I was full of tashan but u was full of love -02

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This is a short one of 10 episode that’s it.
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I was full of tashan but u was full of love-02

Rajat was shocked seeing kunj in his office. kunj entered the room and a bodyguard ran towards kunj to hit him.
Without jerk kunj took out his gun and without aiming he dead shot the bodyguard.
Rajat was more shocked. Kunj came and sat opposite to him with full of attitude and gave a smile which made him more angry.

Firstly congratulations for ur loss,kunj said with a smile.
How dare.. before Rajat could complete kunj cut him. He stood up by banging his fist on the table near by and spoke with anger.

Listen I am here to speak, u should listen, better you leave my place right now,obviously u dnt have any choice after facing such a big loss…u hv already seen my capacity and much shocked at my entry. This is kunj..kunj s empire. No one can touch this,he said tapping his chest with little anger on his face.

He snaps his fingers towards the Secretary and said, take ur man to hospital with in 10 min orelse he may really die.
Secretary guy came out of the shock and rushed towards the bodyguard and hurried him to hospital.

Good bye, Mr. Luthra, I never wanna cu again in my empire
He ordered and left the place.
Rajat sat there frustrated.

While kunj came back to his mansion and went to his office in his mansion. Maya was there already.

‘So kunj…200 crores is our profit by this deal’, she said with a smile.
‘Hmmm,nice jackpot,’ kunj replied settling in his chair.
But how? She asked.
‘Its simple that man planned match fixing and he bribed all the officials over there so I directly went to the cricketers and purchased all the cricketers n fixed deal with them that’s it.’ He said with a short smile.
‘Genius man,’ Maya replied.

‘By the way Maya, I want complete details of this girl within evening’, he said showing a pic of a beautiful girl in his phone.

‘OK, I will get it. Burlt something wiers haa…First time you are asking about a girl, what’s the matter kunj…everything fine na?’ Maya asked intentionally with a husky smile.

‘No…Maya..no..nting like that, just it’s a part of business…or…, kunj was struggling for words.

As Maya said,or…love??
Kunj blushed litely.

Oh god, you are blushing,hmmm ok within noon I will get her details.
She said and walked out of the room.
Kunj opened the pic of that girl and smiled endlessly like a fool.

Precap: kunj in search of that girl. Whose she?? Is he in love? ??
What s Rajat s next step??

Hope u ppl liking it do share ur views.
Will be waitING
Haa my other ff IMMORTAL STRUGGLING LOVE wil be posted tmrw night as tnrw mrng i hv practicals.

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  1. Baby Doll

    Firstly, ur most welcome…
    Secondly, very nice episode and post the next part soon can’t wait to read it 😘☺

  2. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it awesome 🙂 Kunj Don ke roop meh bhi cute hai 🙂 I think no no I am sure the girl is Twinkle 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  3. Sidhanshi

    Awesome epi like always… Nd ahhhaaa someone is in love… Kunj the don is in love… I’m sure that the girl is twinkle… Loved it… Waiting for the next epi…

  4. SidVee

    Amazing epi.. kunj😍😍😍 he looks cute in this attitude also.. I think that girl is twinkle.. best of luck for ur practical 🙂

  5. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Amazing episode yrr….. awesome one….
    Excited for the next one…. that girl is Twinkle only…..a guess of mine… let’s see who actually comes out to be….

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