyyyyy hurrayyyyyy!!!!

Precap: kunj thanks Maya for her help while he gets the biggest shock of his life when twinkle challenges a guy on the flight and bets that she will kiss him if he wins

Soo lovely ppl hw was it, did u all liked it
Told na twinkle is double bold n highly forwarded as she was brought up in abroad n is nt aware of Indian customs n traditions.
Lets see what will happen
Do share ur views

P.S: my othr ff twinj immortal struggling love will be uploaded this Monday as Friday n Saturday I am having my practicals. As well as author recognition is going on here so i am nt supposed to post my ff.n titanic love story is fixed as per ur wish. If possible I will post tmrw

Urs lovingly

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    Loved it ?
    Precap is superb Bold Twinkle
    Twibkle rocked Kunj shocked ?

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  4. Awesomeee.. loved kunj’s flashback.. and twinkle soo boldd? never thought her to be like that.. do cont soon ❤❤

  5. Ramya

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