frnds forever (why cant a girl and boy be frnds) Episode 1


Thnks guys for your support I forget to tell you that swara is an orphan and the head of orphanage did her upbringing
The episode start with a boy going in the hospital fastly and see a girl on stercher and go towards her now the face are reveled boy is lucky and girl is swara and they see both of them and smile
And then she is taken to ot and lucky see him going and from back a hand is put on lucky shoulder he turn back and see a boy and the face is reveled he is sanskar
Sanskar: don’t woory she will get fine
Lucky gave a sadly smile and sit on chair and thought about his old memories
A scene starts from a school which is not much classy and children are playing sunnenly a girl and a boy strike with each other
Girl: ouch
Boy stand up and give his hand and girl hold his hand and stand up
Boy: I am soory
Girl: its ok
Now their face is shown and then after their cute smile
Boy: my name is laksh
Girl: my name is swara
And they both shake hands and go to their way
Swara enters the claas and see laksh their and techer introduce her as new student to whole class
Swara goes and sit next to lakash
Swara: hi lakash

Laksh: hi
Then after some time teacher announce a art and craft competiton and tell them to make group of two and tell them to made this at home
All students make group of two and give their name to teacher and lakash and swara give their name to teacher
After school get over
Lakash: swara will you be my frnd
Swara: yes frnds forever
Lakash: yeah frnds forever
Lakash: as we frnd now you can call me lucky and I will come to your home for this art and craft give me your address
Swara: lucky I am an orphan and live in a orphanage its better I come to your home
Swara become sad
Lucky: don’t be sad sona sadness doesn’t suit u
Lucky: you come to my house in evening

Swara: ok
Lucky gives her address of home and they go from their
At home lucky told whole incident to ap and at evening swara come to lucky house and from her nautyness and sweetness win the heart of ap and dp and they complete their projet and dp drop swara to orphanage
Next morning they both go to scooh and submit their projet and win the completion
Lucky: you take certificate and I will take trophy
Swara: no I want trophy
Lucky: no I want it
Swara: ok I have an idea you take trophy for 4 years and I take certificate and after 4 years I will give you ceritificate and you give me that trophy
They both smile and say deal as time passes their frndsship become more stonger and swara become ladali of ap and dp
After so 3 years when both are in 6 standard there is a campiong in whish they have to plant trees and lucky and swara plant a tree
Lucky: this tree is the symbol of are frndship
And they both smile
swara is coming to their house and now situation is that dp and ap belive in swara more
After so many years they become younger and now become a coolage going students
Swara come to lucky house and see dp shouting on lucky
Dp: I told you na you have to do mba
Lucky: but papa I want to become a singer Its my childwood dream
Dp: there is no carrier in music

Lucky: papa you never understand me
Ap see swara and goes to her and tell him to make dp understand
Sawra goes to lucky room and see him sad
Swara: don’t get sad lucky I will talk to uncle
Lucky gets happy and say sure
Swara: yes
Lucky: oh my sona you are best
Swara: stop prasing me and come follow me
Swara goes to dp and dp see him she was about to say anything but dp intrupted
Dp: this time I will not listen to you also swara
Swara: uncle listen lucky will do mba
Lucky see swara surprised
Swara: but you have to give him permission for music class
Dp: but he will not study well and if he join the musical class and get fail
Swara: I an taking gaurantte uncle he will not fail
Dp: you are giving gaurantte that’s why I am giving him permission
And swara smile and both go to lucky room
Lucky: what you did I don’t want to do mba and what if I get fail get will stop my musical classes
Swara: why you take tension when your sona is here
And they both smile

Swara: lets go outside
Lucky: yeah
They both go outside roam the whole city and at night go home
Ap: swara beta you stay here today a have telled to your orpnage owner
Swara: ok aunty
And they both go to their room
Swara: lucky tomarrow is the first day of our collage our life is changed from tomarrow
Lucky: yeah sona
And they talk after some time ap call them for dinner and they go and do dinner and sleep in their room


Credit to: pooja

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  1. This is some what like sridhar movie.. Right.. As that trophy scene…

  2. Actually this is oh my friend movie story dr it is an telugu movie as i know….. nice story

  3. oh my frnd movie

  4. Well so its oh my frnd movie story ..vey good…so its swasan r8 ….nd pooja is ur mother tongue telugu??

  5. Soory but regan but i did not know as i have not watched this movie

  6. yaaa the original one….i.e oh my friend in telugu was remade in tamil as sridhar

  7. yaa the original one….ie oh my friend in telugu which was remade in tamil as sridhar

  8. Has similarities to another ff.

  9. awesome thanks fo making swalak

  10. Nice but is this swasan or swalak?? Pls make it swasan

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