frnds forever (why cant a girl and boy be frnds) Episode 5


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Todays episode start with sanskar and swara and lucky go home after reaching home sanskar think why he is felling bad when lucky caring for swara he is his childwood frnd but why I am felling bad then sanskar jerk his mind sanskar what are you thinking stop it and get ready for party
On the other side in lucky house
Lucky: see sona today I will dreshup like this all girl flat on me
Swara laughs: we will see lucky
Lucky: yeah we will see
Suddenly ap come
Ap: today I will make my daughter ready

Lucky: don’t waste time ma she wear anything she only look like ghost and laughs
Ap: shtup up lucky
Swara: so mr. lucky it’s a challenge who will look better today me or you
Lucky: ok
And swara goes with ap and lucky start getting ready
Lucky come out wearing a white shirt with black blazer he is looking dam handsom
Lucky call sona
Lucky: be fast sona we are getting late
Swara: lucky coming
Lucky: don’t do much make up you will look dangerous
Suddenly swara come and lucky seeing her without blinking his eyes now swara is shown she is wearing a red dress(which she has wear in show wheb sawsan go on date) and left her hair open and has done a slight make up with a small neckpiece and earing
Swara: what happen lucky
Lucky: I don’t think that my ghost frnd can be like a princess
Swara: lucky you know I am felling very unconfertable don’t know how girls were these type of dress

Lucky laughs: but sona today my heart saying to flirt with you you are looking damm
Swara intrupted and slightly hit his head
Swara: no lucky
Lucky: ok lets go
Ap come and give heels to swara
Swara: no ma I will fall in these heels
Ap: no beta you have to wear this
Swara: no ma please
Ap: for my shake
Swara: what if I fall
Lucky: don’t take tension when your frnd is here

And he gave her a beautiful flats and swara and ap surprised
Ap: when you bring this
Lucky: this is scerate
Now lets go we are getting late and they go to collage for party and they reach party and see sansakr he is wearing a blue shirt with grey blazer and swara and lucky come to him but sanskar is seeing only swara he is lost inher beauty
Lucky: hi sanskar
Swara: hi
Sanskar: hi
Lucky: so sanskar hows is your hand
Sanskar: fine but little pain
Swara: you both stop it now
Sanlak: ok and laughs
Suddenly lucky start someone swara see this and tell she will come don’t take tension
And from gate a girl enter wearing a pink gown with side ponytail swara see her
Swara: lucky your wait is over see she come
Lucky see her and lost in her beauty and only seeing her
Swara: lucky close your mouth

Lucky come in senses
Ragini come to them and say hi they introduce sanskar and ragini to each other and ragini start talking to sanskar
Lucky: swara you take sanskar I want to talk ragini
Swara: ok but I want something in exchange ok
Lucky: yeah I will give it what you say
Swara goes to ragini and sanskar
Swara: sanskar if you don’t mind you come with me
Sanskar: ok why not
And swara take sanskar and gesture lucky to come and lucky come to ragini
Lucky: hi ragini
Ragini: hi lucky
Lucky thinks how sweet when he take my name from her mouth I fells like I am so lucky
Lucky: you looking preety in this dress
Ragini: thnks you are also looking handsom
Lucky: yeah I know I am handsom
Ragini: really
And ragini laughs and lucky smile seeing her lauhing
Lucky: you look more beautiful when you laugh
Ragini: oh thnks but for how many girls you said this line but lucky don’t try this on me
Lucky: no no I am talking truth

And on the other side sawsan
Sawra: sanskar I take you bcz lucky want to spent time with ragini that’s why I take you
Sanskar: its ok swara
Sanskar: by the way you are looking beautifull in these dress
Swara: thnks sanskar and you are also looking handsom today
Sanskar: thnks
Swara: you know sanskar I have never wear these type of dress
Sanskar: but you look cut in this dress
Suddenly a annoncemt is done by seniors about a game and name of game is blind fold and all boys will fold their eyes with this black cloth and then they have to choose their patner and after choosing they have to dance with each other
Don’t know destiny make whom patner ?????


Credit to: pooja

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