frnds forever (why cant a girl and boy be frnds) Episode 4


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Soory guys for late update as I am having fever from last 4 to 5 days hope you guys understand and thnks for commenting on my ff

Todays episode start with swara and lucky talking with each other
Swara: oh shit lucky
Lucky: what happen sona
Swara: I forget to take book from library and I need it now its urget
Lucky: not a big problem sona come I will give you the book
Swara: from where lucky
Lucky: you forget there is a new library open is our town lets go their
Swara: yeah lucky lets go
Lucky and swara goes to that library and when they are going lucky see a guitar and swara see this
Swara: so my best frnd likes this
Lucky: yeah sona and I will buy this one day you see
Swara: and my
Lucky: yeah I know I will never forget ok
And they both headed towards library when both headed towards library lucky goes to love stories section
Swara: you take this boring love story books I will go and take my books
Lucky: sona when you fall in love you will also like is love stories and love
Swara: this will never happen lucky
Lucky: we will see
And swara goes from their and lucky start searching the book which he want as he is searching he strike with a girl and by seeing him he get surprised
Lucky: you here
No reply

Lucky: you forget we meet in collage ragini
Ragini: yeah but how to you know my name
Lucky: lucky knows everything
Ragini: oh but now help me in picking these books ok
Lucky: yeah
And they both started picking books but lucky is staring ragini and when they are taking same book their hand touched and they share an eye lock and bg music plays kuch to ha tere mere darmiya
Then swara come and see them like this and a simle come on her face and think I don’t know when I belive in love I think lucky like her
Swara: lucky
No response

Swara: ragini
No response
Swara shouted lucky and all people see swara
And they both come in senses
Lucky: what happened sona why are you shouting
Swara: bcz my frnd is lost some where he cant here my voice
Ragini and lucky see here and their and lucky change the topic
Swara: hey look sona we meet ragini here
Ragini: you didn’t tell me that where you got to know my name
Swara: I tell him
Ragini: but how do you know
Swara: so you forget me remember when you come here in this town for class 11 in school you have a frnd which you think crazy remember
Ragini start thinking and a simle come on her face
Ragini: swara
Swara: yeah
Ragini goes and hug her and tell I miss you so much your masti all thing
Swara: so why did you go without telling me reason and without meeting me
Ragini: papa get transfferd and its all happen suddenly so I don’t get the chance to tell you
Ragini look at lucky questionly swara see this
Swara: so you forget about this buddhu he is the flirty guy of the school and remember how se takwe class of his
Ragini thinks sometimeand said : lucy
Swara : yeah

Lucky is stading their andf staring only ragini while swara and ragini talking
Swara: you here
Ragini: this is my father library
Swara: so your father get retired so early
Ragini: no swara there is a long story I will tell you later
Swara: ok then see you in the fresher party
Swara: lucky come lets go
And see lucky staring at ragini anf almost grab his hand take her frome their
Swara: lucky what happen
Lucky: I don’t know sona when she come in front of me I become wordless
Swara: so my buddhu like her
Lucky: I am confused sona I don’t know
Swara: I don’t know about this love so I cant ans this
And they go on in auto and they see a chat shop and go their and eat chat and then go to ice cream and start eating ice cream
And swara see lucky lost and put ice ceram on his face and lucky is not ready for tis and swara by seeing his face smile and lucky is in shoch then come in senses
Lucky: sona ki bachi I will not spare you today
And swara run and lucky start running behind her suddenly swara bumps to a boy both fall on ground and swara see the boy and and both share an eye lock and bg music bahara hus dil pehli bar song plays
Lucky see swara falling and goes their
Lucky: sona are you ok
And the boy and swara break the eye contact and stand up lucky doesn’t see towards the boy and goes to swara
Lucky: show sona where you got hurt
Swara: lucky I am fine
The boy is none other than sanskar and he fell bad seeing how lucky is caring foe swara
Lucky: I am just asking you normally I have fear that on which you fell he isalive or not
Swara gives a angry look and lucky see towards man
Lucky: sanskar
Sanskar: hi lucky hi swara
Sawlak: hi
Lucky: you are you alive na sanskar I know my sona I little fatty but you are ok na
Sanskar: yeah but I think a had a small crak in my hand
Lucky: see sona what you did
And they both start lauhing and swara get angry
Swara: I will not leve you both and come to them but they both started running and swara chases them but swara did not catch them and get tired
Swara: ouch and sanskar and lucky turn and see swara fall and run and goes towards her
Lucky: I am soory sona bcz of me you fell are you ok
Sanskar: yaeh tell where you get hurt
Swara see their tensed face and smile and hold their ears
Lucky: sona what are you doing
Sanskar: leave its psining
Swara: so I am fatty and you sanskar your hand got a crak
Sanlak: soory swara leave us its paining
Swara: first tell thet all mens are idiot
Sanlak: yeah all mans are idiot
Swara leaves them
Sanlak: except us
Swara you both and all 3 smiles and they again go to ice cream shop and take ice cream and eat and then waves bye to back other and all go to their homes


Credit to: pooja

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