From heart – Introduction

Iam Khushi with my new ff from heart hop Eu guys will like it
Suhani 20 years old girl bestie of bhavna and Sonya
Yuvraj 22 year old boy bestie of Sharad and Krishna

So here the story starts

It’s a plea morning in Allahabad a pretty girl is get ready she have wore a red kurti and leggings she tuk a heart shape stud and wore it she turned her face and it is none other than Suhani
Suh: maa iam going iam already late today
Lata: tc and go fast
Suh:oh maa u know that iam not interested in running I used to go with time and if we are going with time means not need to be worried
Lata: bas bas ab jaaooo
Suh: ok bye

Suh entered her college and she is searching for someone
Suh: where is my ms . Perfect
A girl is shown who is studying hardly she is beautiful and slim and that is none other than bhavna
Suh loudly : hey bhavna
Everyone luked at her
Bhavna: hey bhagvan leh ladki bhi Na
Suh: oh sry my sweetheart

Next scene
A man is getting ready he wore his watch and he tuk his coat and wore it
In mirror it is shown he is yuvraj

He tuk his cars key and started to go
Sha: u r ready let’s go
Yuvraj: come Sharad

Bhavna: Suh this is our Lady year in this collage and after that we need to search for a job
Suh: sure but bhavna y ur so sad
Bhavna: mummy Papa is trying to get me married a man is going to see me today iam scared Suhani what I will do
Suh: don’t worry yaar , v can say him that he should allow u to go for job and he should love u r wishes
Bhavna: but
Suh: but what yaar, shaadi me sabse syada zarrorath he pyar air baroosa ka agar wo time Sach me pyar kartha hey tho who zaroor thuhare sapnoki bi pyar karooga tum China math Kar
Bhavna: agar tum Sath ho tho me tension mahi ho paavuga
Suh: no props I will come with u

Sha: yuvraj today I have to go and meet that girl
Yuvraj : what I feel pity for u even u decided to get married
Sh: what to do yaar it’s my parents decision I will just meet her but I will surely say no becoz I don’t believe in marriage I just want progress iny career
Yuvraj: ok bro but I will be with u

It’s evening and Suh and bhavna arrived in lovers park
Suh: bhavna got and sit there I will come now after that we can go to ur home and we can meet him
Bhavna: yaar I feel so tensed
Suh: how many times I told you to be cool , jab thank me tumhare Sath ho tume Kuch nahi hoiga
Bhavna hugged her and started walking she thinks about something and she was about to fall someone hold her by waist she opened her eyes and it was Sharad they both luked in each other’s eyes for a long time hua he was pehle Baar plays
Sha: r u ok?
Bhavna: ji iam ok
They came to sense and she got up bhavna: thank u sir
Sha: u r welcome
She went away and of them smiled
Sha pov
Maa told today I will find my princess but she told I will find her in her home but I Really feel that this girl is my ….

Bhavna pov.
What the hell y iam thinking about him too much and I should think that he just helped me i should remember that today iam going some other person whom should I love

Suh was searching for bhavna and while walking she collide with yuvraj both of them fell down Suhani was lying top on him
Yuvani eyelock Sanam re plays
Suh: iam sry
Yuvraj: thank u
Suh: what
Yuvraj: no I mean can’t u just see and walk r u blind Suh: hey u u r blind crazy fellow
Yuvraj: u fatty dumb shut up
Suh: kya kaha tumne uuu halki shaadi bike bal , I know u purposely collide with me
Yuvraj: hey u iam not interested to touch u in fact my bone got broken becoz of ur weight
Yuvraj: I know u girls r silly
Suh: u r a heartless idiot
Yuvraj: hate u fool
Suh: hate u too idiot, me khabhi tumhare Cherna nahi dekhna chahoiga
Yuvraj: even me u fatty dumb
They both stood up and while turning a man with some kids were playing with colour by mistake yuv collide with kid and he throwed red colour on suhani’s forehead
Suh: uuuuuu she you water and poured it on yuvarj
He tuk one bucket full od water and poured on her
They. Both turned and went

Suh pov
Idiot kayikke par mere dil me aur Kuch chal Raha hai

Yuv pov
Yaar mahi karna hey us batamez ladki ka chehra par dil se jathe hi nahi

Hope you liked my gf pls add ur comments it’s.a request otherwise I will stop writing it can u suggest a good headline for my ff it’s a request

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  1. Aqsxxh

    It’s amazing Khushi! I love it! <3

  2. Nithu

    After these many days…u came came back loved it..


    This is was fantastic!! I loved it and i am so excited to see you back, this was so charming and sweet, amazing ❤

  4. JaB bhi ek introa read karthe ho thBhi hume parmtha chaltha hai.How it woul ne?will it be last?i am sure u will entrain us more than ssel.

  5. Shilpa-Saraj

    Khushi sis. . Eagerly waiting.. Start as soon as possible…

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    its really superb yaar.. muje ek baat achi nahi laga.. suhani calling bavana by her name.. nd suhani wont talk sweetheart lik tat.. she always cal bavana as di… nd aap… lik tat.. i lik suhani as simple nd innocent grl..

  7. its really superb…..i like it very much plz continue….khushi plz start this ff asap as im very eagerly waiting for ur ff from so many days.

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