I was full of tashan but u was full of love -03

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Let’s go into epi,sry I couldn’t write longer as I am going to dhandiya in evening my college has organised it. So no time all hurries.

I was full of tashan but u was full of love-03

At Luthras office
Rajat is full of anger.
‘I need full details about kunj immediately’. He ordered his secretary.

Secretary just nodded and left.

Rajat=Kunj….this time u won. But next time I won’t let u win. U need to pay for this loss. I will pay u back just wait and watch. From now u will suffer every moment of life as u did a big mistake by hurting my ego again and again as u know no one tolerates anything if thr ego is hurt. It’s Rajat s payback time.

He smiles evily.
As he was in his evil thoughts his secretary came back.

R=hmm tell
S=kunj is an orphan whose parents belong to INDIA as he lost his parents in a terror attack. His father was a business man here. After that kunj was brought up alone. He did his graduation but no one knows why he entered this field of mafia. He has a friend called Maya who always assist him. She is also an orphan.
Kunj had done many deals and achieved this position. He owns 3 hotels, 2 major casinos and all other casino s are under his controll only.
R=hmm…a graduate?? Intrsting
That’s it
S=yes sir
R=any affairs?
S=no sir
R=u may leave

Secretary leaves.
R=I know many things about u kunj, I know u r very well aimed person . UR goal never misses. U don’t knw what’s fear is coz u knw the pain of life. U believed in ur self n don’t care anyone.
Lets catch up soon kunj.
Untill then enjoy.

He smiles evily.

Kunj s mansion

Kunj’s pov:
I was on my phone busy with some business calls. While Maya came towards me. Seeing her I cut my call saying’call u later’ to the person on the other side.

Sorry kunj,we couldn’t trace her out,replied Maya. Making me go mad and wild.
I bursted out, what?? Couldn’t u find a girl?? What the work ru ppl doing??? Haaa. ???

Sorry kunj plz think once what I said. I said we couldn’t trace her as she was on her flight,said Maya trying to controll her laugh.

Whatever?? U ppl r useless. I replied restlessly. But for once took back my words,i understand what Maya meant.

I looked at Maya with a puzzled look. She laughed out and passed me a file. I gave her a death glare for which she laughed again.

I too smiled at my craziness for a girl and took that file n opened it.
Twinkle…. that name attracted me a lott. With a soft smile I went through her biodata.

Hmmm..wrs she now?? I asked
She is on her dubai flight and then back to India, to her home.
After 16 yrs she is going back to her family. Don’t knw the reason. May be she was here for studies, said Maya

I have to be on her flight from dubai, make the arrangements as soon asked s possible,I ordered.

Maya looked puzzled.
What?? I asked.
To which she came out her world of questions and said, that’s it kunj. It’s clear that u r in love, the wild hearted mafia man kunj is in love. Am I right na?? Yes i am right as I knw u well,she said teasing me.

As I heard her I blushed n just nodded my head.
Fine then, I will make all arrangements fr my frnd prince to meet his princess..she said with a broad smile.
I just nodded n internally my heart was popping like anything, as she left I was blushing like hell.


Precap:how kunj came across twinkle??? Will he able to catch her on flight???

Hope u ppl r enjoying it, thanks fr ur love n do share ur views abt it everything is welcomed.

Next epi will e uploaded soon as I hv gap for my next practicals

Bye lovely ppl

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  1. Adya

    Rosh di….. beautiiiiiiifuuuuullll nd aweeessssooooommmmmeeeee episode….loved it….love u di

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    Amazing roshini loved it n twinj will meet in next episode I hope so can’t wait plss cont soon

  3. Cant wait for nxt episode….. Post soon……
    Loved it vry much…..

  4. SidMin

    Loved it Kunj is in love with Twinkle already ?????????????????
    Post soon and I knew you would do well in your exam after all you are my sis? i was joking love you try posting soon ??

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    Really liked it

  6. Amazing roshni very interesting

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  8. Awesome epi.. waiting to knw how raja will payback kunj.. I knw he won’t succeed??.. maya-kunj part was amazing.. the way she teased him??.. Nd good to knw u did well in ur practical paper 🙂 do cont soon ❤❤

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    Amazing….. awesome episode…..
    A wonderful piece of writing…..
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  12. Amazing epi… Sorry for the late comment actually i have exams so that’s why i’m lil busy…

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    Roshini I am so sorry I couldnt comment on ur previous parts….but I have read them nd they are just amazing
    Eagerly waiting for d story to proceed further continue soon

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