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SCENE 1: In a classroom
Teacher is scolding a boy for not doing his homework. He is just looking down and almost on the verge of crying. Just then he sees someone and a smile appears on his face. The boy is Kartik. He sees Swara laughing on him which made him smile. After the class Kartik walks towards Swara.
Kartik: “Hey who r u? & y was u laughing on me?”
Swara:”Hii m Swara. I m new in this school. Sorry if u felt bad. But first time I saw a boy crying so I just felt it funny. (She holds her ears).”
Kartik: “Hi m Kartik. & no need to say sorry, m habitual to it. I never understand maths so always get scolded for not doing the HW”.
Swara: “ooo my Ragini didi helps me so I m able to complete my HW. Btw I don’t know anyone in this class, can we be friends?”

Kartik: “yup y not? Friends. Come I will introduce you to my other friends.”
Swara: “Come let’s go.”
Scene 2: At school playground:
A boy and girl are talking with each other. They are Durga and Sanskar. All the other students are either playing or talking with each other. It’s a free period and all are enjoying. Except 1 girl. She is sitting silently on a bench.
Durga: “Hey sanky did u see that girl. She is new to our class. Let’s go and talk with her. She must be feeling lonely.”
Sanskar: “OK Miss Captain as you wish. Let’s talk with her.”
Durga: “Sanky please stop calling me that. Otherwise when your turn comes see what I do to you. (Winks). Now come.”
Durga: “Hii m Durga. What’s your name?”
Ragini: “Hii m Ragini.” (Shakes hand)

Durga: “Y did you take admission in midsession?”
Ragini: “My father opened his new office in this city now only so we had to also come with him. But now I m more worried for my studies. Exams will be approaching very soon.”
Durga: “No worries dear I will help you in covering your studies. But before that……”
Sanskar interrupts her.
Sanskar: “Hey girls don’t you have any other topic to talk other than studies. (Sarcastically). & now that I know my bestie won’t introduce us so let me do the honours myself. Ragini I m Sanskar.”
Ragini: “Hii sanskar.”
(Bell Rings. Free period over they all go in class. Durga gives her dad’s number to Ragini n also the address and asks her to come home today for studies.)
Scene 3: At Gadodiya Mansion:
Ragini n Swara both are just blabbering about their first day at school to Sumi. Just then ragini remembers that she has to go to Durga’s house. She tells Sumi about it. Sumi calls Shekhar and tells him about it. Shekhar calls Dr. Thakur and then permits Ragini to go. He also instructs the driver about the address.

Ragini reaches Durga’s house.
Scene 4: Durga’s house:
Ragini Durga n Sanskar are studying. (Sanskar never leaves Durga alone with anybody not properly known. These are Sujata’s instructions. Just to make sure Durga remains normal just in case topic of her mom arises).
After studying all of them are chit chatting. Just then Ragini notices Durga’s mom pic with garland. She is abt to ask something to Durga when Sanskar interferes and changes the topic.
While leaving Ragini asks them that if anyone of them knew any student from 4th standard. (They all are in 7th).
Sanskar: Yes my bro is in 4th. But Y??
Ragini: My sis is in 4th so I need to see abt her studies too. That lazy girl will never manage on her own.
Sanskar: “ok then tomorrow let’s study at my place. U bring along your sis too. They both will know each other and study as well.”
Ragini: “ok.”

Rags n Sanky bid bye to Durga and leave.
Outside the gate:
Sanky: “Sorry Ragini I interrupted u that time. That pic was of Durga’s mom n she died when Durga was just 2 months old. She gets very emotional when this topic comes out. It becomes very difficult to bring her back to normal.”
Ragini: “ok I didn’t knew about it. I will take care about it next time.”
They both bid good bye to each other. Ragini returns home.

Precap: Scenes at Maheshwari house and entry of Laksh & Uttara.

Credit to: DIA

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