frnds forever (why cant a girl and boy be frnds) Episode 3

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Recap: sawsan and raglak first meeting
When the trio enter the class lucky see ragini and gets happy and swara see this and they trio go and sit on their chairs swara and sanskar are talking to each other and lucky is staring at ragini and swara notices this and then see ragini and thought I have see him some where and after some time professor come and start the class suddenly a boy start throwing paper balls on a girl and girl stand up and complain professor
Professor: stant up go out from my class
Boy: you telling me you don’t know I am the son of trusty of this collage and I will go when I wish
Professor helplessly and said discuting
Boy simle and sit
Swara see this and get angry and sanskar see this
Sanskar: what happen swara
Swara: you know sanskar I hate this rich people who don’t understand anyone I front of them
Sanskar: its not always true
Swara: its aleays true sanskar and these rich people are heartless and they don’t give manners to their children how to talk elders

Sanskar: what if a rich boy become your frnd
Swara: this will never happen
Swara: ok let leave it sanskar tell me your father name and about your family
Sanskar is a very resverd type boy who don’t make frnds fastly but in case of swara some one is pulling him towards her and he doesnot want to loose her frndship
Swara: what happen where you lost
Sanskar: not I am not lost
Swara: then tell me
Sanskar: my father is ram Sharma he is a government officer and we live in Mumbai and I am here for study and tell me something about you
Swara: oh me I am orphan but you know sanskar lucky mom amd dad never fell me that I am orphan they are so sweet and one is my mom and dad who left me on road after born
And swara get emotional
Sanskar: no swara its their mistake that they leave a angel
Swara: smiles and say angel and me
Saskar: yeah
Swara: you were also like lucky
And start smiling and then she see towards lucky who is staring ragini contnusly and here sanskar thought that why I am felling bad for her when she is sad
And after some time classes get over and princi come and tell them about the fresher party all get exited and they all go from collage
Swara: bye sanskar see you in the fresher party

Sanskar: bye
Swara: lucky come na we are getting late you have to attend your musical class and I have to attend dance class
And they both goes and attend the classes after the class get over they both are going on bike
Swara: what happen to you lucky
Lucky: sona you see that girl
Swara: yeah I have seen and I think I know him
And start thoughting
Lucky: sona this is the first girl which I thought is not made for flirting and made for love how innocent is his face I cant forget it now she is an angel which god send for me
Swara hear word angel and simle and thought sanskar calling him angel and suddenly a thought strike in her mind
Swara: lucky you know when we are in 11 class a girl is come to our school whose name is ragini
Lucky: yeah and she is very resvered not talking to any one and only you are her frnd and after 11 she left the school
Sona: yeah she is same girl you have seen in collage

Lucky: really she is that girl then her beauty is increased in these years
Sona: so my lucky like him
Lucky: I don’t know but I have an attraction towards her
Sona: oh and hits his head
And they both go home and take lunch and go to their room

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