Full On Love (Inspired From Infinite) (Episode -1)


Character Sketch

Sharad Malhotra-He is business tycoon.He is CEO of Malhotra industry.He loves his sweet wife Tanvi.His age is 28.

Shanaya Malhotra:She loves Sharad very much and can do anything for him.Her age is 25.

Rudra Mehra:He is villi an of the story.He loves Shanaya and wants her at any cost.

Shanaya is sitting and thinking about Sharad when he comes and hugs her from back.

Sharad:Shanaya what are out thinking?

Shanaya:Thinking about you.

She turns towards him.

Sharad:If thinking about me then come on bed.

He takes her in his arms and lays her on bed and starts kissing her on neck.Then he is about to untie her blouse when Shanaya stops him and says

Shanaya:Not now.

Sharad:Okay if you are not ready then I will not force you.

Shanaya:Sharad you are really a understanding husband.

Shanaya kisses his cheek.Sharad hugs her and says

Sharad:When you will be ready then only we will consummate.

Shanaya thinks

Shanaya:I love you Sharad and want to become all yours but I need some time.I will not make you wait?

Sharad says

Sharad:Shanaya now come get ready.


Sharad:Jaan we have to go to party.

Shanaya:Okay I will get ready perfectly.

Sharad:If you will not get ready properly also then also you will look most hot girl of the party.

Shanaya blushes and hugs Sharad.

After sometimes Shanaya and Sharad leave for party.They reach the party and meet their friends.Rudra is also their in same party and thinks

Rudra:You took my Shanaya away from me now I will not leave you and will take my Shanaya.

Rudra comes to Sharad and Shanaya.

Rudra:Hi Sharad and Shanaya.

Sharad:Hi Rudra.

Rudra:So looking handsome today.

Shanaya:My lovely husband always looks handsome.

She catches Sharad’s arm.Seeing this Rudra gets jealous.

Rudra:Yeah Shanaya you are right.

Rudra goes from there.

Sharad whispers to Shanaya’s ears

Sharad:Shanaya you are very hot and I can’t control myself.

Shanaya blushes and says

Shanaya:But you have to wait.

Credit to: Siddhi

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