Fugitive Bride (Prologue) Couple: Raglak

Hi guys. I ‘m writing fanfiction first time. I hope your like it. Okay. Let’s start.

Two person. One Story. Different lives.

Ragini: She a thief. She is a poor. She makes a robbery and make a money. Now, she making robbery but She become a bride. Because she found a rich man. Great idea. But Her plan is breaking down. What do she do now? Surely she will flee.

Laksh: He also escaped but not wit Ragini. His parents force someone to marry with Swara. Surerly He will flee. Well, What do he do now?

Sanskaar: He is a rich man. Handsome and he loves Ragini. What will he do when she runs away? Of course, he will catch hers.

Swara: Nice girl. Pretty girl but she is a little psychopat. What will she do when he runs away? Of course, she will catch him.

Would you like romance action and comedy ? At that case read this story.

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  1. Jayanti

    nice prologue..really waiting for the first part and raglak meeting…next part asap…keep it up

  2. Aanchal

    Haha interesting prologue

  3. Nice… Waiting for Raglak meeting…

  4. Bbcqueen77

    Thank you so much!

  5. A.xx

    amazing waiting for first part xx

  6. Mintu


  7. Interesting and plz continue. Eagerly waiting for Raglak face off

  8. IQRA222

    HelloHello didu the. ProloguePrologue was awesome cant wait for the episode and a warm welcome to TU añd RAGLAK Pardise

  9. Super super super
    Post it


  11. Lovely7


  12. Bela

    And what would I do if you don’t update the next part quickly?
    Of course, I will catch you!?????


  13. Asra

    interesting dear….waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

  14. Superb dear

  15. Asw

    Nice interesting keep going

  16. Awesome

  17. Astra

    haha.. interesting

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