Hello everyone… I am haritha again with an os..
Life is a journey… in that journey we will meet so many people.. but some of them goes away from us.. some of them get close to our Iife.. all of u are thinking now whom I am taking about right.. I am talking about my wife.. I don’t knew is she is my wife or not… because we not started our Iife… don’t get confused… I married her… but still we are two different people… she lives in her world I am in mine.. actually we both don’t interfere in Each other which doesn’t mean I hate her… which doesn’t mean I love her… I don’t knew who is she for me… and is she has any role in my life… sorry I forget to tell my name… I am abhishek prem Mehra the famous rock star.. and the person whom I am talking about is my wife.. pragya abhishek mehra… k now let me tell about how all this happen… as I mentioned you all I am a rock star… I loves my fan a lot… one day I got a letter from one of my fan… it was a wedding invitations.. my fan invited for her grand daughters wedding.. which means she is a rock star Dadi… actually I like dadis very much… because for my life I really grateful to my dadi… so if I see any dadis of that age I respect her and loves her… as I got invitation… I wish to go to that marriage… I goes there with my dadi… it was not huge as well as grand function… but it was simple and cute… when I reached there my rockstar Dadi was too happy… iam too happy that there I saw a loving family… maa… dadi… ek bahan like bulbul… I sit on the front row along with my dadi… it’s time for marriage… bride sat on mandap… but groom is not there… groom eloped with his girlfriend… it was so bad condition… as the bride’s face was covered I can’t see her… but when she knew about it… she uncovered her face… it was at the first time I am seeing pragya… my first sight itself with her teary eyes… I feel too bad at that condition… I saw sad in my rock star dadis face and at my dadis face too… it was at that moment… my dadi requested me for one thing… that too at first time… I hear her words.. she told me marry pragya… I don’t knew what to do. As I can’t neglect my dadis face… as maa bulbul rock star dadi hear this they too happy… so I decided to marry her.. I don’t knew whether they ask for her permission… or emotionally blackmailed her… we got married… I still remember her eye gaze at the time I hold her hands for pheras.. I saw tears rolling through her face while I make her wear magalsuthra and kumkum… may be she must be sad… we reached our house… as I have no one except my dadi in my house… she enter with all rituals… I saw happiness in my dadis face which make me happy.. ya it’s our first night today… as we don’t knew each other… it was so difficult for us to be in one room.. I saw her fear when I enter to that room… I told her that I Will be lies on this couch… you can on that bed.. she thanks me… that night get over… on next day she calls me with coffee… do you what she calls me suniye… it was the best coffee I ever had… I thank her..

Pr: suniye… I have to ask you one thing… sorry can you tell your name?
Do you knew what I felt at that moment… but I like her innocence in it…
Ab: I am abhishek prem mehra… a rock star…
Pr: sorry.. I usually don’t hear music..
Ab: don’t you like it or any reason..
Pr: nothing like that… but from now onwards I will hear your music…
Ab: look chashmish… sorry can I call you like that..
Pr: it’s k.. you can..
Ab: chasmish… I am not compelling you anything… don’t change yourself for me… just behave and have like what you are… I knew it was too difficult for both of us.. but what to do..
Pr: suniye…
Ab; my name is not suniye… you can call me abhi
Pr: abhi… I knew because of me you have to face all this.. I knew I am not perfect for you… you Will get someone better than me.. I don’t wish to spoil your life… you can take any decision… it’s your life… don’t take your decision For any others.. abhi smiles…
Ab: chashmish can I ask you one thing… is this life apt for you… she didn’t reply to me… but just look into my eyes…

Days started to pass… we both played a good role as perfect husband and wife in front of everyone… but we are just the same when alone… sometimes I feel mad for her… as she is bearing all the pain.. because she has no one to share.. for me there is purab… sorry I forget to introduce him… he is my best friend.. so I decided to be as a friend with her.. one night.. I saw her reading the book… do you knew she always reads a lot may be that’s the way for her to forget everything..

I sat on the bed… she thought that I have to speak something..
Pr: abhi.. I am free u can speak with me now..
Ab: but chashmish how you knew that I wanted to talk with you…
Pr: abhi… now it’s been more than 6 months I am with you.. within this time I analysed you.. that’s why… it was on that time I came to knew that it’s more than 6 months and still I don’t knew anything about her… but she studied me really well…
Ab: actually… I thought to just start a friendship with you.. don’t think what happened to me all of the sudden.. as I feel bored without any company and I knew that there is no one for you to share your pain… suddenly she gave me a emotional hug… actually I was shocked by it because it was our first hug… but I understand her pain at that moment… suddenly she came into sense..
Pr: sorry abhi… I…
Ab: it’s k fuggi…. I can understand…
Pr: fuggi…
Ab: aaa do you like it? She smiles… abhi in mind… actually I like this closeness in her…

Soon we become true friends… I started to spend more time with her… actually all the time I will be with her… my company with purab decreases..he started to complaint about it… it was during this time she goes to her parents house as her maa was sick… do you knew how was my days without her… I really miss her so much.. I get anger.. on that days I started to feel that she is more than a friend for me… do you knew during the time of friendship we usually go outside… but we didn’t go for party… and one day we got a chance for it.. it was a party to celebrate my success… I invite her for that… do you knew what she did she get arranged for me in special.. ya she is actually good in it.. but I saw that she is not comfortable in it.. so I asked her to change that dress and come in what she likes.. you knew na.. she came in red Saree.. in which she look so beautiful just like angel… I can’t take off my eyes from her.. I gazed on her… we move to function… on that day.. one of my friend forward his hands to dance with her.. I compelled her for it… but I saw that she is not comfortable in it and I too don’t like her to see with any other… may be thats because of my jealousy.. so I forward my hand to dance with her.. we both enjoyed that night… I will not forget it.. because I can’t take my eyes from her… and one day we started to share our bed.. which doesn’t mean we consulate our relationships… we both watch a horror movie on that night.. I gave company for her… but I was too afraid to watch that.. but I can’t show it to her… after the first half of the movie… she started to hold my hands and move close to me… I didn’t see the next part as my eyes are on her.. she really look cute while she get frightened.. on that day.. she requested me to sleep with her…. on that day I can’t sleep.. but I saw my fuggi sleeping peacefully…

Now I understand that what is she for her.. so I decided to confess everything to her.. do you knew that.. till now she didn’t ask me anything I asked her… fuggi did you need anything.. do you knew what she replied she told me that… abhi… you give me everything… you give me more than that I needed..
So friends I am going to confess my love for her today… do you with me at that moment… I moves to my room.. I saw whole room is decorated beautiful.. I saw my fuggi sitting on the bed with same redSaree..
Ab: fuggi who did all this arrangement?
Pr: it’s purab… he told me that you need to tell something…
Ab: fuggi… today it’s been 2 years we are together… today is our 2nd wedding anniversary… I wanted to tell you.. she came near to me. And close my mouth..

Pr: abhi… I knew what you are going to tell.. there is no need of your words I can feel it.. and I can see it in your eyes.. I too love you Abhi I don’t knew when I started to love you… but I knew you are more than my life now I can’t live without you… abhigya hugs each other ( tu meri jaan plays)
Abhi kissed on her forehead… pragya started to cry.. it was tear of happiness… ya on the 2 nd year of their wedding they started their relation.. abhi make pragya lies on the bed… he falls over her… he now feels warm of her body… abhi hugs her tightly to her… he kissed on necks.. cheeks… lips.. he takes blanket and make wear it… on that day they started to consumate the relation… they started their life… they lived happily everafter…

Sorry if I bored you with my stories

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  1. RiyaDcruz


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  2. Superb os di… this is not a boring story di… don’t underestimate yourself di… you are extraordinary di…

    1. HARITHA

      i will not underestimate k…thanks vishu…

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  5. Please stop saying its bore… It was awesome. Oh my god!!! I really enjoyed it. You have lots of talents haritha… Keep rocking like this ??

    1. HARITHA

      k roli..fgrom this day onwards there will be no bore because i take it away from my dictionary…thansk alot dear for all your support…i have not that much talent you mentioned but i love this writing this type because i love you all alot

  6. Adhya

    Wow..It’s a cute and sweet story my dear…Kash real kkb track may like this..It’s will be superb…! anyway..U r Best My Dear…! Keep Going On….!! Love u ..thanku so much for giving us such a sweet treat..!

    1. HARITHA

      thanks alot adhya for your comment and love…

  7. I am In Love with all your Os Greenie ! ????This was Ultimately Superbbb !???? And I am gonna Kill U next time if u tell your stories are boring ! ???
    Take Care !?? Love U Greenie !????

    1. HARITHA

      you are in love with my os…but iam in love with you my priya…k from this day i will not tell it as boring… dont worry…i will be come with new os may be tomorrow itself as self punishment

  8. Superbbbb yarrrr …………I loved it

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  9. Trisha

    Wow….awesome one shot! Love it???

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    So cute

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    nice dear

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    Ohh so cute os darlu lovely love u loads???????

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  14. Prathi

    Rule one: Never ever say, whatever you write is boring..
    And coming to the OS is awesome enjoyed reading it, different feel…

    1. HARITHA

      k madam from this day onwards i will follow your rules…sorry for doing that crime

      1. Prathi

        Rule 2 : No sorry and thanks?

      2. HARITHA

        Is there any more rules.. I don’t wish to violate all my prathis rule…

  15. Sandy

    Dear,sometimes u give us treats us like this. I liked it ??????

    1. HARITHA

      actually this are not my treats …its all happen because of you…your comments make me to write more

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  16. Super o super???


    thanks priya

  18. Awesome story yaar…

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      Thanks durga

  19. Monesha

    Omg….omg…. omg……….. what a OS. I loved it to the core. I just flying in sky ❤❤❤ wow ddi you are amazinggggg……. you know what i read this OS three times. I just completed and again went up and started to read again. You are really very good writer. This much days you hide your talent. But now onwards don’t hide your talent. I just want to give you a tight bone crushing hug to you. Best writer awards goes to you. Really ddi hats off to your talent. Each and every lines i loved it. No one can replace you my dear sweetu darlu princess ddi. You know what this much hours i went through big pain bcoz my friend scold me very badly for not showing the answer. Really i cried ddi Bcoz i truly loved her. I called her but she cutted my call. You know ddi even for a simple scolding from my loved ones i will cry so only my parents will never scold me. She talked very rudely. I didn’t show bcoz that sir stood beside me. But your cute and lovely OS rubbed my tears and sadness. Indirectly you rubbed it. This is sister bond. Thank you so much for giving this much wonderful story to us. I don’t know how much times i will come to this page to read this wonderful OS. Proud to say i am your chotu.. You proved that you are different from others. I couldn’t stop my appreciate for you. You can only deserve this appreciate. Imagine that i am giving big heart shape balloon in which i wrote i love my ddi who is always rocking…… And sorry for my late comment. I told you right it is bcoz of my friend. Take care ddi. I couldn’t stop but what to do i have to end this bak bak right. Love you a lotttttt loads of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ummmmmaaaaaaa…………..

    1. HARITHA

      Chotu…don’t get sad dear…. for not showing answer your friend scold you this much.. then it’s sure she is not a good friend for you… my pyaari princess chottu… don’t cry for someone who don’t knew the value of friendship and that relation.. I knew you are too free type… consider everyone equally… and have love for everyone.. that’s good… but you must also understand.. that what people around you feel for you.. if may be really she is a good friend of you she will never behaves at this way… anyway I want tell you one thing… don’t expect that everyone will behave with you on the same way as you did… and don’t be sad for that reason… because here I am for you.. to love u… care you.. so don’t be sad my chotu… I have already told you na… your sad face is not good… if you feel sad just think about me… sarnaya.. prathi… Trisha… then you will never get sad… and one more thing… don’t tell me sorry from this day onwards… I don’t like that words coming from some one who is close to my heart… and about my talent… I have written so many os dear May be 4 or 5.. when ever I get idea I will post it here… because whatever may be the story there are so many friends sister who always give me love through their comments… so chotu don’t be sad… just smile… ya that’s what I needed… love you chotu… love you lot… you can tell me everything.. I will be always there for you… ?❤❤?❤❤❤?❤❤❤❤

  20. Array dii kya baat hai dii it it was really really awesome dii no words dii you r outstanding dii no words dii just lots of hugs and kisses to u wish u update more like this love you dii take care

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks a lot vaishu…. love you dear… hope your are fine… how is ur studies going…

  21. Superrrrrrrrr…….

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  22. Di you have many talents.I am in love with this os.I read it more than 2 times .Fantastic,mind blowing and many many adjectives I can’t write all of them??Di I want to ask you something.First is don’t feel bad about this question. Do you really feel me as your sis?Sorry di for asking this but do you really think me as your sis or just because I have asked you agreed to call you as di?Di I am asking this question because I truly feel all of u as my sis.I never mix up with people di as I know no one love me except my family.Di you like me calling u as di?If you don’t pls inform me Its ok crying is not new to me.

    1. HARITHA

      Sorry I have replied it… but come it as comment but you must read it


    Suha…. what is this yaar… the word di has a meaning right.. whenever I called as sis .. I fee that you are my real sis… I have a sis named harsha… I call her as achu…. you are too like this for me dear.. I really consider you as my sis suha… do you knew I always wonder about this relation… you knew I this tu world I got so many sis including you… don’t be feel bad dear… you can ask me anything.. scold me too… there is no need of permission for this… and I don’t knew why I always feel that you feel that you are always alone.. there is no one for you… don’t think so as your di is always with you to share your happiness and sorrows too.. and don’t be sad… and one thing… you are little girl.. who need to see so many faces of world still.. don’t feel that you are lose… always be think as possible.. and take pledge that there is no more cries… as I knew how to fight for it…. so I hope you get it what I meant.. so don’t be upset..don’t be sad… always stay happy… as your di is with you always… love you my pyaari princess sis… ?❤❤❤❤❤❤?????

  24. Awesome di

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      Thanks lokha

  25. Hai haritha. I am so happy today. Because my friend dad operation was success. I am really really thankful to u, because of u all friends are pray for my friend dad operation. Thank u so much dr….. I love u so much…. I don’t know what to say… Because I am so happy today. My friend dad was shifted to normal ward and speak to her. Once again thanks to u and all my telly updates friends. Thank u so much guys….. Thankkkkkk uuuuuu sooooo muchhhh friends……..

    1. HARITHA

      I am too happy by hearing that news maha… soon he will discharged from hospital..

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