Hello friends myself Dia. I was a silent reader of ff till now. All the amazing story lines and the beautiful comments on those stories inspired me to write a ff myself. But this thought brought with it another thought regarding the story of my ff. After a bit of thinking I thought to write an ff based on friendship. Obvio there will be some khatta meetha romance also, without it everything is incomplete Na!!!! But I will try to give more priority to friendship. So here goes the introduction of characters.

RAGINI GADODIYA (RAGS): 12 yrs old bubbly girl. Elder daughter of Sharmishta & Shekhar Gadodiya. Very talented. Always tops the class. Aspires to become an engineer.
SWARA GADODIYA: 10 yrs old naughty girl. Younger daughter of Sumi & Shekhar. Average at studies but excellent in drawing. Aspires to become a fashion designer.
SHEKHAR GADODIYA: A successful n well reputed businessman. A bit strict but caring father
SHARMISHTA GADODIYA (SUMI): A housewife. Loves her daughters a lot.
DURGA THAKUR: Only daughter of Dr. Dayal Thakur. 12 yrs old. Aspires to become an interior designer.
DR. DAYAL THAKUR: Reputed doctor in city. Raised Durga single handedly after her mother’s death when she was just 2 months old.
DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI (DP): Reputed industrialist in city. Father of Laksh & Uttara.
RAMPRASAD MAHESHWARI (RP): Brother of DP. Father of Sanskar.
ANNAPURNA MAHESWARI (AP): A housewife. Wife of DP. Mother of Laksh n Uttara.
SUJATA MAHESHWARI: A housewife. Wife of RP. Mother of Sanskar.
LAKSH MAHESWARI (LUCKY): A 15 yrs old boy. Very naughty. Aspires to become a painter.
SANSKAR MAHESWARI (SANKY): 12 yr old boy. Very sincere and ambitious. Aspires to become a businessman like his father n uncle.
UTTARA MAHESHWARI: 9 yr old girl. Aspires to become a doctor. Good at studies.
KARTIK VERMA: 10 yr old boy. Son of DP’s & RP’s sister. He and his mom stays with Maheshwari’s as his father is a big alcoholic. You can imagine KARTIK as actor Karan Vahi.

So guys these are the characters in my ff. In the first episode I will reveal the best frndz pairs. (THEY R TOO SMALL FOR LOVE PAIRS). Hoping for your support. Please comment if you want to add anyone else or even if you want to delete someone from this ff. Your suggestions for best frndz pairs or triplets as u wish are most welcome. I will surely consider them.

Credit to: DIA

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  1. nice intro …

  2. awesome
    loooking forward 4 the first epi

  3. Nice…

  4. No comments :).. We can comment only after 1st episode.

    1. Sure i will most probably upload it by tomorrow or the day after at max.

  5. so nyc.. keep swasan

  6. Hey its great..amazing..loved’s incredible..waiting to read the first episode..can you check out a new story “music sheet” by bella..hope you will like to..bye love you

  7. Nice are u from kerala

    1. Nope dear i m frm maharashtra.

  8. Dia plz upload ur royal swaragini ff

    1. Hii dear dats not me….
      This is my first ff…

      1. Oops I’m so sorry

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